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St. Rita School students celebrated Catholic Schools Week by showing appreciation of our incredible community. 
Students in grades 1 and 5 presented the City Council members their “Thank You” banner to 
recognize the many hours and "hands" they extend so generously to serve our great city. The students in 
grades TK and 7 walked to the Kensington to sing to the residents who have been contributed to the history 
and greatness of Sierra Madre. Community service is an important part of the education at St. Rita School 
as they prepare to become the future leaders of our community and beyond. 


The San Gabriel Valley has 
quite a network of resistance 
groups. Monday, February 
18 saw a protest co-hosted 
by several of these local 
progressive groups. This 
protest was organized in 
response to against the 
president’s declaration of a 
national emergency in order 
to secure funding for his 
wall. Kim Kissinger,(pictured 
right), representing “Move 
On”, Lauren Pressman, 
who was with “Individual”, 
and Ruth Richardson, 
from “Swing Left” were the 
organizers. These dedicated 
women were able to organize 
an entire protest within 48 
hours, and at noon they 
already had 40 people lined 
up along Kersting Court, one 
of whom was playing protest 
songs on a melodica. Within 
40 minutes, the number 
had swelled to 60. While 
many of the protestors were 
residents of Sierra Madre, 
there were others who came 
from other cities, such as 
Duarte and Glendale. There 
were veterans in attendance 
as well as teachers, parents, 
and people from many other 
industries as well. 

“Resistance has to start small”, Kim says. The local Move On group was founded after the 2016 
election, as a way to organize protests. Both Move On and Individual have websites, which makes 
mobilizing easy. In addition to the information about the cause and how to get involved, there is a 
section which details the latest protest. When a new one is planned, the creators can easily notify 
their own network and other organizers so that protests can happen in a quick and timely manner. 
The goals are to create networks of resistance, build community, and empower people. Ruth says that 
these causes, “connect us all,”. “We cannot let this become the new normal, otherwise we become the 
frog in the slowly boiling pot of water, and we won’t see the danger until it is too late”, she added. 

As the protest went on, most of the cars on the street honked in support. Even when some drivers 
responded negatively, the protestors kept a positive and friendly attitude. This was a protest against 
the national emergency that the president has declared in order to fund his wall, and many of the 
protestor’s signs listed things that they felt were actual national emergencies, such as climate change, 
homelessness, gun violence, and even Trump’s presidency. Protest causes often overlap. Many of 
the protestors at Kersting Court were repurposing signs from other protests, such as the Women’s 
March. Some of the women were even wearing the pink hats that have become a symbol of the 
Women’s March. 

One of the protestors, David Shechtman, started attending protests after the 2016 election out of a 
desire to take action against something “big and disturbing on a national level”. He found out about 
Monday’s protest through Move On and was eager to show up at a local protest. He has participated 
in bigger protests, such as the Downtown LA one that took place a year after the president’s 
inauguration, but he personally prefers the smaller, local ones because he feels that he can connect 
with like-minded individuals and make more of a difference. He plans to keep protesting as long as 
there is a need for it. 

If you are looking to get involved, check out the websites of groups like these to learn about meetings 
and other protests. Signs are welcome and encouraged at protests, but not mandatory. While many 
of the people who show up to protests are experienced, newcomers are always welcome. The most 
important thing is that you are there, lending support to a cause that matters to you. 


On Tuesday, the Sierra Madre City Council will 
consider a Sierra Madre Municipal Code (SMMC) 
change that would move the date of the City’s 
General Municipal Elections to the first Tuesday, 
after the first Monday in November of each 
even-numbered year, beginning in November 
2020. The agenda report for the meeting gives an 


At the February 14, 2017 City Council meeting, 
the Council adopted Ordinance 1387 to 
consolidate the City’s General Municipal Election 
to the first Tuesday, after the first Monday of even-
numbered years, beginning November 2022 in 
accordance with State Bill (SB) 415 signed into law 
by Governor Brown on September 1, 2015. In an 
effort to “encourage greater voter participation”, 
SB 415 prohibits local governments from holding 
an election on any date other than on a statewide 
election date if doing so has resulted in voter 
turnout being at least 25% below the average 
turnout in the jurisdiction in the previous four 
statewide general elections. 


In accordance with SB 415 the City Council 
adopted Ordinance 1387 consolidating the City’s 
General Municipal Elections to the first Tuesday, 
after the first Monday in November of each even-
numbered year, beginning in November 2022. 

Since SB 415 was enacted most cities throughout 
the State have gradually consolidated within their 
respective counties. This has caused many election 
consultants to go out of business, including 
Martin and Chapman, which the City has used 
for election services for over 20 years. Martin and 
Chapman’s services included printing the Voter 
Information Guide, vote-by-mail and election day 
ballot printing, assistance with County and State 
filings, guidance with legal publications, ballot 
tabulation, and poll worker training, to name 
a few. A third-party election consultant would 
be necessary for any future municipal elections; 
however, most have gone out of business since SB 
415 was enacted.


The fiscal impacts associated with this item are 
unknown at this time. Election costs vary based 
on the number of agencies consolidating in a 
particular election, number of candidates, number 
of polling sites, etc. It is possible that elections 
costs could decrease as more jurisdictions have 
consolidated with statewide elections.

Staff is recommending the City Council amend 
SMMC 2.04.000 to consolidate the City’s General 
Municipal Elections to the first Tuesday, after 
the first Monday in November of each even-
numbered year, beginning in November 2020, 
two years earlier than previously approved. 



On your marks…..GET SET…….FISH! Sign-ups will begin Monday, February 25th at 
7:30am in City Hall for the Huck Finn Campout and Fishing Derby! Signed waivers are 
required for this event. 

The waivers are available on the City of Sierra Madre website at www.cityofsierramadre.
com or at City Hall and the Library. Come early and get the site you want to so you can 
be camping where you prefer on Friday, March 29th and fishing in your favorite spot on 
Saturday, March 30th.

We cannot wait to bait, hook and weigh those fish to see who brings home the biggest trout 
of them all.

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