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By Harvey Hyde

Last week, 
I covered the USC 
Spring Game for 
ESPN. I’ve also 
watched several of 
the 15 hard practices 
at Howard 
Jones field. Let’s review 
the spring. 

 “Spring” really started with their 50 – 
0 final game victory over UCLA. A 10 – 2 
season with the realization that they could 
have been undefeated -- a difficult task coming 
off 2 years of sanctions, no bowl games 
and new coach Kiffin working to solidify 
himself as “the man.” (which isn’t easily 
done with the USC Trojan fan.)

 Following this, the anticipation --- 
Will Matt Barkley return? Will TJ McDonald 
and others? In late December, Trojan fans 
got their holiday gift, when first, TJ McDonald 
and then Matt Barkley announced they 
would be coming back. I sort of had a feeling 
that Matt and his family wanted to dot the 
i – and, as Matt says now, there is unfinished 
business at USC. 

 So the fifteen days are over, the Spring 
Game completed. Did USC accomplish what 
they wanted in the 15 days of practice?

 Offensively, it was tough to accomplish 
a great deal since depth was limited 
at running back. Top receivers were injured 
much of the spring and tight ends were 
banged up. Robert Woods did not practice 
at all -- a smart move by Lane Kiffin. What 
does Woods need to prove. 

 In the post game interview, we asked 
Woods, “If this was a real football game, 
would you have been able to play? “ His 
comment, “Absolutely.” So all you Trojan 
fans, you can relax. 

 Offensively, probably the strongest 
and most improved was the offensive line. 
All returned except for left tackle who will be 
a first round NFL pick. It looks like current 
left tackle, Andre Walker will also be a first 
round pick when it’s his turn. Last year he 
weighed 378 pounds. He’s now into shape, at 
6 ‘6 “ and 335 pounds. He’s a talented athlete 
who will get better every day. This young 
man is from Cleveland Ohio. What happened 
to Ohio State? The Trojans got a great 
one and that will be proven. 

 My spring awards for the offense: 
Most Valuable – receiver Marquis Lee; Most 
Improved Player – De’Von Flournoy; Offensive 
Leader –Matt Barkley; Rookie- Andre 
Walker and the Top Group - offensive line.

 Defensively, if there’s a better group of 
secondary players in the country, you’ll get 
an argument from me. All secondary players 
returned, plus they pick up 2 recruits, 
and Josh Shaw, a freshman starter from 
Florida, has just been given eligibility by the 
NCAA. Great leadership in that group from 
Nickell Robey (all 5’ 8” 175 pounds of him.) 
and TJ MacDonald. Linebackers have 3 returning 
freshman starters as well as depth. 
These kids can run, have great speed. With 
the defensive line, I’m waiting for some stars 
to develop. This is important, as games are 
won in the trenches. Wes Horton and Devon 
Kennard are two of the best defensive ends, 
and it’s time they prove it. Along with others, 
watch out for Greg Townsend, George Uko, 
Antoinne Woods and JR Tavai.

 Defensive awards: Most Valuable – 
TJ McDonald; Most Improved - Antoinne 
Woods and Greg Townsend; Leader - Nickell 
Robey; Rookie - middle linebacker Scott Star. 
(The rest of Star’s high school class haven’t 
even graduated yet.) Top Group – secondary, 
but linebackers and defensive line have great 

 In spring, I would say the defense got 
better as a team. The offense struggled because 
of injuries and the fact that the coaches 
were trying to develop a back-up quarterback 
to Matt Barkley. 

 Now, comes the 2012 “fall” season 
pressure: The first ESPN poll has USC 
ranked preseason #1; the Trojan history of 11 
national championships; 6 Heisman Trophy 
winners. Does that put pressure on a coach, 
a team and a quarterback? Then throw in the 
2012 Heisman trophy possibility for Matt. 

 So the Spring game and practice are 
over, but for players and coaches, there’s 
never an off season—final exams, off season 
conditioning, spring recruiting for coaches, 
fall camp. The USC “fall season” officially 
opens September first with University of 
Hawaii. Ask someone about tee shirt seen at 
practice “Our 75 are better than your 85.” 


 Up next, the UCLA Spring game, 
May 5th. I’ll be watching them as well, and 
let you know about the Bruins. 

You can hear Coach Harvey Hyde on Las Vegas 
radio station KSHP 1400 via the Internet 
( and on 
(in the Peristyle)



 There have been millions of words written about the

golf swing. Balance seems to always get left out. I am going to explain 
to you today exactly what great balance in the golf swings 
means and how to attain it.

 If I can show you how to make a golf swing with balance your 
swing will be more fluid, you will make more solid impact with 
your shots and the ball will go further. There are two reasons why 
your golf swing is not in balace. The first reason is clubhead speed 
and the second is the direction you swing the golf club.

Let’s start with direction first.

When you swing the golf club it has to swing on an arc. The clubhead 
has to swing back on an arc and down on an arc. If the clubhead 
swings too much out to in (across your body) it will pull you 
off balance towards the golf ball. If you swing the golf club too

much from in to out (under your body) it will throw you off balance 
and you will fall backwards away fromthe ball. I have a drill 
that will help you learn proper balance.

You have to start this drill out very slowly. The next time you are at 
the driving range take out a 7 iron and tee up a golf ball. After you 
have addressed the golf ball, lift your left leg a couple of inches off 
of the ground. You have to balance yourself on the right leg, now I 
ant you to make a swing. That in itself isvery difficult to do the first time. You can start out by

making tiny swings, chip shot swings. After you make some swings and hit a few shots, do the same 
thing with your right leg in the air.

This drill will teach you how to maintain proper balance in the golf swing. It is a fantastic drill for

those of you that struggle with this part of your swing. After you hit 5 shots with your left leg off the

ground and then 5 shots with the right leg off the ground you can hit 5 shots with both feet on the


You see the first reason you lose your balance is because of the direction you swing the club, the

second reason is clubhead speed. This drill teaches you how to swing the golf club in the correct

direction with the proper speed. For better golf swing balance-hit practice shots on one leg.

Want to learn more? Go to:


Los Angeles Dodger players Dee Gordon and Tony Gwynn, Jr. and Dodger alumni Tommy 
Davis, "Sweet" Lou Johnson, Kenny Landreaux and Derrel Thomas spoke with John 
Muir High School students in celebration of Jackie Robinson Day who is an alumnus of 
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