GREEN FLAG ALERT The City's state of emergency level is now at Stage One: GREEN FLAG — Activated under a prediction of 80% – 100% chance of precipitation. Affected residents should get "READY" for potential evacuation. This includes keeping a close watch on weather forecasts. Updates will also be issued on SMTV3 (Time Warner-channel 3), the City’s website, the Sierra Madre Community Radio (AM 1630), eblasts, and the City’s emergency blog (

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The City's state of emergency level is now at Stage One: GREEN FLAG—Activated under a prediction of 80%—100% chance of precipitation. 
Affected residents should get "READY" for potential evacuation. This includes keeping a close watch on weather forecasts. Updates will also 
be issued on SMTV3 (Time Warner-channel 3), the City’s website, the Sierra Madre Community Radio (AM 1630), 
eblasts, and the City’s emergency blog (http://sierramadrepio/




Part 2 Photos and Story By Chris 


Commission Votes Not to Change the Definition 
of ‘Dwelling Unit’ To Accomodate Plans For 
Proposed Assisted Living Facility

The Bottle Shop Expansion Shooting for Mid-
February Completion

 Bill Sullivan (right), owner of The Bottle Shop has 
completed the retail wine display area in the 900+ 
square expanded wine and spirits store. The new wine 
and beer tasting area, scheduled for opening in mid-
February, will be able to be closed off from the retail 
establishment by new custom wrought iron gates, 
created especially for the store by a friend of the family.

 On one side, an automated wine tasting dispensary 
will be set up, with 24 wines. Tasters over 21 years old 
will be able to purchase a debit card, and get automatic 
servings of one ounce of the wine of their choice. The 
price for each tasting will differ depending on the wine.

Wine and beer tastings will be conducted in the more 
“traditional” manner with a live server at the main bar.

 Sierra Madre muralist, George Rhode, is currently 
busy at work painting a large mural behind the tasting 
bar. In the foreground is a Tuscan vineyard scene. The 
mural all came about when Rhode came into the store 
and suggested the project to Sullivan. At Sullivan’s 
request, the Sierra Madre view of the San Gabriel 
Mountains is being painted in the background, with 
Jones Peak, visible from downtown Sierra Madre at the 

 Sullivan quipped that the “little stuff” is left, though 
it could take up to a month to get the argon system for 
wine serving installed, the bathrooms completed, more 
painting and lighting done. Watch for grand opening 
news at 58. W. Sierra Madre Boulevard.

300 West Salon Closes. Will Reopen as 
Vitamin & Supplements Store

 The site of the former 300 West Salon is undergoing 
a facelift outside and inside. The building’s fresh face is 
in preparation for an online vitamin and supplements 
business, formerly located in Irwindale that will be 
opening a “brick and mortar” venue, according to the 
owner, who declined to be named.

Mother Moo… Ice Cream, Marmalade, Preserved 
Lemons and More

 Karen Klemens, Mother Moo owner and chief ice cream 
impresario and food preservation teacher, is beaming from 
her recent LA Times mention in their recommended stops 
when visiting Sierra Madre.

 Klemens continues to refine her product and class offerings, 
based on feedback from patrons and availability of local 
produce. Her current “can jam classes explore the many uses 
of grapefruit,” native Oro Blancos, a cross between Pomello 
and white grapefruits, and other citrus to make the most 
of local fruit tree harvests. Another marmalade preparation 
on the class docket uses Meyer lemons and Myers Rum. 

Her classes can be tailored to the maturity level of the 
student. For instance, the preserved lemons, a product 
that can be used for cooking as well as display, is a perfect 
preservation product to involve pre-schoolers, according to 
Klemens. She also has begun offering tours of the ice cream 
making and food preservation facilities.

Kudos to Klemens, who saves copies of Mountain Views 
News at her store. Ice cream aficionados enjoying her 
homemade treats, apparently have been reading our paper 
at her sprawling, 1950’s era “kitchen table.” Recycling at its 
best! Thank you, Karen!

 Klemens just held a preservation class for marmalade 
using a rare orange variety. Contact Klemens at 626-355-
9650 for reservations. Upcoming marmalade classes are 
scheduled for 9 a.m. January 28 and 5:30 p.m. February 
6. Candied citrus peel making class will be at 9 a.m. on 
Tuesday, January 24. Mother Moo is located at 17 Kersting 
Court. (continued on page 3)

 After a firestorm 
of public comment 
Thursday night which 
including accusing 
city officials of trying 
to dodge the Voter’s 
Ordinance —better 
known as Measure 
V, the Sierra Madre 
Planning Commission 
voted unanimously 
not to recommend 
changing the definition 
of “dwelling unit” in the 
city’s current ordinances. 
This issue was brought 
forth because the 
current definition may 
hinder progress on the 
proposed assisted living 
facility known as the 
Kensington Project on 
Sierra Madre Blvd.

 At issue was the 2001 
definition in the building 
code of a dwelling 
unit as “one or more 
rooms in a building 
designed and intended 
to be used as living 
quarters by one person 
or family.” A rejected 
recommendation by staff 
would have included 
provisions for, sleeping, 
eating, cooking, and 

 Changing the definition 
would allow the 
Kensington project, 
proposed for the 1.84 
acre vacated skilled 
nursing facility across 

from city hall, to exceed 
the Measure V limit 
of 13 units per acre, a 
sticking point in moving 
the project forward. 

 Kensington project 
planner, Gregg 
Yamachika, said the 
project calls for 75 
rooms and up to 96 
residents, each with a 
kitchenette, excluding 
cooking equipment. 

 Pasadena attorney and 
co-author of Measure 
V, Christopher Sutton, 
said any clarifying of 
Measure V language was 
a way to amend a ballot 
measure without going 
to the voters. 

(cont. on page 3)

Story and Photo By Dean Lee

Bottle Shop Owner Bill Sullivan

Measure V Co-author Attorney Chris Sutton addresses Commissioners


 On April 10, 2012, voters in Sierra Madre will go to the polls and select three people from a field of seven to sit on the City Council and 
elect a new City Treasurer and City Clerk. They will also vote on a local ballot measure on whether or not to extend the User Utility Tax and 
a related advisory measure.

 The city council race will fill two seats for new four year terms and one seat for the unexpired two year term vacated by former Mayor Joe 

 The Mountain Views News will provide our readers with comprehensive coverage of this election. Each week, as we have done in the past, we 
will profile the candidates and give each of the candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves to our readers by answering the following 
questions: (All candidates are being asked to answer the same questions)

1. Why are you running for Office? 

2. What are your plans if elected?


The paper will also review the pros and cons of the User Utility Tax ballot measures. 
The schedule:


 January 28th The User Utility Tax Extension - The Pros and Cons 

 February 4th Unopposed Candidates Richard Mays for City Treasurer and Nancy Shollenberger (incumbent) for City Clerk

 February 11th Incumbent Mary Ann MacGillivray for City Council - 4 year term

 February 18th Candidate John Capoccia for City Council - 4 year term

 February 25th Candidate Gene Goss for City Council - 4 year term

 March 3rd Candidate John Harebedian for City Council - 4 year term

 March 10th Candidate Bill Tice for City Council - 4 year term

 March 17th Candidate Colin Braudrick for City Council - 2 year term

 March 24th Candidate Chris Koeber for City Council - 2 year term

 It is our sincere hope that each candidate will submit their answers so that we can share them with our readers. A separate letter 
has been sent to each candidate asking them to participate.

 In addition to the candidate spotlights, we will attempt to cover the various forums sponsored by local organizations. Where 
possible, the unedited video of these forums will be broadcast on the paper’s website.

 Our reporting on this election will be as fair and objective as possible. However, please keep in mind that our columnists are always free to share their 
opinions. Their opinions are their opinions and may or may not reflect the position of the paper. This is true in all things, not just this election.

 We will also provide for you the calendar of important dates regarding the election. It is our goal to do whatever we can to help you make an informed decision 
on April 10, 2012.

Publisher and 

Nancy Shollenberger (left) and Richard Mays (right) 
are running unopposed for City Clerk and City T

reasurer, respectively. Mays photo courtesy B. Coburn

City Council Candidates (l to r) Mary Ann McGillivray, Chris Koeber, Colin Braudrick, John Harebedian and John Capoccia.

Far right: Bill Tice (above) and Gene Goss.

Read The Paper Online At:

Mountain Views News 80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. #327 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.604.4548