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In Sierra Madre, on the nation’s actual birthday, Thursday, July 4th, 
the day started witha 5k Firecracker Fun Run sponsored by the Spero 
Foundation. This was the third year for the event. According to Bill 
Coburn’s website, “there were a couple new twists. In order to make 
the run an official 5K, the starting line was moved back. In order to 
run more smoothly, as well as to give runners that were trying to run 
against the clock a better shot at an orderly start, there were two start 
lines, one for runners and one for walkers..” “...And, there was a time 
clock at the finish line, so while the race kept no official times, the 
runners and walkers could see their time as they came across the line. 

 About 200 people registered to run the race, up from about 175 last 

 Runners line up (left). Below: Members of the Spero Foundation

Photos by Bill Coburn

Additional photos can be found at:

More Parade Views:

Above - Civic Club and Confetti Eggs - Photo by Bill Coburn

Below - Rotary President Marilyn Diaz - Photo by Dean Lee

The Sierra Madre Kiwanis Club sold Pizzas in the Park on 
Thursday. Pictured above (top) is Judy Webb-Martin directing 
and and unidentified customer. Below, is Former Mayor 
George Maurer and with Great Grandson and Great Great 
Grandson, driving the Kiwanismobile!

Pizza photo by Bill Coburn; Maurer photo by Dean Lee.

The Sierra Madre Rose Float Association debuted the frame of the 2014 entry “Catching The Big One” (above). 
Right, Mountain Views News Publisher Susan Henderson and Granddaughters, ‘Going Green” Photos by D. Lee