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VOLUME 11 NO. 35





 On Monday, September 11th, 2017, at 6:45 a.m. the Sierra Madre 
Police Department will join with the Sierra Madre Fire Department 
in the annual 9-11 Remembrance that is held each year honoring the 
2,973 people (especially the 343 firefighters and 60 police officers) who 
perished on September 11, 2001 at all three attack sites: The World Trade 
Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., and the crash-
site in Shanksville, Pa.

 The memorial service will be held in front of the public safety building.

 The September 11 Remembrance is held each year honoring the 
2,973 people (especially the 343 firefighters and 60 police officers) who 
perished on September 11, 2001 at all three attack sites: The World Trade 
Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., and the crash-
site in Shanksville, Pa.

 By Proclamation of the President of the United Sates, all flags are to 
be lowered to half-mast on September 11, from midnight to midnight 
(Patriot’s Day).

Here's your chance to have a say about the future home of your 
library. The Library Board of Trustees invite you to bring questions, 
comments, and suggestions to the Hart Park House for a 
presentation & discussion of options. 

September 13, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Hart Park House

222 W Sierra Madre blvd. 

Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Please contact the Library for more information at 626-355-7186 
and visit online at

The Sierra Madre Pony 14U All Star team 
just completed a historic run in the season 
ending Pony Sanctioned Tournament. The 
Tournament brings together the top All-Star 
Teams throughout the country to compete 
against each other in regional tournaments 
where if you continue to win, you move on to 
bigger and more competitive tournaments. 
The Sierra Madre team first competed in the 
Regional Tournament in Glendora against 
8 other teams and made it to the Regional 
Championship game. 

 Successfully finishing second in the Regional 
Tournament to winner Covina, qualified 
Sierra Madre to move on to the Super Regional 
Tournament in Long Beach. Sierra Madre had 
a tough game to open the 8 team tournament 
and lost. That put them in the losers bracket 
where they were now in the position of 
having to win or go home for the rest of the 
tournament. And that is exactly what they did. 
After losing that first game, they played the very 
next day and won, they played two games the 
following day, and won both. That put Sierra 
Madre back into the winners bracket and in the 
semifinal game the very next morning. They 
won easily and moved onto the championship 
game against host city Long Beach – a team that 
won the Pony World Series just a few years ago 
and defending Super Regional Champions. In 
that game, Sierra Madre hit and pitched their 
way to a championship win. The win was their 
5th in a row and was the farthest a 14U Pony 
Team from Sierra Madre had ever advanced in 
the Tournament. The last time a team advanced 
that far, was in 2013 by the Sierra Madre Colt 
team which lost a heartbreaker 5-4 in the West 
Zone of the United States Championship. Just 1 
game from going to the World Series in Indiana.

 The 14u Super Regional championship win 
then set up a winner take all scenario with 
Covina(their nemesis from the Regional 
Tournament)to represent So Cal in the Zone 
tournament. That game was played just after 
the championship game in Long Beach, which 
was Sierra Madre’s 3rd game that day, 5th game 
in two days, and 7th game in four days. Low on 
pitching, Covina would again get the better of 
them and advance. Covina not only advanced, 
they would eventually win the Pony World 
Series in Washington, Pennsylvania against 
South Korea. In the end, it was an incredible 
and historic run for our Sierra Madre boys.

 Beware Sierra Madre!! - A Murder of Crows!

 Gentle citizens of Sierra Madre arm yourself, not with shotguns – with 
scarecrows! A convention of crows (a murder of crows) are arriving for 
their annual rally in our quiet village. Ignite imagination, not torches, 
as we band together to defend our streets, parks and public arenas, and 
quell these raucous intruders cloaked in black. 

 Thus marks the beginning of fall. Sierra Madre’s 6th Annual Scarecrow 
Festival kicks off in October with scarecrows appearing throughout town 
through the end of the month. Individuals, families, businesses, civic and 
religious organizations located in Sierra Madre are invited to participate.

 This year’s calendar includes the following dates:

Saturday, Sept. 16 Free scarecrow-building workshop at Creative Arts

Saturday, Sept. 23 Deadline for entering contest

Monday, Oct. 2nd Voting begins. Maps available online and at Creative Arts Group

Saturday, Oct. 7 Free shuttle tour of scarecrows

Thursday, Oct. 19 Voting ends at noon

Friday, Oct. 20, Awards ceremony at Creative Arts Group


Registration for the workshop, contest and bus tour can be complete 
online at as well as in 
person at Creative Arts Group, 108 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA, 
91024 or by phone: 626.355.8350.

Pony 14U All-star Team Roster:

Tommy Italia

David Mathias 

Jaden Guzman

Casey Spencer

Spencer Seid

Ryan Proctor 

Isaiah Cruz 

Elijiah Lee

Eldridge Armstrong 

Ben Carrillo

Ryan Zimmerman 

Seth Ruiz

Kiko Robles

Manager: James Italia

Coach: Murph Proctor

Coach: Mike Guzman

The good news is that the political 
news is not dominating the headlines 
this week, at least not as of this 
writing. The very bad news is that 
natural disasters are happening all 
around us – devastating Hurricanes, 
floods, winds, fires and earthquakes. 
None were totally predictable and 
the cause of this barrage of natural 
disasters is not important. What is 
important is if you and your family 
can answer the question, “Are You 

About a weeks ago on Facebook I 
responded to someone’s criticism of 
a man who choose not to evacuate 
doing Hurricane Harvey. Last 
week, many of you saw the man 
who refused to leave with wild 
fires burning all around him. My 
comment admonished those to hold 
back judgment on those who choose 
to stay behind, as no one really knows 
how they will react when disaster 
strikes. The one thing we can do, 
however, is try to be prepared.

I’ve personally been through a 
devastating flood (1974), wild 
fire (1991) and the last two severe 
earthquakes that happened in 
California. And, let’s not forget the 
2011 Windstorm when, in addition 
to the wind damage, power was out 
in some areas of the San Gabriel 
Valley for almost a week. So I ask 
again, Are You Ready? Think about 

 Do you have a sufficient supply of 
bottled water to sustain your family 
for a week (remember that may be all 
they have to drink)?

 Do you have your valuables in a 
safe place that you can pick up in a 
moment’s notice? (Sort of like that 
‘delivery’ bag that was by the front 
door for when you went into labor?)
Such a bag or box should have copies 
of all your important docs, birth 
certificates, insurance info, list of 
medicines, etc. In a real emergency 
you won’t have time to run around 
collecting them.

 Do you have enough canned goods 
to sustain your family for a week? 
Maybe its time to run to REI and get 
some MRE’s. Keep them in an easily 
accessible place (like your garage, 
along with utensils and for heaven’s 
sake, a can opener.)

 Is your car’s gas tank full? I know 
many of you have a habit of waiting 
until the last minute to get gas but in 
an emergency if you have to evacuate 
by road, you may not have any place 
to go to get gas.

 Do you own a generator? Portable 
A/C unit? Fans? Across the nation for 
the last 10 days one of the America's 
top retailers was out of A/C units in 
Southern CA; Generators in Texas 
and Louisiana and in some places 
even water.

 (cont. on page 2)



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