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As the youngest of seven 
children, I spent my 
childhood growing up 
in the rural deep south, 
with loving parents 
who taught me to be a 
sensitive, caring person 
and an avid animal lover. I had a charmed life with a big yard, peach 
trees and a sustainable fresh vegetable garden. We raised chickens & 
rabbits, and had many pets including dogs, cats and horses.

When I was 6 years old, we had a neighbor who raised hound dogs 
that he used for the sole purpose of hunting. I remember feeling 
so sad for those hounds next door, because the owner would nearly 
starve them between hunting trips, to peak their senses and make the 
most of their tracking abilities. At times those poor hunting dogs got 
so thin, you could count the rib bones on either side of their pitiful 
empty stomachs. When our neighbor would leave his house to go into 
town, my sister Vicki and I would sneak into his back yard and feed 
his dogs left-over scraps our mother saved from the dinner table. It 
broke our hearts to see them snap up the scraps within a few short 
seconds, then look up at us with those sad eyes, begging for more. It 
wasn’t long before my parents called the humane society and reported 
our neighbor for animal neglect, and the dogs were taken away.

The memory of seeing those hungry hounds in my neighbor’s back 
yard as a young child stayed with me all of my life. I promised myself 
I would somehow find a way to make up for the cruelty those dogs 
had been subjected to, and I decided that one day I would have a 
bloodhound of my own who would receive the love that those poor 
dogs had been denied.

Ten years ago, I finally found myself in the position to pursue my long 
awaited pilgrimage of finding a bloodhound in need of a good home. 
Before I started my quest, I read a lot about the breed, and I consulted 
with people I knew who were familiar with their specific characteristics 
and peculiarities. Within a week after I started my search, I came across 
a bloodhound breed rescue in Laguna Beach and I called them to see 
if there were any dogs available for adoption. The volunteer told me 
there were no hounds on hand at the time, but when she realized how 
determined I was, she told me about a young AKC registered female 
bloodhound that had been bred for show, but had proven to be less 
than promising in the ring.

Apparently the breeder/handler had already become quite fond of the 
one-and-a-half year-old dog, but had been forced to make the difficult 
decision to give her up to a loving home when the right person came 
along. You see, this particular bloodhound was special, and would 
require more love and attention than most typically do. Well, I could 
not have custom-ordered a more perfect match! After all, I had set out 
to find a hound dog in need of lots of tender loving care, and this one 
apparently needed way more than most! That weekend I drove up to 
a gorgeous ranch in Saddleback Canyon, where I met “Tatertotts” for 
the first time.

When I arrived at the ranch the young bloodhound who was now my 
prospective new pet was in an outdoor kennel run, cantering back and 
forth under a huge canopy of old California Oak trees. The excitement 
that glowed through her big brown eyes stole my heart immediately! I 
knew I had to have her. Upon arrival at her new home in Sierra Madre, 
“Tatertotts” was quite nervous about being suddenly transported to a 
strange place with people she did not know. It took me about an hour 
to convince her that it was safe to go inside the house, but once she 
was in, there was no getting her out! Little by little, Tatertotts became 
familiar with her new surroundings and eventually gained full trust in 
her new owner. Within a few short weeks, we were best buddies!

I like to call her “Sweet Tater”, because she really is very sweet and 
because she makes those “poor pitiful me” kinds of looks on her face 
when she gets hungry or wants her way. My Sweet Tater is indeed 
a special girl, with very specific, special needs. Most bloodhounds 
are pretty easy going and for the most part very social, from what I 
understand, but Tater is different. She is selective when it comes to 
who she chooses to allow in her personal space. Ironically though, 
Tater is way more sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of other beings 
than many other dogs, therefore she reacts more intensely to those 
who approach her. Regardless of her individual idiosyncrasies, that 
floppy-eared, sloppy-faced hound dog found her way into my heart, 
and has become a major part of my life over the years. Each day I am 
comforted, knowing that Tater receives the unconditional love that my 
childhood neighbor’s dogs did not receive, and I benefit from knowing 
that I chose to be driven in a positive way by the emotional impact 
that early childhood experience had on me. And I tell you what, Sweet 
Tater makes it very clear to me she appreciates that love very much!

Rescued pets tend to be more grateful than others, I think. As always, 
I encourage my readers to stop shopping, start adopting, and most of 
all, love and let live!

CASSIDY: #A4617332

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

Meet the cuddliest little canine, Cassidy (A4617332)! Cassidy is an extremely 
sweet two year old silver and black spayed female Schnauzer mix 
who was found in El Monte on August 8th and brought to the Baldwin 
Park Shelter. Weighing fourteen pounds, Cassidy walks nicely on leash, 
is obedient and easy to handle and seems to be housebroken. She is good 
with other dogs of all sizes and we think she is a great companion for 
children. She is easygoing, kissy and has a medium energy level. Cassidy 
is the perfect indoor pet for anyone, anywhere! 

 To watch a video of Cassidy please visit:

 To meet Cassidy in person, please see her at the Baldwin Park Shelter, 
located at 4275 N. Elton, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 626-430-
2378 or 626-962-3577). She is currently available now. For any inquiries 
about Cassidy, please reference her animal ID number: A4617332. The 
shelter is open seven days a week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-Thursday and 
10am-5pm Friday-Sunday. This is a high-intake shelter with a great 
need for adoptions. For more information about Cassidy or the adoption 
process, please contact United Hope for Animals Volunteer Adoption 
Coordinator Samantha at 

To learn more about United Hope for Animals’ partnership with the 
Baldwin Park Shelter through its Shelter Support Program, as well as 
the many dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes available for adoption in 
local shelters, visit

 Consumer products maker Procter & 
Gamble is recalling some of its dry food 
for dogs and cats due to possible salmonella 

 No illnesses have been reported to date.

 The company said the recalled products 
include certain Eukanuba foods for 
both puppies and adult dogs, and some 
Iams puppy and adult dog foods and 
kitten and adult cat foods. The products 
were made during a 10-day window at a 
single manufacturing site.

 For a list of the specific types of food 
recalled, visit or .

 If their food is contaminated, salmonella 
can affect not only the pets 
that consume the tainted products, but 
also the owners who handle the tainted 

 Pets with salmonella may be lethargic 
and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, 
fever and vomiting. Some pets will have 
only a diminished appetite, fever and 
abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise 
healthy pets can be carriers and infect 
other animals or humans. Owners 
whose pets display symptoms should 
contact their veterinarians.

 Salmonella symptoms in humans in

clude nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or 
bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping 
and fever. In rare cases, there can be 
more serious ailments such as arterial 
infections, endocarditis or heart infection, 
arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation 
and urinary tract symptoms. Anyone 
with symptoms should seek medical 

 Consumers who have any of the recalled 
products should stop using them 
and throw them away. Consumers are 
also advised to contact Procter & Gamble 
at 800-208-0172 or at www.iams.
com or


Some Eukanuba, Iams pet foods recalled over salmonella