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Good Food and Drink


Mountain Views News Saturday, June 5, 2010


By Peter Dills


 The two most common questions that I get are, “What is your favorite 
restaurant” and “Do you ever write a terrible review of a restaurant?” My 
response to the first question is, “For what type of cuisine: Steak, Lobster, 
Drinks or a View?” For the second question, I believe if the experience 
is that lamentable, I need to find something else to write about. Honesty 
is very important and while bad reviews often capture the distinction of 
“sensationalism,” thus catering to our more primitive instincts, mostly I find them unpleasant and 
often vicious. I have noticed that one person’s critical comments on the Internet often carry a lot of 
weight.  It used to be that a newspaper article, television show, radio broadcast or word of mouth was 
the most frequently sought source for recommendations. With the ever increasing expansion of the 
Internet behind an individual voice, we have truly evolved into, “All the world’s a critic.”  Fortunately, 
some of us still know the comfort of the newspaper resting on the doorstep in the morning. 

 So, with that being said, and Father’s Day fast approaching, let’s revisit a restaurant that serves one 
of my favorite dishes. 

 The first few times I went to Houston’s I was on the fence. I had some good memories of it being 
the Velvet Turtle many years ago.  It is still a little dark inside, and bring your credit card because you 
will need it here!!  Let me say that I think the entrees are on the expensive side, but I do find the wine 
list to be reasonable.

 I have dined at Houston’s at least ten times in the past year and I have to say that the overall experience 
has blossomed for me, as it has become one of my favorite restaurants to enjoy an evening.  Why, you 
ask?  I find that the food is exceptional and the service 
is stellar. You are warmly greeted and seated, brought 
your water, drinks and food, usually by a different 
server in each instance. Each handoff leaves you with 
a friendly, warm and considerate person as you move 
through your meal. This part is amazing because 
Houston’s is a chain restaurant.  They train them well 
here - my hat is off.

 Let’s talk about the food and prices. Let’s start with 
The FAMOUS French Dip ($18) which is usually the 
dish that I order while at Houston’s - a Roast beef on 
a French roll is definately a must try.  The Barbeque 
Ribs ($27) are oven baked and come with fries and 
coleslaw; rib fans will not be disappointed with this 
meal. Is it sushi that you crave? There are many great 
choices on the menu and they tell me that many 
customers rave about it. But, come on now, why go to 
a steak place for Sushi? Or is this a steakhouse? Sushi 
prices have a range range ($12 to $16).  I suggest the 
Seared Tuna Roll ($16) if you must have seafood. For 
my next visit I look forward to the Lump Crab Cakes 
($18); when done right you can never go wrong with 
crab cakes.  Desserts feature a Five Nut Brownie and 
an Apple Walnut Cobbler ($8) - both very sweet and 
tasty!!  In surveying the wine list I was impressed with 
both the Schramsberg and the Tantara Chardonnay ($9) per glass.

For complete menu and prices

Houston’s Restaurant 320 S. Arroyo Parkway (626) 577-6001

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Basic Math, 
Math Analysis, 
AP Calculus, 
AP Chemistry, 
Physics, Reading 


SAT I and II

Call Roy Wu 


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Sierra Madre, CA 91024 
OPEN to all students who reside in Sierra Madre or attend one of the following schools: Alverno High School, 
Bethany Christian School, Gooden School, La Salle High School, St Rita School, Sierra Madre Elementary School, 
Sierra Madre Middle School or Pasadena High School. All students are encouraged to apply. All net proceeds 
equally support the Rotary Club fund for cleft palate surgery and the Sierra Madre Youth Activity Center. 
Create an artistic piece in drawing, watercolors, paint medium, B&W photography, color photography or mixed 
media to reflect our 2010 theme. All pieces will be on display during the summer for viewing by local area artists 
and judges. Art is to be mailed or hand delivered to: Moira Love, Schools Art Coordinator by July 30th 2010. 
The Destination Group 
66 East Montecito Avenue 
Sierra Madre, CA 91024 
All entries must be postmarked no later than July 30th. All art entries must be submitted on a minimum 8 1/2 x 11” 
paper with a maximum size of 12” x 16” Include your name, phone number, email address, name of school and 
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The art contest will be judged in the following at each grade level: A) Kindergarten, B) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 
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grade level. For example, our 3rd graders will compete will all other 3rd graders in town. 
Each division will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winner and Honorable mention. All awards are supported by private 
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release their rights and grant permission to submit submissions into a publication for print or electronic mean for the 
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I, ___________________________________authorize The Rotary Club of Sierra Madre to use my art work in any 
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ADDRESS ________________________________________ [ ] I want a T-Shirt for $15.00 S – M – L - LX 
HOME PHONE___________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS _______________________ 
For further information email: or call (626) 355-3471 Tom Brady, Chairman 
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(626) 574-7433251 N Sant Anita Ave ArcadiaDad's come and enjoy your 
favorite beer or game with 
your family for Father's DayHAPPY FATHER'S DAY12:00 pm - 9:00pm

Wednesday 3-7 pm 

Fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits from California family farms. Specialty foods, vegetarian and vegan 
dishes, ethnic foods and hot food - Everything you’ll find at the farmers market has been made or picked 
fresh, is pesticide-free and preservative-free. 

Free public parking on Mariposa. 

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