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VOLUME 10 NO. 18


On Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Gene 
Goss was selected as the new Sierra 
Madre Mayor by fellow Council 
Members and Rachelle Arizmendi 
was selected as the Mayor Pro-Tem. 
Goss and Arizmendi will serve 
in their respective roles for one-
year. At the meeting, retiring City 
Clerk Nancy Shollenberger also 
swore in Council Members John 
Capoccia and 
John Harabedian 
who were 
elected to serve 
a second 4 year 
term on April.. 
Shollenberger, in 
her last act as City 
Clerk after 32 
years of service, 
also swore in 
the new City 
Clerk, Melinda 
Carrillo and new 
City Treasurer 
Michael Amerio. 

 A long-time 
resident of Sierra 
Madre, Gene 
Goss was first 
elected to the 
council in 2014. 
He is a Professor 
of Political 
Science at Long 
Beach City 
College. Goss 
previously served 
as Mayor Pro 
Tem, Vice Chair 
of the SM Library 
Board of Trustees 
and is the Founder and Chair of 
Village Vine Online. For many 
years he was a Coach/Manager for 
teams in SM Little League and he 
currently serves as Little League 
Game Announcer for Village Vine 
Online Webcasts. 


 The Sierra Madre City Council is 
comprised of 5 members elected to 
4 year terms and is responsible for 
general city policy, as well as for the 
appointment of the City Manager, 
City Attorney, and members of the 
City’s Boards and Commissions. 
The positions of Mayor and Mayor 
Pro-Tem rotate among members 
of the Council,and are selected 

Back row - Mayor Gene Goss and Former Mayors John Haribedian and John Capoccia. 
Front Row - Mayor Pro Tem Rachelle Arizmendi, City Treasurer Michael Amerio, 
Retired City Clerk Nancy Shollenberger, City Clerk Melinda Carillo and Former City 
Treasurer Richard Mays. Photo courtesy City of Sierra Madre


From: Nancy Sue Shollenberger, Retired City Clerk

On April 27, 2016, my lovely “Retirement Party” was 
held at the Hart Park House! I cannot begin to thank 
everyone involved individually, so I will ask your 

 The food was exceptional…..the wine, champagne 
toast was enjoyed by all!

 All of my wonderful family and friends that shared 
this event with me make it complete.

 I especially want to thank the City of Sierra Madre 
and the staff that put this party together – it was extra-
special, and perfect in every way.

 I received so many Certificates of Recognition, the 
beautiful one from the City of Sierra Madre, and the 
very special “City Tile” that I have watched so many 
City Council Members receive and I thought to myself, 
“I would really like one of those”! I now can admire my 

 The friendship and fellowship shared that evening 
was truly heartwarming. I have many pictures to put a 
scrape-book together, and that will be one of my many 
projects, very soon.

 I will be traveling to New York for my granddaughter’s 
play and be home for a short time and then off to Texas 
to see my other granddaughter graduate. There are so 
many lovely activities ahead, I will be very busy for a 

 Our new City Clerk, Melinda Carrillo, is ready to 
take the Minutes at the May 10th City Council Meeting. 
I will help her whenever she feels she wants me to - I 
am very confident that she will represent our City well. 
Welcome her and make her feel at home!

 My love to everyone that attended my celebration. I 
am not going anywhere, so I will see all of your around 
town! Stay well and happy.


 More than 220 local students entered the Library’s 
fourth annual Art & Essay contest, Readers Win! @ 
Sierra Madre Public Library. Mayor John Capoccia 
presented cash prizes to the top 18 contest winners. 
Prizes and certificates of achievement were 
presented at a ceremony on Thursday, April 14 
during National Library Week. Winning work is 
on display in the Children’s Room of the Library.

 Children in grades Kindergarten through 
second grade created a drawing showing how 
they win by reading books from the Sierra Madre 
Public Library. Students in grades three through 
eight wrote a one-page essay on how readers win. 
Students from each grade earned $50 for first place 
or $35 for second place.

 Winners are: Kindergarten 1st place Emma 
Noel Abajian, Kindergarten 2nd place Siabelle 
Carpenter, 1st grade first place Raya Frayeh, 1st 
grade second place Ethan Woo, 2nd grade first 
place Jackson Moore, 2nd grade second place 
Samuel Choi Dongho, 3rd grade first place Abeni 
Moore, 3rd grade second place Maya Eriksson, 4th 
grade first place Aidan Hofer, 4th grade second 
place Nikki Hensley, 5th grade first place Jadyn 
St. Louis, 5th grade second place Julia Divers, 6th 
grade first place Carter Anastasia, 6th grade second 
place Lucy Martinez, 7th grade first place Claire 
Senft, 7th grade second place Giovanni Butteri, 
8th grade first place Dylan Sheriff, and 8th grade 
second place Julia Boberg. 

 Local organizations that supported the Sierra 
Madre Public Library Art & Essay Contest with 
funding for the cash prizes and by judging entries 
were: Sierra Madre Rotary Club, the Spero 
Foundation, Sierra Madre Kiwanis, Club Friends 
of the Library, the Sierra Madre Community 
Foundation, and the Sierra Madre Civic Club. 
Special thanks to Library Trustee Glenn Putnam 
for spearheading the program.

 Read, Discover, Connect @ Sierra Madre Public 
Library, 440 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, 
CA 91024, (626) 355-7186, www.cityofsierramadre.

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