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Book Reviews by Jasmine Kelsey Williams 

Review By Sean Kayden



By Cassandra Clare

Our next choice for this month should bring a smile to 
your face, as Cassandra Clare’s words will do a spectacular 
job of transporting you to an entirely different world (with 
the help of your imagination, of course). ‘Clockwork Angel’ 
by Cassandra Clare takes the reader back in time to the late 
18th century of Victorian England, and with it comes the 
thrilling tale of the shadows and underbelly that lurk beneath 
the surface of England. Clare’s words are beautifully crafted 
when the reader is introduced to the protagonist Theresa 
Gray, and the supernatural ability that she possesses. Told 
from a third person perspective, the reader is brought into 
Theresa’s oppressive predicament when two antagonists 
wish to use Theresa for their own gain, but soon becomes an 
adventurous chase into the underworld of Victorian London 
when the word spreads of Theresa and her ability. As the 
story progresses, the reader is introduced to new characters 
and a secret institute of warriors called the Shadowhunters, 
who find Theresa both a valuable ally and asset in their fight 
against demons and the other supernatural creatures they encounter. Clare’s setting for the story 
and her words will not disappoint, and for those who enjoy a good story that takes place in 
a different time period, this will be a perfect option as Clare has clearly done her research to 
portray an accurate depiction of London during the 18th century, as well as tying in the dark and 
supernatural elements that are well-hidden in between. Each character created by Clare is given 
a wonderful introduction in one form or another in the story, the settings will certainly keep 
the reader enchanted and engaged with the pacing of the story, and even the fights and battle 
scenes will certainly be gripping page-turners. Copyrighted in 2010 and receiving praise from 
Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, and Publishers Weekly, as well as author Stephanie Meyer and various 
critics, ‘Clockwork Angel’ is an enchanting and gripping adventure, with pockets of romance and 
friendship and a dash of something historical, making this book a soon-to-be classic and perfect 
for anybody’s personal book selection.

Ra Ra Riot – “Beta Love” - Ra Ra Riot is gearing up for their third LP this 
January. The title track “Beta Love” is pure infectious synth-pop. It’s sugary sweet with a killer 
falsetto to boot. While the track is undeniably the most synth driven tune from the band, it 
could be their ticket to break out into the mainstream world. With danceable beats, contagious 
hooks, and a highly produced sound, Ra Ra Riot may be destined from being the under-the-
radar opening band to full fledge headliners by springtime.

“Beta Love” is out 1/22/13 on Barsuk.

Local Natives – “Hummingbird” – Probably the most well known band off this list (seeing how 
they’ve been played on KROQ), Local Natives return with their sophomore album in nearly three 
years. After the release of their out of nowhere stellar debut, “Gorilla Manor” back in 2010, the 
boys from Los Angeles seemed destined for infinite stardom. While the buzz may have cooled off 
for a bit giving this long hiatus between records, it seems Local Natives were keen on avoiding the 
sophomore slump with this new record entitled, “Hummingbird.” The first single, “Breakers” is 
Local Natives at their absolute best. A soaring track that starts with a 30 second intro of howling 
guitars and catchy drums beats before it explodes with grand arrangements accompanied by 
“oohs” to fiercely escalate it to new heights. It slows down a bit and the vocals kick in, but it’s 
the chorus that brings the song to into a freshly new environment. “Breakers” is a stunning first 
single that clearly validates the boys’ long lull between records. If the rest of the album shapes up 
to be like this, Local Natives could very well be headlining beyond their accustomed small club 

“Hummingbird” is out 1/29 via Frenchkiss.

Guards – “In Guards We Trust”- “In Guards We Trust” will be the debut album from NYC 
indie power pop rockers, Guards. Lead singer Richie Follin’s sister Madeline Follin performs 
in the ever increasing in popularity duo, Cults. While it’s difficult not to bring up Cults when 
talking about Guards, Follin’s band is rather different. With his longing vocals, 60s inspired rock 
melodies, and shimmering array of grunge meets psych rock arrangements, Guards hit the notes 
of generations before them as well as carving a new path for 2013. Be sure to check out the sure 
fire hit “Ready To Go.” It’s just one of many gems from the band’s assortment of summery tunes. 

“In Guards We Trust” is out 2/5/13 on Velvet Vision/Black Bell Records.

Foals – “Holy Fire” - Foals’ long awaited third album will debut this February. Their second 
single, “My Number” is a sizzling track from beginning to end. A pure pop song that is so bouncy, 
so intoxicating you’ll be dancing and singing along to the instantaneously catchy line, “You don’t 
have my number/ And we don’t need each other now.” There’s a certain edge to this song, a funky 
tune if you will. With merely seconds into it, you’ll be instantly moving and grooving to what 
could be the most indelible indie pop song of the year. 

“Holy Fire” is out 2/12/13 on Warner Bros.

Beach Fossils – “Clash The Truth” – Beach Fossils’ sophomore record, “Clash The Truth” drops 
on February 19th 2013. The first single “Careless” is in the usual style Beach Fossils is known 
for—jangly pop, effortless tonal shifts, and fast guitars. This time however, lead singer Dustin 
Payseur’s vocal are more in the forefront of the song rather than distorted in the background 
like with many songs found on their solid debut record. It’s great to see the band expanding their 
tight sound and not retreading the same territory as their previous record. At any rate, if this is 
any indication of how the full-length album will sound like, we may just have a front-runner for 
best album of 2013. 

“Clash The Truth” is out 2/19/13 on Captured Tracks.


 He was a man who wore many hats: author, screenwriter, playwright and lecturer. But Ray Bradbury 
was mostly admired for his generosity and kind heart. A tribute to his life is now on display at the 
Duarte Historical Museum, collected and organized by Duartean Jack Collins.

 Playbills, photographs, books, a video and news articles in the exhibit are from Collins’ collection 
which he has built over the years. “I hold him in high esteem,” says Collins, “and enjoyed organizing the 
exhibit to honor his many achievements.”

 Bradbury spoke before a record crowd at Duarte’s PAC Center in 2002, and despite his advanced 
age, he remained at the Center for two hours after his presentation to sign books and talk to the guests. 
Monies collected at the lecture and all proceeds from his book sales were donated to our Library. He then 
returned to Duarte for another lecture and twice more to participate in the Annual Festival of Authors.

Bradbury is commonly known for the books he has authored, many with a science fiction theme. However, 
his career is diversified, a fact Collins has incorporated into the exhibit. Bradbury died on June 5, 
2012 at the age of 91.

 The Duarte Historical Museum is located in Encanto Park in Duarte and is open Saturdays 1-4 
p.m. and the first and third Wednesday of each month from 1-3 p.m.. Admission is free. The Museum has 
an all-volunteer staff. For more information or to schedule a group tour call (626) 357-9419. The Bradbury 
exhibit will remain through February.




Is the tension in your shoulders and upper back? Is your low back sore? Did 
you injure your back or does it just get achy? Back problems are depressing! 
Either over time or all of a sudden, we can’t do what we want to be doing. If you have a back problem, 
yoga can help. If you want to prevent back problems, yoga can help. A strong back is the main reason 
that we do asana (the postures of yoga). This allows us to sit and meditate. So most of the physical 
work we do is geared to strengthening the back. Unfortunately, if you do it incorrectly, there is risk of 
pain or injury. If you have back issues, it is very important to go to a teacher that is very knowledgeable 
in this area. 

 Many peiople will say that they want to stretch out their backs. When the low back is tight, they fold 
over to their toes and strrrrreeeetch. This is the worst thing you can do. The little muscles of the low 
back are no match for the bigger tight hamstrings. Something has to give, and it may be your back. 
Gentle folds, done correctly with the knees very bent are much safer. Twisting may feel good too, but 
if the hips are not properly anchored, you can pull out the low back at the sacrum. If your shoulders 
round forward (while sitting at the computer?), the natural curves of your back are challenged. 
Overtime, this can really cause problems. So we all need to strengthen the muscles of the low back, 
but also the mid and upper spine. When the back is strong and flexible, there is a clear path for spinal 
fluid. When the spine is in good health, life is better. We walk taller, we sit more comfortably and we 
get to participate in the things we love to do. Oh yeah, then you can meditate comfortably also! 

Namasté, René