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We have all been told to drink our milk to build strong bones and reduce 
our chances of bone frac-tures. New research published last year in the 
British Medical Journal suggests that a diet rich in dairy products does 
not mean a lower risk of bone fractures. Instead, dairy may be associated 
with a higher rate of fractures and even death. 

One reason for this is because dairy is composed of high levels of sugars, 
mainly lactose and galactose. These two sugars have been shown to 
increase oxidative stress and chronic inflammation in animal studies. 

A research team in Sweden set out to examine whether high milk 
intake may increase oxidative stress, which, in turn, affects the risk 
of mortality and fractures. This study tracked over 100,000 men and 
women for over 20 years. Analysis of the data collected showed a positive 
association between milk intake and biomarkers of oxidative stress and 

They concluded that a higher consump-tion of milk does not lower ones 
risk of fracture and instead may be associated with a higher rate of death. 

Women in this study did not benefit from drinking milk at all, in fact, three or more glasses per 
day was actually associated with a much 
greater risk of bone fracture. For men 
and women both, the more milk they’d 
consumed, the greater the risk of death. 
Milk drinkers were associated with a higher 
risk of cardiovascular troubles, higher blood 
pressure, lower high-density lipoprotein 
cholesterol levels (HDL), and higher insulin 

This study was extensive. It followed a lot of 
people over a long time. It definitely should 
tell us that this topic needs much more 
independent study. And from researchers 
not associated to the dairy in-dustry. 


What a gift the 
present moment 
is. All things 
possible. Everything is in perfect order. It’s only 
when we drift into yesterday or tomorrow that 
trouble creeps in. You all know those people who 
live in the past, held back by past experiences 
or accounts of yesterday. Or those who live in 
tomorrow-constantly moving, planning, doing. 
Never moments rest to enjoy a job well done. 

 Our yoga practice provides the ideal 
venue for practicing being in the present moment. 
Time almost stops during class sometimes. 
Breath, movement, focus, it’s the perfect recipe. 
I think this is one of the reasons people feel 
great after yoga. We get a break from having to 
accomplish, having to plan, or even a break from 
our negative emotions. The “All is Well” feeling 
has a chance to enter our mind and body. It’s 
attitude changing. 

 You cannot help but notice how 
comfortable that present moment felt. It feels 
right! And OK. Would it be nice to live this way 
all the time? Not worrying or about yesterday 
or tomorrow? Enjoying right where you are at 
any given point in time ? There are many ways 
to begin practicing this. Of course, on the mat is 
a great place to start. We continue flower in this 
acceptance throughout our times in class. Yoga is 
known for its ability to increase acceptance and 
compassion. Yes, for others, but first for ourselves. 


Keely Totten, RYT 500

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutritionist 
at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center


 By Dennis Buckley, DC

You can be sure of this, things do change; A new day, a new challenge, a new opportunity, a new way 
of seeing things. You wish you could count on things and some things you can (like death and taxes) 
but surprises pop up.

In regards to health, challenges can manifest seemingly from nowhere. In my office I see patients 
who hobble in with a problem and in questioning them more than often they say, “I woke up with it. 
I didn’t do anything.” Yet they are really suffering. How does this happen?

In one’s personal health there are certain things you must do to have the best chance of staying 
healthy and avoiding injury and illness. In regards to the patient who showed up in crisis, but did not 
‘do anything’ to cause it, the questioning that follows exposes the cause of the problem.

“How much exercise have you been getting lately?” “How has your diet been?” “How have you been 
sleeping lately?” “When was the last time you were checked for nerve interference and adjusted?”

Usually the answers are as follows: No exercise (too busy), Bad diet (too busy), Not enough sleep 
(Stressed from being too busy) and have not seen their chiropractor because they haven’t had any 
problem and/are too busy.

I have to tell them, “Yes, you didn’t do anything before this crisis hit today. You’re not making good 
choices and not living the 100 Year lifestyle so this is the result. You weren’t too busy today to come 
in but as we know pain is a great motivator.”

The things you can be certain about, the disciplines you can put yourself through, can help you 
navigate the uncertainties of life. Unforeseen problems and challenges will pop up, this we are 
certain of, but it is the uncertainty of when and how that can strike you down that catch us off guard 
and when we look back we realize we weren’t doing the things we know we should do on a regular 
basis to be proactive and protect our health.

Regular exercise, great nutrition, proper rest and a spine and nervous system that is free of interference 
will certainly help you deal with the uncertainties of life. Be prepared. See your chiropractor and get 
checked and receive lifestyle care or most certainly you will need to go for crisis care.





The practice of burying our dead in the ground has 
been traced back over 100,000 years ago. For the vast 
majority of that history, those burials have been green. 
In fact, the practice of embalming, one of the most 
environmentally harmful aspects of modern American 
burial, didn’t begin until the Civil War - in an effort to 
preserve the bodies of soldiers killed far from home so 
they could be returned to their families intact. 

Green burial is now making a comeback. In a recent 
AARP poll, 45% of respondents said they would choose 
green burial over modern burial or cremation if given 
the choice. If you’ve worried about the impact of human 
burials on the environment, you may want to consider 
the solution offered by two Italian designers; an all-
natural burial pod that uses human remains as food for 
a tree. 

Capsula Mundi

Every day, we become more cognizant of the effect 
our conduct has on the environment. Most people 
have heard about progress in areas such as hybrid and 
alternate-power cars. Fewer people, however, are aware 
of alternatives relating to the burial of human remains.

 Capsula Mundi is one such alternative to traditional 
burial in a coffin. The capsule, which is shaped like 
an egg, serves as a 100% biodegradable container for 
human remains. The body is placed in a fetal position 
inside the capsule, which is made of derivatives like 
potatoes and corn. A tree is planted immediately 
above the capsule, so the remains serve to nourish the 
growing tree. 

 Advocates of this idea point out it causes a new tree 
to be planted while saving others by preventing old 
growth trees from being cut down to make caskets. The 
newly planted tree can be monument to the deceased, 
families can tend to the growing tree, and loved ones 
can be buried close together, creating a family forest.

Green Burials

The benefits of the Capsula Mundi mirror the guidelines 
issued by the Green Burial Council in determining 
whether burials are “green”:

. No embalming or the use of only postmortem fluids 
that are nontoxic;

. Natural, plant-based casket materials that release 
no toxic byproducts when made or when placed in the 
ground; and

. No use of vaults, concrete, slabs, or liners in burial 

Unfortunately, before these capsules will be in 
widespread use in the United States, both laws and 
cemetery regulations must be changed. Many states 
prohibit the burial of human remains without a casket, 
and cemeteries often require vaults to prevent the 
ground from settling.

 If you’re interested in a green burial, contact me and 
I’ll be glad to help you evaluate the possibilities for 
green burial in California – or even out of state – and 
get your wishes incorporate into your Final Disposition 
Instructions (an important document which should be 
part of your comprehensive estate plan). 

Dedicated to your family’s wealth, health, and 

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a 
mission to help parents protect what they love most. 
His office is located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, 
Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Schedule an appointment 
to sit down and talk about ensuring a legacy of love 
and financial security for your family by calling 
626.355.4000 or visit for 
more information.


In order to create a marketing campaign that produces 
results, develop a plan:

. Define a Specific Goal: Stay focused on the goal. 
Are you offering a deal, trying to grow your list, get 
votes, promote an event, ect. Be specific. 

. What’s the Hook? A giveaway? A survey? A 
discount? What’s in it for the people who will get you 
to your goal?

. What tools are needed? How many tools do you 
need to accomplish your goal? Sometimes it only 
takes a few. We’ve had great success with 3 simple 
tools: a Constant Contact email, a Facebook post and 
a Facebook ad for $50. For B2B’s you might want to 
try LinkedIn.

. Where can you find your audience? Always start 
with your current customers and best fans then 
choose the social media channels where they hang 

. Can you leverage your current email list? 

. Should you include a live event? There is nothing 
on-line that can replace a face-to-face, old-fashioned 
hand shake and a smile.

. What print collateral will help? If you don’t have 
a big budget for a direct mail campaign, print a 
campaign message on a business card.

. Who can you collaborate with? Is there someone 
who is trying to reach the same audience. Could you 
partner with a non-profit or another business and 
increase the campaign’s reach? 

 About MJ: MJ and her brother David own 
HUTdogs, a creative services business that helps their 
clients build a strong on-line presence. “Like” them on 
Facebook for trending news in social media, internet 
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