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VOLUME 11 NO. 34 


USA Water Polo Cadet Men's Team goes undefeated in Serbia 

Three local athletes are breaking water polo recordsand achieving dreams by all three being named tothe USA National Cadet Water Polo Team and then 
going undefeated to win Gold. The athletes fromleft to right: George Avakian (Center) of Glendale,
Nolan Krutonog (Goalie) of Beverly Hills and NicoTierney (Center Defender) of Sierra Madre, areall members of Premier Water Polo Club (www.
premierwaterpolo.com) and students at Harvard-
Westlake High School. 

With their teammates from around USA the 
athletes traveled to Serbia to compete in theDarko Cucik Memorial Tournament August 1521 
in Belgarde, Serbia. On Sunday, the USA CadetMen’s National Team won the Gold medal at the 
Tournament in Serbia following a 9-6 victoryover Croatia. The win capped a 7-0 run at thetournament that included victories over Serbia, 
Croatia, Australia and the Netherlands. 

Team USA once again relied on defense andgoaltending to hold Croatia to just one goal inthe second half of the championship final. GeorgeAvakian lead all Team USA scorers with three 
goals, followed by Ethan Parrish of Santa Barbaraand Tanner Pulice of Orange County who addedtwo each. Tierney scored one. Nolan Krutonog didthe job in net turning aside 17 shots. Team USA andCroatia were even through the first quarter tied at2-2 before Croatia took a 5-4 advantage at halftime.
The United States took control in the second half 
holding Croatia scoreless in the third quarter asthey rallied with two goals for a 6-5 lead. Theysurged ahead in the fourth outscoring Croatia 3-1on the way to the 9-6 lead. picture attached # # #
If you would like more information about this topic,
please contact www.USAwaterpolo.org 

From left to right: George Avakian,
Glendale;Nolan Krutonog Beverly Hills andNico Tierney of Sierra Madre 


Small Business Saturday and Sierra Madre’s 
Preparations are underway to decorate Holiday Winter Events. Program Sponsored by 
KerstingCourt for the Winter holidays! Join in thethe Sierra Madre Community Foundation and 
holiday spirit. Purchase an ornament for the Sierra Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce 
Madre Community tree and help raise funds forSierra Madre Community Foundation is a 
civic improvements.charity singularly devoted to Sierra Madre. SMCF 

It’s easy just visit Leonora Moss (9 Kersting solicits donations to enhance our community 
Court) or the Bottle Shop (58 W Sierra Madre by making direct grants, both large and small, 
Blvd) and fill out a postcard and leave your to worthy people and organizations that might 
donation. Checks should be payable to Sierra otherwise be overlooked and also assists other 
Madre Community Foundation. Volunteers will community groups in collecting and distributing 
be decorating Kersting Court in mid-November funds for programs 
for the holidays and in preparation of the Support 


The 2017 Solhiem Cup, played at The Des MoinesCountry Club, which matched the best womengolfers from Europe against the best Americanfemale golfers. The event was pure excitement fromthe opening ceremony to its closing. It was the most 
intense sporting event that this writer ever attended,
and including being present at Dodgers’ stadiumwhen Gibson limped out of the dugout and hit thehomerun that sparked the Dodgers to their last 
World Series victory. That series paled compared tothe three days of golf that European and Americanwomen provided for their fans. 

It is impossible to give a blow by blow account butlet me start by explaining the event. The SolhiemCup is played biannually, alternating venues betweenthe US and Europe. In 2015 it was hosted by theEuropean women and played in Germany and theUS won. This year it was hosted by the UnitedStates and played in Des Moines, Iowa. If you are agolf fan it is enough to say that it is the Ryder Cup forWomen. Each team is composed of twelve players,
and they play a variety of games. 

The USA went into Sundays’ final Single matchesleading Europe 10.5 to 5.5, needing 3.5 points toretain the cup and 4.0 points for an outright victory.
On Sunday, all twelve players from each side played,
thus the total points available was twelve. 

The first match on Sunday was Lexi Thompson(USA) vs. Anna Nordqvist (EU). Lexi had been 
unstoppable all week. On Saturday Lexi andAmerican Cristie Kerr led their opponents by twoafter seven holes. The amazing thing was that at onepoint in the match Lexie was eight under, havingrecorded six birdies and an eagle. (Note to non-
golfers – that is amazingly great golf). Howver, the 
two of them were only up by two as the Europeanteam was matching them birdie for birdie – absolutely 
incredible golf. However, Sunday was a new day

The next points that were made were from the San

and Anna Nordqvist had Lexi down four thru the

Gabriel Valley and they were the points that secured

first four holes. On the back nine Lexi righted the

the victory for the USA. Angel Yin an 18-year

ship ending the match with a half point. Since Lexi

old rookie from Arcadia, California battled nerves 

was the first match of the day it was important that

and an uncooperative putter to give the USA a half

she put points on the board for the USA. She did so

point, making the point total for the USA 13.5. Yin 

in dramatic fashion recording four birdies and eagle

put the USA team in position for a guaranteed win.

on the back nine. When the first match finished the 

(There were 7 American players playing behind her,

score read USA 11, Europe 6. (You need 14 points 

and it was certain that one of them would at least get

to win). 

another half point for the outright win). Playing onegroup behind Angel was former USC Trojan from

With Lexi’s half point the USA needed to get to

Azusa, California Lizette Salas in her third Solheim 

14 to retain the cup and 14.5 to win outright. The 

Cup. Salas was up by two with two holes left to play.

European team then had to contend with Paula

She lost 17 but made the winning putt on 18 hole

Creamer and Cristie Kerr in the next two matches. 

giving the American team the victory! The final 

Both of whom won their matches, and now the USA 

score was 16 . USA to 11 . because after that putt,

was at 13 points. (At this Solhiem Cup Crisite Kerr

the rest of players had smooth sailing! IT WAS 

became winningest USA competitor in the cups’


history with 21 total career points.) 

MVNews/Photos courtesy LPGA 

Angel Yan of Arcadia 

Lizette Salas of Azusa 



 When Genevieve Stubbs joined the Woman’s Club in 1998, oneof the first things she did was take on the responsibility for ourannual Fall Fundraiser – the Craft Faire, which continued until 
attendees shifted focus to something else. Between these annualevents, and since she only lived a couple blocks down Sunnyside,
the Wistaria Thrift Shop became her second home. She loved 
being both prep crew (housewares, jewelry & Uncle Bill’s) andretail crew, and brought her clear sense of fashion and delight withher everywhere. During the big shop events – Reopening, Holidayand Spring Extravaganzas and Brown Bag Sale - she was a primaryspirit for the “end of day / end of event” supper socials, just downthe street at her so-lovely house. For the December HolidayBoutiques, her jams, jellies and pickles were among the first itemsto sell, and she loved helping with the Trail Race.

 When her daughter, Rosemary Morabito, joined the club in2007 and got involved in the Thrift Shop, then becoming its BoardLiaison, moving into becoming our club’s President in 2010, 
getting involved at the SGVD District Level, and becoming SGVD President in 2012, Genevieve was soproud. Once Rosemary moved to Riverside, it was inevitable that she would want Genevieve there, aswell. This was devastating for both us and Genevieve - if she’d been local, someone would have ensured 
she could still get to our club. Because of Genevieve’s passionate involvement in all our activities, shewas awarded Life membership in 2014. Rosemary said that Genevieve’s years with the Club were herhappiest. Those of us who knew her continue to miss her very much. Sadly, by the time we learned ofGenevieve’s passing, she had already been buried, and the memorial service was over.

Cards may be sent to

Rosemary Morabito & Family

17220 Andromeda Lane 

Riverside, CA 92504 


Memorial services for Sierra Madre resident, Carl Foote are tentatively scheduled for lateSeptember - Early October says a source close to the family.
Foote's body was found by Sierra Madre Search and Rescue two weeks ago near Jones Creekin Bailey Canyon. Additional information on services in his memory will be forthcoming. 

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