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Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

Nothing thrills me more than to hear good 
news about people coming together to make a 
difference for the better on behalf of animals, 
so it is a small wonder that when I read about 
California’s new Spay and Neuter License Plate 
Program, I was absolutely elated!

The program was initiated by a group of dedicated 
animal lovers in California including our state 
governor Jerry Brown, actor Pierce Brosnan 
and TV celebrity/dog behaviorist Cesar Millan. 
The common concern among those involved is 
shared by most sincere animal advocates as well; 
that of reducing the number of animals being 
euthanized in shelters across our state. Over 
a half million animals are killed in California 
shelters every year. The statistics are absolutely 
mind-boggling and it is hard to think about the 
fact that we are literally murdering that many pets 
annually because we just can’t seem to get a grip 
on the basic concept of spaying and neutering.

Although it is not the most popular subject to 
engage in while chatting with a friend, any one 
who knows me well knows I have long been 
a strong advocate for not only spaying and 
neutering but also for squelching the breeding 
process at least to a point where the population of 
death-row animals in shelters throughout the US 
can be reduced to allow the human population to 
“catch up” in proportionate numbers. Currently 
there are so many shelter animals in need of good 
homes with a budget that allows little time to 
wait, that there are not enough good homes to 
match them with. We are way off balance with 
this regard and as members of a civilized society 
in this day and age, we should be ashamed of 
ourselves. The animals cannot control their own 
populations, we must do it for them. Remember, 
we humans consider ourselves to be the most 
intelligent among the species, right? Then it’s 
high time we take responsibility for the role that 
comes with the title.

There are numerous rescue organizations of 
dedicated people who work feverishly to save 
as many shelter pets as they can, however I can’t 
help thinking it is almost like putting a band aid 
on a gun shot wound. The fine people involved 
in fostering and placing otherwise euthanized 
animals are saints in my mind, but there are 
still so many falling to the fate of an untimely 
death, it’s no longer enough to approach the 
issue strictly from the perspective of rescuing 
and placing. We have got to nip the problem in 
the bud. One analogy might be, “Let’s pull the 
weed out by the roots rather than pruning it and 
allowing it to grow thicker.” We need to get to the 
root of the problem, and let’s face it, the root in 
this case is un-controlled pet proliferation and 

Just as it costs loads of cash to maintain shelter 
facilities for homeless pets and to euthanize those 
not fortunate enough to be adopted, it also costs 
a lot of money to spay and neuter in order to 
help prevent further breeding. So, the initiators 
of the new Pet Lover’s License Plate Program got 
together with the DMV and came up with a very 
practical means of helping raise funds necessary 
to carry out the task. The Pet Lover’s License 
Plate was added to the DMV’s list of specialized 
products just last week, offering the applicant 
either a standard random alpha-numeric ID 
or a personalized ID based on availability. 
Personalized plates are issued on a first come first 
serve basis, so if you have a particular name in 
mind, you might want to place your order right 
away. The plates cost $50 for standard and $98 for 
personalized, with approximately $40 per plate 
going to spaying and neutering shelter pets in 

The plate itself bears original artwork designed 
and donated by Pierce Brosnan and his family, 
depicting a whimsical, colorfully drawn image of 
their two rescued pets, Shiloh, their dog and their 
cat, Angel Baby. The Cesar Millan Foundation 
backs the program to help raise awareness of the 
importance of spaying and neutering pets. The 
President of the fund, Judie Mancuso told the 
Social Compassion Legislation Organization, a 
non-profit focused on reducing pet population 
through legislation, “The Pet Lovers License Plate 
provides a fun and easy way to help reduce pet 
over-population.” There are about 32 million 
plates available to registered vehicle owners who 
wish to take part in saving the lives of innocent 
animals in our Golden State. To order a Pet 
Lover‘s License Plate, visit your local DMV office 
or log on to their website at www.DMV.CA.Gov 
, and for more information and further details 
about the program, visit www.PetLoversPlate.

Just so you know, I plan to purchase a personalized 
Pet Lovers License Plate of my own, assuming 
they still have one available that will read: 
TATERTOTTS. We’ll see if I succeed in obtaining 
a plate that will proudly display the endearing 
name of my adopted beloved bloodhound. 
Meanwhile, I encourage all pet lovers out there to 
get on board with helping save animal’s lives by 
purchasing a Pet Lover’s License Plate to show the 
rest of the state that you care enough to do your 
part to make a difference for the better on behalf 
of the animals. And finally, until next week my 
friends, don’t forget to love and let live!


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