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Village Charm At It’s Best - Saturday Morning In Sierra Madre, Ca.

“Boy’s Rule” or so says this 
little one as he smiles for the 
camera...yes, he was smiling!

There is a five letter word that makes the residents so passionate 
about Sierra Madre. It is - charm! On any given day, no matter 
where you go, you will see the town’s magic at work. Whether it is 
the Annual SM Volunteer Fire Department’s Pancake Breakfast 
(yes, that’s our City Manager with the o.j.)(above) or in Memorial 
Park (below) where the Greyhound Adoption Agency holds its’ 
annual gathering. We’re a busy little town. Just ask Sam and Ben 
(right) who are on their way to Karate Class at the YAC.

And volunteerism is the glue 
that keeps the charm together. 
The Sierra Madre Little League 
(above) closed out their 2010 
season supported by dedicated 
volunteers such as the ladies 
(below ) and men (the cooks) who 
were busy selling tickets for their 
pancake breakfast while the boys 
and girls played ball. Oh yes, and 
speaking of charm (left)!

SMVFD photo by Dean Lee. All others by S. Henderson

Coming Up:


Saturday, May 29, 2010

 The Mount Wilson Trail Race Committee is pleased to announce an all 
new component to the 2010 Mount Wilson Trail Race. A live feed from 
the Mt. Wilson Trail will be broadcasted to Kersting Court for spectators 
to view. This will enable family and friends to watch runners of the Mount 
Wilson Trail Race when they are actually on the trail! Come on down to 
Kersting Court on Saturday, May 29, 2010 to check out the brand new Live 
Feed Monitors starting at 7:30am. For more information please contact 

MWTR Art Shoe Show!

Catch the MWTR Art Show in Kersting Court on race day. Sierra Madre’s 
own kids have designed over 30 running shoes for your viewing pleasure. 
Old running shoes donated by trail race runners served as the canvas for this 
art piece that was organized with the help of the Sierra Madre Community 
Arts Commission and MWTR committee members. 

200 Fit Youngsters Wanted for the MWTR Kid’s Race (Sponsored by CATZ 

The MWTR Kid’s Race is an absolutely free event for youth ages 3-12 years 
of age. The Kid’s Race will begin at 7:45A on Saturday, May 29, 2010. Youth 
will have the opportunity to run up Baldwin Ave. and finish under the same 
banner as MWTR runners! All participants must sign up with a parent or 
guardian before the start of the race in Kersting Court. We have a goal of 
200 kids to run the mile-long MWTR Kids’ Race. All top finishing kids will 
receive a free T-shirt, compliments of CATZ Sports and a cool ribbon. We 
will also have a dedicated clock at the finish line so the kids have a time to 
beat next year.

 Public Safety Radio Station Antenna Installed

On the morning of May 20, Kiwanis member Hank Landsberg 
oversaw the installation of the antenna for the City’s Emergency 
Radio Station. The antenna was installed on a utility pole 
which was donated and installed by the City of Pasadena Dept. 
of Water and Power.

Mr. Landsberg, who is the station’s Project Manager, remarked 
“this is just the first step in constructing the radio station, which 
should be ‘on the air’ this summer”. The station will be heard at 
1630-AM, and will operate 24/7, providing area residents with 
important public safety information as well as information 
about non-commercial community events.

The station is a “joint venture” of the Sierra Madre Fire 
Safe Council and the Sierra Madre Kiwanis Club, which is 
spearheading its fundraising. The station is being paid for by 
citizens’ contributions in addition to about $14,600 that was 
donated by the City of Sierra Madre.

 There is about $5,000 still needed for equipment purchases. 
Citizens and organizations who wish to contribute should 
contact Kiwanis President Susan Henderson at 355-0728 or 
via email at All donations are 100% 

Court Rules - Cities To Turn Over RDA Funds by S. Henderson

 Despite efforts by the California 
Redevelopment Association to stop 
the implementation of AB26, which 
requires local governments to turn over 
Redevelopment Agency funds by May 
10th, Judge Lloyd Connelly denied their 
petition. As a result, all redevelopment 
agencies throughout the State were to turn 
over funds to Sacramento in an emergency 
effort to help the state meet its’ obligations 
to education.

 The City of Sierra Madre complied with 
the request, writing a check for $542,513.00. 
However, according to City Manager Elaine 
Aguilar, the release of those funds “will 
have no impact on current operations. In 
future years it could be a problem.”

 The money was drawn from reserves that 
were established when the bond proceeds 
were recieved in 1998. 

 Other cities, however, were not so 
compliant. At press time, the City of 
Monrovia had refused to turn over $3 
million dollars in RDA funds. According 
to published reports, Monrovia would have 
to borrow funds in order to make such a 
payment. Said Monrovia City Manager 
Scott Ochoa, “I’ve got more time than 

 The request requires cities to make 
payments for the 2009-2010 fiscal year, 
which was due May 10th and another 
payment for the 2010-2011 FY, which will 
be due next year. 

 Aguilar believes Sierra Madre’s 2010-
2011 allocation will be approximately 

 Even with the recent rulling, court 
challenges and lawsuits will continue. In 
the meantime, Sacramento will collect 
millions from cash strapped cities. And 
many ask, will the schools receive it?

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