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Mountain View News Saturday, September 8, 2018 

‘Power-up Pasadena’ 
Kick-off Campaign

Zest Gala to Benefit Senior 
Center in Pasadena and 
Honor Rosemary Simmons

Curiosity Surveys a Mystery 
Under Dusty Mars Skies

After snagging a new rock 
sample on Aug. 9, NASA’s 
Curiosity rover surveyed 
its surroundings on Mars, 
producing a 360-degree 
panorama of its current 
location on Vera Rubin Ridge.

 The panorama includes 
umber skies, darkened by 
a fading global dust storm. 
It also includes a rare view 
by the Mast Camera of the 
rover itself, revealing a thin 
layer of dust on Curiosity’s 
deck. In the foreground is the 
rover’s most recent drill target, 
named “Stoer” after a town in 
Scotland near where important 
discoveries about early life on 
Earth were made in lakebed 

 The new drill sample delighted 
Curiosity’s science team, 
because the rover’s last two 
drill attempts were thwarted 
by unexpectedly hard rocks. 
Curiosity started using a new 
drill method earlier this year 
to work around a mechanical 
problem. Testing has shown 
it to be as effective at drilling 
rocks as the old method, 
suggesting the hard rocks 
would have posed a problem no 
matter which method was used.

 There’s no way for Curiosity 
to determine exactly how hard 
a rock will be before drilling 
it, so for this most recent 
drilling activity, the rover team 
made an educated guess. An 
extensive ledge on the ridge 
was thought to include harder 
rock, able to stand despite wind 
erosion; a spot below the ledge 
was thought more likely to 
have softer, erodible rocks. That 
strategy seems to have panned 
out, but questions still abound 
as to why Vera Rubin Ridge 
exists in the first place.

 The rover has never 
encountered a place with 
so much variation in color 
and texture, according to 
Ashwin Vasavada, Curiosity’s 
project scientist at NASA’s 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 
Pasadena, California. JPL leads 
the Mars Science Laboratory 
mission that Curiosity is a part 

 “The ridge isn’t this monolithic 
thing -- it has two distinct 
sections, each of which has a 
variety of colors,” Vasavada 
said. “Some are visible to the 
eye and even more show up 
when we look in near-infrared, 
just beyond what our eyes can 
see. Some seem related to how 
hard the rocks are.”

 The best way to discover 
why these rocks are so hard 
is to drill them into a powder 
for the rover’s two internal 
laboratories. Analyzing them 
might reveal what’s acting as 
“cement” in the ridge, enabling 
it to stand despite wind erosion. 
Most likely, Vasavada said, 
groundwater flowing through 
the ridge in the ancient past 
had a role in strengthening it, 
perhaps acting as plumbing to 
distribute this wind-proofing 

 Much of the ridge contains 
hematite, a mineral that forms 
in water. There’s such a strong 
hematite signal that it drew the 
attention of NASA orbiters like 
a beacon. Could some variation 
in hematite result in harder 
rocks? Is there something 
special in the ridge’s red rocks 
that makes them so unyielding?

 For the moment, Vera Rubin 
Ridge is keeping its secrets to 

 Two more drilled samples 
are planned for the ridge in 
September. After that, Curiosity 
will drive to its scientific end 
zone: areas enriched in clay and 
sulfate minerals higher up Mt. 
Sharp. That ascent is planned 
for early October.

 The Pasadena Senior Center’s 
annual Zest gala Saturday, Sept. 
29, will be an elegant, fun-filled 
evening honoring Rosemary 
“Rary” Simmons, a long-time 
community volunteer whose 
good works have impacted 
thousands in the greater 
Pasadena area.

 Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and 
a silent auction during a 5 p.m. 
reception will be followed by 
dinner and the program at 6 

 Dr. Drew Pinsky, known 
to international television 
and radio audiences as Dr. 
Drew, will serve as master of 
ceremonies. He is a prominent 
Pasadena physician who is an 
addiction specialist and media 

 “We are pleased and proud 
that our Zest gala this year will 
honor Rary Simmons, who has 
developed an extraordinary 
legacy of community and 
philanthropic leadership 
over the decades through her 
faithfulness to the Pasadena 
and San Marino communities 
and her generous disposition,” 
said Akila Gibbs, executive 
director of the Pasadena Senior 

 Born and raised in the Los 
Angeles area, a graduate of 
Occidental College and a 
resident of San Marino since 
1954, Rosemary “Rary” 
Simmons, serves on the 
advisory committee for the 
Pasadena-based Cancer 
Support Community; serves 
on the board of directors for 
Hill-Harbison House, which 
primarily benefits San Marino 
Girl Scout troops and City 
of San Marino Recreation 
Department programs; and is 
the only emeritus member of 
the Huntington Hospital board 
of directors, where she chairs 
the Philanthropic Committee. 

 She previously served as 
board chair for the Sycamores 
Boys’ Home in Pasadena 
(now Hathaway-Sycamores 
Child and Family Services) 
and has served on boards and 
committees for the Los Angeles 
Music Center, Hillsides 
home for foster children and 
Pasadena Showcase House for 
the Arts.

 She served for 10 years on the 
San Marino City Council, was 
its first female member and 
went on to become the first 
female mayor of San Marino.

 She was married to Frank 
Simmons from 1952 until his 
death in 2008. She has five 
children and six grandchildren.

 For more information or 
to receive an invitation to 
the Zest gala, email pamk@ or 
call (626) 685-6756. Tickets are 
$200 per person. Proceeds will 
help fund the Pasadena Senior 
Center’s enrichment classes 
and social service programs. 
The location of the gala will 
be included in the printed 

 For more information about 
services and programs visit: or 
call 626-795-4311.

 Kicking off National Drive 
Electric Week, Pasadena City 
Manager Steve Mermell and 
other City officials, CALSTART, 
City EV stakeholders and 
EV dealerships announced 
Thursday new incentives for 
Pasadena residents to purchase 
electric vehicles and businesses 
to install EV charging 

 According to Mermell, the city 
of Pasadena is committed to 
the adoption of EVs by offering

these incentives to customers 
who drive plug-in electric 
vehicles and install charging 
stations at their homes and 
businesses. Pasadena is 
also working to expand the 
charging infrastructure by 
installing chargers at public 
parking structures throughout 
the city and use electric buses 
at PUSD schools and academic 
institutions. Additionally, 
CALSTART, which is 
headquartered in Pasadena, is 
offering their SEED program 
to address concerns and 
misconceptions consumers 
may have with electric vehicles 
and experience range anxiety. 
EV’s are cheaper to run and 
maintain and are better for the 
environment, which translates 
to numerous long-term health 
benefits he said. 

The incentives include:

Residents can receive up to 
$750 to buy/lease (new or 
used) EVs. This is in addition 
to the $10,000+, customers can 
receive from state and federal 

Businesses can receive up 
to $50,000 for installing EV 

Shared Electric Vehicle 
Employer Demonstrator 
(SEED) Program.

SEED program offers 
Pasadena-based businesses 
the opportunity to have their 
employees learn more about 
EVs without the commitment of 
having to make a purchase. 

Pasadena businesses interested, 
can sign-up and to receive EVs 
to offer to their employees for 
test drive for a two-week period 
with no mileage constraints. 

 For more information visit: 

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center

The Taste of Pasadena 
Returns to the Rose Bowl 


 There is something for 
everyone in September at the 
Pasadena Senior Center, 85 
E. Holly St. You do not have 
to be a member to attend. 
Some events require advance 
reservations as noted.

 Friday Movie Matinees 
– Fridays, Sept. 14 and 21, 
at 1 p.m. Everyone enjoys 
watching movies and the 
pleasures they bring. Sept. 
14: The Leisure Seeker 
(2017, R) starring Donald 
Sutherland and Helen 
Mirren. A runaway couple 
goes on an unforgettable 
journey in their beloved 
old RV and, along the way, 
recapture their passion for 
life and their love for each 
other. Sept. 21: Book Club 
(2018, PG-13) starring Diane 
Keaton and Jane Fonda. The 
lives of four older women are 
turned upside down when 
they decide to tackle Fifty 
Shades of Grey, and in the 
process they inspire each 
other to make their next 
chapter in their lives the best 

 Chiropractic for Good 
Health – Thursday, Sept. 13, 
at 10 a.m. A safe, effective 
and non-invasive technique 
called Quantum Neurology 
can uncover hidden 
neurological weaknesses in 
the nervous system resulting 
from brain or spinal cord 
injuries, accidents and 
strokes. Learn more about 
this technique and whether 
it may be right for you. 
Presented by Dr. Nazee 

 Book Discussion: Love 
Soup for Seniors – Friday, 
Sept. 14, at 11 a.m. Born 
in 2015 when author John 
L. Feeny met Ann on social 
media, Love Soup for Seniors 
encourages improved health 
and lust for life, and that 
happiness is sustainable. 
Presented by John L. Feeny. 
Books will be available for 
sale and signing; a portion of 
proceeds will be donated to 
the Pasadena Senior Center. 

 LA Opera Talk: Verdi’s 
Don Carlo – Monday, Sept. 
17, at 1 p.m. An LA Opera 
community educator will 
lead guests through Don 
Carlo, one of Giuseppe 
Verdi’s most dramatic and 
complex grand operas that is 
set in the 16th century during 
the Spanish Inquisition and 
based on actual historical 
figures. Don Carlo, son 
of King Philip II of Spain, 
loses Elizabeth de Valois, 
his fiancée, to his father 
in an arranged marriage 
to end a war between 
Spain and France. The 
broken-hearted Don Carlo 
realigns his sympathies and 
turns against the Spanish 
Inquisition, resulting 
in Philip II ordering his 
rebellious son to be thrown 
in prison with the possibility 
of the death penalty. Verdi’s 
masterful opera includes rich 
orchestrations, thundering 
choruses and an endless flow 
of rapturous arias and duets 
in an enthralling tale of 
morality and mortality.

 Room to Rent: Home 
Share Workshop – Tuesday, 
Sept. 18, at 6 p.m. For any 
homeowner thinking about 
renting out a room, this 
workshop will explain how 
to list your space and find 
a good renter to share your 
home. Topics will include 
finding an online site that 
suits your needs, what 
type of home partners you 
are seeking, safe practices 
and how to spot a scam, 
how to set up your rental 
agreement and more. There 
will be optional follow-up 
networking sessions. RSVP 
at the Welcome Desk or by 
calling (626) 795-4331.

 Screening Mimis 
Film Discussion Club – 
Tuesdays, Sept. 18, at 3 
p.m. Diehard film fans are 
invited to watch a movie 
the first and third Tuesday 
of every month, preceded 
by a presentation about the 
film’s hidden history and 
followed by lively discussion. 
Sept. 4: Infamous (2006, 
R) starring Toby Jones and 
Sandra Bullock in director 
Douglas McGrath’s film 
about Truman Capote’s first-
hand research for his book 
In Cold Blood. Sept. 18: Two 
Women (1960, NR) starring 
Sophia Loren and Jean-
Paul Belmondo in director 
Vittorio de Sica’s film about 
a widow and her teenaged 
daughter who struggle to 
survive the ravages of World 
War II in Italy.

 Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center is 
an independent, nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services 
to people ages 50 and older.

Pet of the 

 Cocktail Bracket 
Challenge Finalists 

 The SIP-tember Cocktail 
Bracket Challenge Finale is 
here. Which drink will be 
named Cocktail of the Year 
2018? Will it be the SOS 
from White Horse Lounge? 
Perhaps the Money of Your 
Life from the Otis Bar at 
la Grande Orange Cafe? 
Maybe it will be the Japanese 
Blossom from the Taproom 
at the Langham Huntington 
Hotel? Or will the Old Town 
Bell from Fleming’s Prime 
Steakhouse and Wine Bar be 
Pasadena’s Favorite Cocktail 
for 2018?

 Join us at the Taste of 
Pasadena at the Rose Bowl 
on Thursday, September 13, 
from 6pm to 9pm and you 
can taste and vote for your 
favorite. Get your tickets 
here: pasadena-chamber.
and-sip-tember-finale. Cost 
is $30 in advance and $60 at 
the door.

 Thirty-two cocktails entered 
the SIP-tember Cocktail 
Bracket Challenge. Only one 
will be named Pasadena’s 
Cocktail of the Year 2018. 
Round three voting ended 
at midnight on Wednesday, 
September 5th at midnight. 
Drinks were randomly 
entered in a head-to-head 
bracket challenge.

 Drinks named Pasadena’s 
Favorite Cocktail have 
included the Broad Street 
Hurricane from Ruth’s Chris 
Steak House, the Cucumber 
Skinny-tini from Toro Sushi, 
the Vin de Pomplemousse 
from Green Street 
Restaurant, White Horse 
Lounge’s 2016 Forbidden, 
Ruth’s Chris’ Julio’s Passion 
and The Ish from Sushi 

 Once again, SIP-tember: A 
Celebration of the Cocktail 
culminates in a grand 
taste-off at the Rose Bowl 
in Pasadena on September 
13th. Everyone (21 years-old 
or older) attending the Taste 
of Pasadena that evening 
will be able to taste the four 
finalist cocktails and vote 
for their favorite. Get your 
tickets here: www.pasadena-
finale. Cost is $30 in advance 
and $60 at the door.

 In addition to the four 
featured cocktail finalists, 
guests at the SIP-tember 
Bracket Challenge Finale 
will be able to taste culinary 
treats from El Cholo, 
Foothill, POP Champagne 
Bar and Restaurant, 
Cabrera’s, Corner Craft 
kitchen and Bar at The 
Hilton, Twohey’s, Pasadena 
Sandwich Company, Dave 
& Buster’s, Fleming’s Prime 
Steak House, The Great 
Maple, Nothing Bundt 
Cakes, Margarita’s Mexican 
Restaurant, Stonefire Grill 
and many more. Stark Spirits 
and Old Oak Cellars will be 
tasting, as well.

Taking part in the SIP-
tember Cocktail Bracket 
Challenge for 2018 were:

Mi Piace

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse 
and Wine Bar

Bistro 45


White Horse Lounge

The Mixx

Roy’s Hawaiian

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

True Food Kitchen

Vertical Wine Bistro

Lucky Baldwin’s Trappise 

Trejo’s Cantina

La Grande Orange - Otis Bar

Taproom at the Langham 
Huntington Hotel Pasadena

Fleming’s Prime Steak 
House and Wine Bar

El Cholo

Del Frisco’s Grille

 Just because the SIP-
tember Cocktail Bracket 
Challenge ends, that does 
not mean you can’t visit one 
of the competitors and try 
a delicious drink (or have 
some tasty food, either.)

 The Pasadena Chamber 
of Commerce and Civic 
Association is a professional 
business organization. 
Since the earliest days of 
Pasadena, the Chamber 
has played a major role in 
the development of this 
internationally renowned 
city. Since 1888, when the 
organization was founded 
as the Board of Trade, the 
Chamber’s primary purpose 
has been the enhancement 
of both the business climate 
and the quality of life in 
Pasadena. The Pasadena 
Chamber of Commerce 
serves more than 1450 

Macho (A271176) is an 
8-year-old domestic 
shorthair in need of a 
loving family. He is a very 
sweet cat who spends most 
of his day in his cat tower 
or snuggled up with his 
roommates (he currently 
resides in a staff office). He 
meows for attention and will 
curiously come up to meet 
you. He head bumps you to 
pet him and purrs and rubs 
against you. Despite being 20 
pounds he still loves to jump 
onto chairs and work desks 
to sniff around and find a 
better napping spot. Come 
meet Macho today at the 
Pasadena Humane Society! 

 The adoption fee for cats 
is $75. All cats are spayed 
or neutered, microchipped, 
and vaccinated before being 

 New adopters will receive a 
complimentary health-and-
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information about how to 
care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable 
pets at pasadenahumane.
org. Adoption hours are 11 
a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday; 9 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. Tuesday through 
Friday; and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

 Pets may not be available 
for adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters by 
phone calls or email.


Sunday, August 26th 

3:25 AM – Maria Ahumada, 
25 years old of Los Angeles 
was arrested in the 300 block 
of Mountain View Street for 
drunk in public. 

11:00 PM – A battery 
occurred in the 2900 block 
of El Nido Drive. Suspect 
was taken into custody. 

Monday, August 27th 

9:30 PM – A vehicle 
vandalism occurred in 
the 2200 block of Navarro 
Avenue. Vehicle damage: 
spray painted. 

9:30 PM – A residential 
vandalism occurred in 
the 2100 block of Navarro 
Avenue. Damage: spray 
painted wall. 

Tuesday, August 28th 

12:44 PM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 
2100 block of Lincoln 
Avenue. Vehicle described 
as a black 2013 Honda Fit. 
Vehicle was recovered by 

4:20 PM – A battery 
occurred in the 2900 block 
of El Nido Drive. Suspects 
were taken into custody. 

Wednesday, August 29th 

5:30 PM – A petty theft 
occurred in the 2300 block 
of N. Lake Avenue. Stolen: 
black Samsung Galaxy. 

Thursday, August 20th 

9:00 AM – Cyril Waite, 62 
years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the 3100 block 
of Lincoln Avenue for 
vandalism and trespassing. 

3:40 PM – Danny Collazo, 
28 years old of Pasadena was 
arrested in the 2000 block 
of N. Fair Oaks Avenue for 
possession of a controlled 

Friday, August 31st 

1:00 PM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 
300 block of W. Altadena 
Drive. Suspect(s) entered 
the residence via the rear 
window. Stolen: unknown. 

5:15 PM – Jolie Gledhill, 
48 years old of Pasadena 
was arrested in the area of 
Washington Boulevard and 
Altadena Drive for being 
under the influence of a 
controlled substance. 

7:04 PM – Michael Soos, 
59 years old of Altadena 
was arrested in the area 
of Roosevelt Avenue and 
Garfias Street for possession 
of a controlled substance. 

Saturday, September 1st 

12:50 AM – Abigail Sanchez, 
25 years old of Pasadena was 
arrested in the 400 block of 
Woodbury Road for drunk 
in public.

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