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Today’s Subject: 

 Headaches Part 3: Anxiety

Health Tips From Dr. John Talevich


Facts About Driving and Aging

Facts about driving and aging

Everyone ages differently, so some 
people can continue to drive into their 
seventies, eighties, and even beyond 
while others cannot or should not. 
However, the statistics on older adults 
and driving can be sobering. 

Older adults and accidents

Statistics show that the elderly are more 
likely than other drivers to receive 
traffic citations for failing to yield, 
turning improperly, and running red 
lights and stop signs—all indications 
of decreased driving ability. It is a fact 
that older adults are at higher risk for 
road accidents than other age groups. 
Older drivers are more likely to get 
into multiple-vehicle accidents than 
younger people do, and the accidents 
are more dangerous for them than for 
younger drivers. A person 65 or older 
who is involved in a car accident is more 
likely to be seriously hurt, more likely to 
require hospitalization, and more likely 
to die than younger people involved in 
the same crash. Truth is, fatal crash rates 
rise sharply after a driver has reached 
the age of 70. 

Environmental factors

There are environmental factors as 
well. These affect people of all ages and 
include signs and road markings that 
are difficult to see or read, complex and 
confusing intersections, older vehicles 
that lack automatic safety features, and 
newer dashboard instrument panels 
with multiple displays. Such factors are 
often amplified in those seniors who 
experience a decline in their ability to 
drive, and become very risky. For all 
of these reasons, you want to stay alert 
to your own driving experiences and 
be willing to admit and discuss any 
difficulties and concerns with a relative 
or someone else you trust. 

Lessening aging risk factors that affect 
safe driving 

It is easy to overlook problems that 
develop slowly over time because 
we typically accommodate our daily 
activities to what we can comfortably 
do. Consequently, issues like vision or 
hearing loss, decreasing physical activity, 
growing forgetfulness, or the impact 
of prescription and over-the-counter 
drugs are hardly noticed. Any one or 
a combination of these conditions can 
make driving hazardous.

Decrease risks by taking control of your 

The most important and positive action 
you can take is to decrease the driving 
risks associated with aging. Do not wait 
until problems become serious. Tending 
to your health and well-being on a 
regular basis can help in your efforts 
to stay independent and mobile. The 
most common risk factors related to 
safe driving are listed below along with 
suggested steps you can take:

Visual decline 

 Get eyes checked every year and make sure 
that corrective lenses are current. Keep the 
windshield, mirrors, and headlights clean, 
and turn brightness up on the instrument 
panel on your dashboard.


Hearing loss 

 Have hearing checked annually. If hearing 
aids are prescribed, make sure they are worn 
while driving 


Limited mobility and increased reaction time 

 An occupational therapist or a certified 
driving rehabilitation specialist can 
prescribe equipment to make it easier to 
steer the car and to operate the foot pedals. 



 Talk with a doctor about the effects of 
medications you are taking on driving 



 Sleeping well is essential to driving well. If 
there are problems, try to improve nighttime 
sleep conditions and talk with a doctor 
about the effect of any sleep medications on 

Recipe of the Week:

Spicy Cheddar Stuffed Burgers


 1 (7-oz) can chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, 

2 pounds lean ground beef 

2 teaspoons steak seasoning 

1/2 (10-oz) package Cheddar cheese, cut into 

 4 thick slices 

4 sesame seed hamburger buns 


 Tomato slices

 Red onion slices

 Romaine lettuce leaves

 Yellow mustard



Process chipotle peppers in a blender until smooth. 
Measure 4 teaspoons puree, reserving remainder for 
another use, if desired.

Combine 4 teaspoons puree, ground beef, and steak 
seasoning in a large bowl until blended. (Do not overwork 
meat mixture.) Shape mixture into 8 (4-inch) patties; place 
1 cheese slice on each of 4 patties. Top with remaining 4 
patties, pressing edges to seal. Cover and chill at least 30 

Grill or pan fry, covered over medium-high heat 7 to 8 
minutes on each side or until beef is no longer pink. Serve 
burgers on buns with desired toppings.

Suggestion: Try McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak 
Seasoning and Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

Headaches ~ 
Part 3: 


The mental/emotional aspect of head 
pain has to do with how we respond to the 
circumstances within our lives. Anger, 
resentment and helplessness lead to increased 
levels of stress hormones, triggering various 
chemical reactions. These reactions promote 
changes in the diameter of the blood vessels 
of the head, giving rise to pain patterns.

While it is sometimes possible to change a 
situation which is stressful, a good percentage 
of the time such may not be possible. Traffic, 
noisy neighbors, smog, the evening news, 
hostile co-workers are a few examples of what 
we may simply need to adjust to.

So, how can we reduce the stress around us? 
In the simplest terms, we can influence outer stress by modifying inner stress. In Dr. Herbert 
Benson, M.D.’s seminal work, The Relaxation Response, the author outlines a simple method for 
turning off the body’s alarm system. This is done in two ways: First, the repetition of a word, sound, 
phrase, prayer or muscular activity which is positive and calming. Second, passively disregarding 
everyday thoughts that inevitably come to mind and returning to the chosen repetition.

Another way to describe this is to sit quietly for fifteen to twenty minutes and breathe slowly. Begin 
by repeating a word or phrase that has special meaning to you such as “peace,” “I let go,” “I breathe 
in, I breath out,” or a small prayer if you are so inclined. While doing this practice, your mind will 
wander ~ simply bring your focus back to your phrase, gently and without any judgment.

This proactive practice reduces blood pressure and other components of stress, offering peace of 
mind and reduced ill effects. With consistent practice, stress can be managed and a healthy outlook 

Next week ~ We will look more at stress management.

Dr. John Talevich, D.C. has practiced in Sierra Madre 
for thirty years. His clinic, LifeWorks! Chiropractic, 
offers patient-specific approaches to the alleviation 
of pain and individually tailored wellness programs. 

May Birthdays

Juanita Loera, JoAnn Serrato-Chi, Barbara 
Siykabukkem Dorothy Tillquist, Joanne Anthony, 
Carole Axline, Kika Diwney, Shirley Hall, Dorothy 
Murphy, Annie Scalzo, Janet Ten Eyck


Lunch Program: Monday- 
Friday at the Intervale 
Café -12:00 Noon-Call 
(626) 355-0256 to make 
your daily reservation. 
Suggested donation $2.00 
for seniors (60+) and 
$3.75 for visitors.


1:00 pm to 1:45 pm: 
Strength training with 
Lisa Brandley. FREE class 
of stretching with light 
hand weights while you 


2nd Tuesday of each 
month FREE blood 
pressure checks by 
Methodist Hospital; 11 
am to 12 noon 

3rd Tuesday of each 
month FREE financial 
consulting; 10 -12 noon 
call 355-7394 for an 

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm: 
BINGO; cards are only 
25 cents each so stop by 
& play 

5:30 pm to 7 pm: Yoga; 
$7.00 - 50 & over. Please 

call 355-5278 for more 


11 –11:45 am: Balance 
Class with Teryl. FREE 
class designed to improve 
balance & refresh the 

2nd Wednesday of the 
month: FREE Legal 
Consultations: 10-11:30 
am. Appointments call 

Wii Wednesday - 1:00 
pm or call the senior desk 
at 355-7394 to arrange 
another time & day to 
learn how to play. No 
previous experience or 
skills required and it is 
great exercise.


1:00 to 3:30 pm: Game 
Day. Join us for UNO 
and Poker with Bridge on 
the 2nd & 4th Thursdays; 
so please call for more 

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm: Yoga; 
$7.00 - 50 & over. Please 
call 355-5278 for more 


1:00 pm: Ping Pong

Saturday: 11:30 am: 
Senior Club brown bag 
lunch and BINGO at 
12:30 pm

 Unless listed differently, all 
activities are at the Hart 
Memorial Park (Senior Center) 
222 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., 
Sierra Madre

LifeWorks! Chiropractic Center

Individually Tailored Wellness Programs

31 S. Baldwin Avenue Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024


NEW Box Meals at the Senior Lunch Café

The senior lunch program is pleased to offer special box 
meals that can be ordered & taken home. Participants 
must be 60 years or older, make a reservation 24 hours 
in advance, come to the Hart Park House to sign & 
make a $2 donation and bring an insulated container 
to carry out the box meal. There is a special box meal 
menu available at the Hart Park House - for more 
information or to reserve a meal, please call (626) 

Meals are delivered to home-
bound seniors by volunteer drivers through 
the YWCA Intervale Lunch Program M-F 
(with frozen meals for the weekend.) Call the 
YWCA at (626) 214-9460 or Darlene Traxler 
at (626) 355-0256 for more information.



Please contact Darlene Traxler at 

626.355.6220 or 

(626) 355-0256.

 June TBA - Cheese Factory Tour & Lunch 

at a Temecula Winery

 May excursions are open and reservations can be 
made by filling out a registration form & making 
payment. For questions, please call the Sierra 
Madre Senior Desk at (626) 355-7394. 



Wednesdays 3-7pm 


Fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits from California 
family farms. Specialty foods, vegetarian and vegan 
dishes, ethnic foods and hot food - Everything you’ll find 
at the farmers market has been made or picked fresh, is 
pesticide-free and preservative-free. 

Free public parking on Mariposa.

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