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Hackerspace to Give Away 
3D-printed Ornaments

Gutierrez as 
Acting CEO

Lawfully in 

By Dean Lee

The Los Angeles County 
District Attorney’s Office, 
Justice System Integrity 
Division released Monday 
the findings of its review 
of the fatal shooting last 
march of Kendrec McDade 
by Pasadena Police Officers 
Matthew Griffin and Jeffery 
Newlen. The conclusion of 
the eight page report states 
that “the officers acted in 
lawful self-defense and 
defense of others.”

In a statement also released 
Monday, Pasadena Chief of 
Police Phillip Sanchez said, 
“The shooting of Kendrec 
McDade is tragic for everyone 
involved. These incidents 
bear a significant emotional 
impact on the community 
and the police department. 
It is my desire that those 
impacted by this event will 
continue to heal as we await 
the final reports from the 
Office of Independent Review 
Group (ORIG), the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation and 
the Administrative Review 
by the Pasadena Police 

The report states that Griffin 
fired four shots at McDade 
fearing for his life. Newlen 
also fired four times at 

“He left the sidewalk and he’s 
running at me,” Griffin told 
investigators. “This —scares 
the crap out of me. I don’t 
know why he’s running at 
me. He’s still clutching his 
waistband. I think he’s got a 
gun. I’m stuck in the car. I’ve 
got nowhere to go.”

Griffin fired through the 
open driver’s side window 
as McDade moved laterally 
down the side of the patrol 
car. Newlen heard a gunshot 
and believed that McDade 
was shooting at Griffin. 
Newlen also believed that 
McDade was firing at him 
after he heard a gunshot and 
saw a muzzle flash. In fear 
of his life, Newlen also fired 
four times until McDade fell 
to the ground according to 
the report. 

After a search no weapons 
were found. Officers removed 
only a cellphone from the 
front pocket of McDade’s 

According to an autopsy 
McDade died from three 
gunshot wounds to the left 
abdomen, middle lower 
abdomen and right arm. 
He was also shot in the left 
elbow, left hip, right leg and 
right forearm.

The toxicology report also 
revealed that McDade tested 
positive for marijuana and 

 The report also states that 
during the investigation, it 
was determined, robbery 
victim Oscar Carrillo initially 
lied to the 9-1-1- operator 
when he claimed McDade 
robed him at gunpoint.

No charges were filed against 

Diego Porqueras, Photo D. Lee/MVNews

 By Dean Lee 

 Deezmaker, one of only 
two 3D-printer stores in the 
country, is inviting people to 
celebrate the holidays in the 
most interesting way possible, 
learning how 3D printing 
technology works. It’s all part 
of an open house this Sunday 
at their new store on North 
Hill Avenue near Pasadena City 

Store owner Diego Porqueras 
said he started the 3D printer 
store, 90 N. Hill Ave. Suite #5, 
which opened three months 
ago as Kickstarter project rising 
over $100,000. The store sells 
Porqueras’ designed, Bukobot 
3D printers. 

 “I started out buying one 
3D printer kit,” Porqueras 
said pointing to the machine 
in corner of the store. “That 
allowed me to make more 3D 
printers, yes they reproduce.” 

 Porqueras said the original 
machine he bought was difficult 
to build, “it’s a good machine 
and all, it’s just that, whereas 
these [Bukobot] you can build 
in a day, it took me two weeks 
to build.”

 Porqueras explained the 3D 
printer hardware is open source, 
meaning the technology is not 
copyrighted or patented making 
available to the community. 
Projects are created using 
popular 3D modeling software 
such as AutoCAD. 

 He said for those that show 
up Sunday, each guest will 
leave with a free 3D-printed 

 When it opened, Deezmaker 
became the second 3D printer 
store in the country after New 
York’s MakerBot. The open 
house will be from noon to 6 

 Porqueras also said starting 
in January, every first Sunday 
of the month, the store 
with have meetups for 3D 
printing enthusiasts. For more 
information; is a popular 
fundraising platform for 
projects such as art, design, and 

Kendrec McDade

 City officials remained silent 
again this week regarding 
the unexpected departure of 
Pasadena Center Operating 
Company Chief Executive 
Officer Michael Ross only 
saying that he is on paid 
administrative leave pending 
the outcome of a personnel 
inquiry. He was placed on 
leave during a PCOC Board of 
Directors Dec. 13 meeting. 

 Meanwhile, the board of 
directors has named Assistant 
City Manager Julie Gutierrez 
as Acting Chief Executive 
Officer for PCOC. 

 Gutierrez appointment was 
announced after a closed 
PCOC Board meeting Tuesday. 
She currently sits on the PCOC 
Board as a representative of 
the City Manager. Gutierrez 
will temporarily relinquish 
the Board seat while working 
as Acting CEO according 
to a statement released by 
Pasadena Public Information 
Officer William Boyer. 

 PCOC is a 501 (c) (4) 
nonprofit corporation 
wholly owned by the City 
of Pasadena that manages 
the Pasadena Convention 
Center, the Pasadena Civic 
Auditorium, the Pasadena 
Convention & Visitors Bureau 
and the Pasadena Ice Skating 
Center. PCOC was one of the 
first independent nonprofit 
organizations in the United 
States to combine its facility 
operations and destination 
marketing efforts.

New Year’s 
Closures & 

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses are reminded 
that City Hall and many 
City services will be closed 
on Christmas Day, Tuesday, 
December 25, 2012 and New 
Year’s Day, Tuesday, January 1, 

 Pasadena Fire and Police 
Departments will continue to 
be staffed during the holidays. 
For any life-threatening 
emergencies, please remember 
to call 9-1-1.

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses with any power 
emergencies should call the 
Pasadena Water and Power 
(PWP) Department at (626) 
744-4673 and for water-
related emergencies call (626) 
744-4138. PWP’s regular 
Customer Service Call Center 
will be closed for the holidays, 
but customers can still pay 
their bills by phone at (626) 
744-4005 or on the Web at 

 Refuse and recycling 
collection for both Tuesday, 
Dec. 25, Christmas Day, and 
Tuesday, Jan. 1, New Year’s 
Day, will be delayed by one 
day. All other routes will be 
serviced per schedule.

 On Dec. 25, the City’s 
Area Rapid Transit System 
(ARTS) and Dial-A-Ride 
transportation programs 
will not be in operation, but 
will resume regular service 
on Wednesday, Dec. 26. All 
parking meters not posted as a 
“No Parking” zone are free and 
time limits will not be enforced 
on Christmas Day, but all 
parking meter enforcement 
will resume on Wednesday, 
Dec. 26. Violations for red 
curb parking and blocking fire 
hydrants will continue to be 

 On Jan. 1, New Year’s Day, 
the ARTS buses and Dial-A-
Ride programs also will not be 
in operation, but will resume 
regular service on Wednesday, 
Jan. 2. All parking meters not 
posted as a “No Parking” zone 
will be free on Jan. 1 and time 
limits will not be enforced on 
New Year’s Day. Parking meter 
enforcement will resume on 
Wednesday, Jan. 2. Violations 
for red curb parking and 
blocking fire hydrants will 
continue to be enforced. 

 All Pasadena Public Libraries, 
including the Central Library 
and all branches, will be 
closed Sunday, December 23, 
Monday, December 24 and 
Tuesday, December 25. In 
addition, all libraries will be 
closed Sunday, December 30, 
Monday, December 31 and 
Tuesday, January 1. The Villa-
Parke Branch Library will be 
closed beginning Saturday, 
December 22 until Tuesday, 
January 1.

 All Community Centers 
operated by the City’s Human 
Services and Recreation 
Department will be closed 
December 24 through 
December 28. They will open 
for a half day on December 31, 
New Year’s Eve, from 8:00 a.m. 
to Noon, but will be closed on 
Jan. 1. The centers will resume 
normal hours again on Jan. 
2. All parks will be open for 
picnics, fun and play, but no 
site reservations are accepted 
for the holidays.

PCC Nursing Students to 
Ride in the Rose Parade

House Passes Schiff Bill 
‘Katie Sepich Enhanced 
DNA Collection Act’

Pet of 
the Week

 The Katie Sepich Enhanced 
DNA Collection Act of 2012 
(H.R. 6014), sponsored by Rep. 
Adam Schiff (D-CA), passed 
the House of Representatives 
Tuesday by voice vote. 
Originally introduced in 2010, 
Katie’s Law bears the name of 
Katie Sepich, a college student 
who was raped and murdered 
in 2003 in New Mexico. Her 
attacker was arrested several 
times over subsequent years 
but was never linked to Katie’s 
murder, as his DNA was not 
collected until 2006.

“Katie’s Law is an important 
step we can take that will save 
lives. Every improvement we 
make to our DNA system, 
means more violent crimes 
solved and more violent felons 
taken of the street. It is a smart 
approach that also has the merit 
of saving taxpayer dollars,” 
said Rep. Schiff. “Just as we 
fingerprint arrestees, it makes 
sense to collect a DNA profile 
when someone is arrested for a 
violent felony, and this bill will 
encourage states around the 
nation to join California and 
the 24 other states that have 
adopted arrestee testing. DNA 
technology has an unmatched 
power to identify the guilty 
and to clear the innocent, and 
we should use it to its fullest 
potential. It’s my hope that the 
Senate will take up and pass 
this legislation in the remaining 
days of the session.”

 Pasadena City College nursing 
students Ariel Eby and Nicole 
Brown have been selected by 
Bare Root, Inc. to ride atop the 
“A Healing Place” float, which 
honors nurses of the past, 
present, and future for their 
tireless efforts, compassion, and 
care at the 124th Tournament 
of Roses Parade on New Year’s 

 “Nurses create ‘a healing place’ 
with their presence, anywhere 
and under any circumstance,” 
said Monica Weisbrich, RN, 
president of Bare Root, Inc. , 
a non-profit corporation that 
was created to raise funds for 
the design and building of “A 
Healing Place” float.

 The design of the float reflects 
the qualities of nurses and 
characteristics of nursing, 
according to Weisbrich. The 
words caring, commitment, 
compassion, confidence, 
conscientiousness, and 
intelligence are inscribed on the 
base of the float.

 “Our riders were selected 
because they are all highly 
respected individuals within 
their respective institutions 
and epitomize excellence for 
the profession. They provide 
an opportunity to recognize 
the immense contributions 
that all nurses make regardless 
of where they provide patient 
care,” Weisbrich said. “Our 
riders represent the current 
excellence in our field and the 
future of the profession, and it 
provides a small look into the 
vast opportunities that nursing 

Brian is a large, six-year-
old, cream and white 
domestic shorthair cat. He 
lives in our communal cat 
room and gets along very 
well with other cats. He 
enjoys being petted, and 
loves taking naps. He’d love 
to find a loving forever 

 Brian’s adoption fee is $70, 
which includes his neuter 
surgery, a microchip, the first 
set of vaccinations, as well 
as a free follow-up health 
check at a participating vet. 
New adopters will receive 
complimentary health and 
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information on how to 
care for your pet. He also 
qualifies for our Seniors 
for Seniors program in 
which the adoption fee is 
waiver for eligible adopters 
60 years old or older. Ask 
an adoptions counselor for 
more information during 
your visit 

 Call the Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA at 
626.792.7151 to ask about 
A236792, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11-4 
Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday –
Friday, 9-4 Saturday. Pets 
may not be available for 
adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
from phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of all 
pets can be found at www.

Pacific Asia Museum 2013 
Exhibition Schedule

Take in the New Year with 
Peter Boyer’s ‘Apollo’

 Pacific Asia Museum 
announced today its exhibition 
schedule for 2013. In addition 
to the exhibitions currently on 
view, The Garden in Asia and 
The Art of Continuity: Revering 
our Elders, Pacific Asia Museum 
will open four additional 
exhibitions featuring both 
traditional and contemporary 
Asian art.

 Beginning April 5, 2013, 
pieces from the famed Harari 
Collection will be featured in 
the exhibition Focus on the 
Subject: The Art of the Harari 
Collection in the Frank and 
Toshie Mosher Gallery of 
Japanese Art. Masterpieces from 
the collection will be featured 
alongside other objects from the 
Pacific Asia Museum collection 
for close study of themes 
in Japanese art, including 
landscape and writing.

 Pacific Asia Museum will also 
present a series of exhibitions 
in the Focus Gallery of 
contemporary Asian art 
throughout 2013. Works by 
Japanese, Korean and South 
Asian artists will examine 
trends in contemporary Asian 
art and introduce lesser-known 
traditional art forms that are still 
practiced today.

 “The wide range of exhibitions 
planned for 2013 really 
demonstrates Pacific Asia 
Museum’s commitment to 
representing Asian art in a 
broad sense,” said museum 
Curator Bridget Bray. “We strive 
to expose our visitors to both 
contemporary and traditional 
art from all over Asia, and 
the breadth of this schedule is 
evidence of that.”

 In addition to temporary 
exhibitions, Pacific Asia Museum 
will continue renovations of 
permanent galleries. In keeping 
with the successful installations 
in the Introduction Gallery and 
Gallery of Korean Art, both 
renovated within the past two 
years, the Chinese and South 
Asian-Himalayan Galleries will 
be renovated and re-installed 
with thematic permanent 
exhibitions intended to rotate 

 “We have been so pleased with 
community and donor support 
for these gallery renovations 
over the past years, and we’re 
excited to continue the process,” 
said Executive Director Charles 
Mason. “The new installations 
have given a new vibrancy to 
the galleries.” The new Chinese 
gallery is scheduled to open in 
the summer of 2013, after which 
renovations on the South Asian-
Himalayan Gallery will begin.

 The Pasadena Symphony 
invites audiences to start 
the new year with a concert 
celebrating Brahms’ First 
Symphony, Sibelius’ Violin 
Concerto, and Composer-
in-Residence Peter Boyer’s 
“Apollo” on Saturday, January 
12 at Ambassador Auditorium. 
Conductor Tito Muñoz returns 
to lead the orchestra in Brahms’ 
First Symphony; arguably one 
of the greatest first symphonies 
ever written by virtue of its 
strength, lyrical power and 
triumphant landscape while 
Boyer’s vibrant universe of 
sound takes center stage with 
“Apollo.” Nineteen-year-
old violin prodigy Caroline 
Goulding makes her Pasadena 
Symphony debut performing 
the Sibelius Violin Concerto, 
which contrasts the dark, 
dreamy and reflective with an 
air of passionate urgency, gypsy 
dance and boundless virtuosity.

 Goulding, who received her 
first Grammy nomination at 
the age of 17, is recognized 
as one of the most dynamic 
young performers on the 
scene. She has been profiled 
by publications ranging from 
Cosmo Girl to Gramophone, 
and has performed as soloist 
with many of North American’s 
greatest orchestra, including the 
Cleveland Orchestra, Toronto 
Symphony, Dallas Symphony, 
the National Symphony and 
more. In 2011, Goulding was 
awarded the highly prestigious 
Avery Fisher Career Grant.

 Muñoz last appeared with the 
Pasadena Symphony in 2011, 
and was praised by the Los 
Angeles Times as a conductor 
who “struck fire” and “was 
imparting character into each 
phrase, getting dialogues going 
between instrumental groups.” 
He was recently appointed 
Music Director of the Opéra 
National de Lorraine and 
the Orchestre symphonique 
et lyrique de Nancy, and 
previously served a three year 
tenure as Assistant Conductor 
of the Cleveland Orchestra.

 Brahms & Sibelius is the 
third concert in the Pasadena 
Symphony’s 2012-13 Singpoli 
Classics Series at Ambassador 
Auditorium. Tickets to the 
concert on Saturday, January 
12 at 2:00pm and 8:00pm 
begin at $35 and may be 
purchased by visiting www., 
calling 626.793.7172 or onsite 
day of concert.