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Mountain Views News Saturday, July 10, 2010


By Peter Dills

Two For One - You Decide

 Someone told me that Chipolte is owned by McDonalds. How can this 
be? Chipolte has become a mainstay of my Pasadena restaurants’ lunch 
stops. The restaurant offers, I think, a palatable fast-food option. The one 
little hiccup is that you have to wait in line, and the counter help is only 
there to take orders, always under the watchful eye of the supervisor, but 
once I get past the robotic nature of the restaurant I really do like the Burritos. Plus, you can basically 
make your own because you decide what’s in your selection. This past week I had the Carnitas (pork) 
burrito for ($5.50) with a side of guacamole that is extra. Limited menu, but that works for me. Beer 
is available; inside or patio dining. I give the food 4 out of 5 stars. Service is N/A.

 Chipolte 3409 E. Foothill Pasadena (626) 351-6017

 I have come to discover that “Happy Hour,” lasts longer than an hour, or maybe, I need a new watch.

 Last week, I took a trip to Taco Tuesday, at El Torito in East Pasadena. To feast upon the sumptuous 
(.99 cent), handmade tacos, make sure you bring your appetite - they are like pistachios, so you can’t 
eat just one. The taco station is conveniently located in the bar area for those of us that believe the 
remote control is sciences’ greatest invention. Throw in the two beautiful girls making fresh taco 
shells right in front of you and if there were an old National Geographic, with a picture of sand and 
palm trees to appreciate this setting, you’d think you were right there. 

 Chicken, Carnitas and Beef tacos appear and disappear at a soldier-like pace. This is also an 
interactive experience: self service garnishes, such as salsa, slaw and a light guacamole sauce are ready 
for you. Also, on Tuesday Nights, El Torito has ($3.95) Dos Equis. 

 Almost brings me back those Spring Break and 
college days. No worries, the Federales are not going 
to catch me this time. On this visit, I ordered a side 
of Guacamole for the freshly made chips, three tacos, 
and a beer. I was handsomely fed for around ($15), 
including the tip. It’s the closest deal to being south 
of the boarder I’ve seen in a long time. My one 
observation? There seemed to be kids in the bar. They 
may be using these kids as workers to keep the cost 
down? No, they were not working: my lawyer forced 
me to add that.

 Oh, since we are on the subject of saving money, El 
Torito also offers Kids Eat Free on Wednesday Nights. 
Buy one adult entrée and one special little one eats for 

Happy Hour is from 4 PM to 8 PM, with taco Tuesday 
‘til 10 PM.

El Torito, 3333 E. Foothill Blvd. Pasadena, (626) 351-

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