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 Mountain Views News Saturday, November 17, 2012

“NOT YOUR USUAL CRAFTS FAIRE” by La Quetta M. Shamblee

“Not Your Usual Crafts Faire” appears more than a catchy introduction for The Artisan Faire that will take place inside the historic facility at Santa Anita Park on 
November 17th & 18th – FREE general admission to the public. The call for artisans to participate in this inaugural event has resulted in an impressive gathering 
of talented individuals who demonstrate mastery in bringing creative ideas to life. Adrianne Hall, Javier Harriman and DeAnn Singh are among the featured 
juried artisans who have been selected to create a combined exhibit of arts, crafts and onsite DIY presentations unusual in a single venue.

 About 15 years ago, Adrianne’s jewelrymaking hobby designing earrings and necklaces, gave 
rise to the creation of Beadie Beads Book Jewelry.™ Using leftover cord that wasn’t long enough 
for a necklace and extra beads that had minor flaws, Adrianne created her first bookmark. It 
looked very much like one of her beaded necklaces, thus the name. It was a simple, yet clever 
twist for an age-old item. Velvet gift boxes used for displaying and packaging lend a sense of 
elegance. When most people stop to browse her selection, they often ask, “Is this a necklace 
or bracelet? or “How do you put it on?” – especially when their eyes hone in on the attractive 
spread of jewelry instead of first noticing the small display of books with an assortment of beads 
and charms dangling from both ends of the spines. Her meticulous selection of quality materials 
is matched by her attentiveness to the design and construction of each piece of Beadie Beads 
Book Jewelry.™ She creates each one with an intensity that mimics a scientist looking through a 
microscope. Her repertoire of beads, gems and more than 700 different charms is used to create 
individual bookmarks that offer an array of favorite colors, animals, hobbies and professions. 
This line of eye-catching items lives up to its slogan, “A bookmark so unique, it has to be called 
book jewelry.”

 The weekly Monrovia Family Festival serves as an open-air workshop for artist Javier Harriman. 
Throughout his childhood, he enjoyed drawing and drew much of his inspiration from comic 
books. This influence is evident in his paintings of “drip sketch portraits” using watercolors. 
The fluidity of water that made it impossible for him to control 
the gravity-induced dripping effect of this paint medium, has 
become an element that defines this category of his work. Javier 
teaches figure painting at Art Center College of Design, his alma mater where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. 
Several lucky attendees at The Artisan Faire will have the opportunity to win a sitting for Javier to create their personal portrait 
(enter free drawing to win at His impressive art portfolio spans a range of styles and 
mediums. A quick search on YouTube for “Javier Harriman” offers a front row seat to see this incredible artist in action.

 DeAnn Singh is counted among an elite convening of calligraphers regarded as masters of this writing style that has roots 
dating back thousands of years. The age of digital communications has had a diminishing impact on the number of individuals 
who communicate words by putting pencil or pen to paper. Yet calligraphy is alive, well and positioned to regain popularity, 
thanks to stewards like Singh who teaches group workshops and private lessons. Her body of work in this visual art form, 
spans three decades, including the recent creation of placecards for the star-studded Annual Carousel Ball held last month at 
the Beverly Hilton Hotel to raise funds for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. Her works are displayed throughout the world 
on resolutions and commendations that hang on thousands of walls in public buildings, private buildings and residences. For 
years she worked as a calligrapher for the County of Los Angeles, creating those familiar, colorful and beautifully scripted scrolls 
to celebrate visiting dignitaries and local heroes. She has an extensive and impressive portfolio of commissioned works for 
television, movies and publications and is regarded as a sage-of-sorts among the 350 members of Southern California’s Society 
for Calligraphy. When asked what’s next on her list, she shares, “I am in the process of developing a book art center called “The 
Word Nest.” Clearly, DeAnn is at the forefront of preserving and bring back the “lost of writing” for generations to come. 

You’ll want to include this event on your schedule of weekend events, it’s just in time to find unusual gift items for holiday giving. 
Come out with friends and family to meet and great these three creative individuals and other artisans. For more information,