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By Joan Schmidt

 A few years ago, I met a local author, Marisela Adams, who resides in Bradbury. At that time, her 
trilogy, Breaking Faith had just been published. They are not books about religion, but exciting mystery 
novels taking place in Louisiana where two women have been found dead. Most recently Marisela penned 
her spy thriller, KISSZZZZZZ. Did you know that Marisela also writes children’s books; her pseudonym is 

 Marisela has quite an interesting background. She was born in Palau, Coahuila, Mexico; her family 
was one of the first to settle among the Kickapoo Indians. Her great-grandfather Don Marcelino and 
her grandfather Jesus were great friends of the Kickapoo Chieftain Papicuno who often came to their 
hacienda. He told many great stories, which provided Marisela with background for her book, Taste of 

 The family relocated to Texas, and from the age of eight, Marisela loved writing stories. Her family 
later moved to California for Marisela’s education. She attended Cal State LA and received her teaching 
degree. In addition to teaching, Marisela was also a High School Guidance Counselor. While at college, 
Marisela met her husband Jim, and it was, “Hate at First Sight.” But he pursued her; they dated and have 
been married many years. They have two children, James and Danube and four grandsons. Jim, her 
husband encouraged Marisela to “follow” her dream; hence her writing career began.

 Jim is a semi-retired, financial advisor, an avid pilot and photographer. He flew Marisela to Louisiana; 
they found a perfect setting-the beautiful cover for Breaking Faith. Jim does all the covers for her novels.

 A few days ago, Marisela and Jim came over for a visit with copies of “Kiki the Bear: A True American 
Story” by Nubie for our young granddaughters. (“Nubie” is Marisela’s pseudonym for her children’s books 
and it is the nickname for her daughter, “Danube”.) You may have seen “Kiki”- she was on the news several 
times when she appeared in Duarte and several neighborhoods.

 Kiki’s story began while she was still a cub. She appeared at Marisela and Jim’s house, she already had 
been tagged, but it was obvious she was orphaned. Jim and Marisela, and their next door neighbors, the 
Chens, have great fruit trees which provided Kiki with food. It was so amazing to watch Kiki grow and see 
her bathe-first in a little fountain and eventually in the Chen’s pool. Kiki was friendly; they talked to her. 
She lived under their deck for two years. She was not hostile, but eventually wondered down into Duarte, 
and Animal Control was called. They tranquilized Kiki and relocated her.

 Marisela and Jim love animals. They have lived in Bradbury twenty years and have seen many bears. 
When you move up to the Foothills, you are going into an area which has been the habitat for certain 
animals. The Adams feel people can live in peace with the animals if they follow the rules such as “bear proof” garbage cans and keep food trash cans 
in garage until trash pick-up day. 

 If you have young children, they surely will love the story of Kiki by Nubie! (I even read it before I wrapped them and mailed them 
off to New Mexico.) The pictures, illustrations, and story itself are awesome! You may find the book on line, but please go to Marisela Adams’ website. 
There are amazing videos of Kiki!


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