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For the period of Sunday, April 15th, through Saturday, 
April 21st, the Police Department responded to 917 calls 
for service, of which 100 required formal investigations. 
The following is a summary report of the major incidents 
handled by the Department during this period.

Sunday, April 15:

 Just after 3:00 p.m., an officer contacted a subject sitting 
in a parked vehicle near a closed business the area of 
Goldring Road and Kardashian Avenue. The subject was 
found to be in possession of methamphetamine and drug 
paraphernalia. The 34-year-old male from El Monte was 
issued a citation. 

 At approximately 8:30 p.m., officers were dispatched 
to 7-Eleven, 102 East Huntington Drive, regarding a 
shoplifting report. The suspect entered the store and 
selected several food items. He then left the store without 
paying. He was described as a male Hispanic, approximately 
20-years-old, wearing a grey sweatshirt and backpack. 

Monday, April 16:

 At about 4:30 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the 11,000 
block of Goldring Road regarding an abandoned vehicle. 
An investigation revealed it had been reported stolen from 
El Monte the day before. The suspect had removed all four 
tires and rims. The investigation is ongoing. 

 Just before 11:00 a.m., an officer responded 7-Eleven, 
102 East Huntington Drive, regarding a suspect attempting 
to pay with a fraudulent credit card. The suspect was seen 
fleeing the scene in a silver vehicle. Officers conducted a 
traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the occupants. An 
investigation revealed the driver was on parole and had two 
outstanding warrants for her arrest. She was also found to 
be in possession of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, 
ammunition and a stolen credit card. One of the passengers 
was discovered to be in possession of stolen driver’s licenses, 
blank credit cards, a check reader and drug paraphernalia. 
The 22-year-old female from Los Angeles and the 39-year-
old male from Burbank were arrested and transported to 
the Arcadia City Jail for booking.

Tuesday, April 17:

 At approximately 8:30 a.m., an officer responded to a 
residence in the 300 block of East Haven Avenue regarding 
a residential panic alarm. The unidentified suspect entered 
the residence by smashing a rear glass door. The victim 
returned home and saw the suspect, who was wearing a 
black hat and a dark heavy jacket, inside her home. The 
suspect stole a purse then ran through the house to the rear 
yard and over the wall. The investigation is ongoing.

 At around 8:30 p.m., an officer noticed a U-Haul van 
without a front license plate in the parking lot of the 
Extended Stay Hotel, 401 East Santa Clara Street. An 
investigation revealed the van had been reported stolen 
from Long Beach in early March. The named suspect was 
located inside the hotel. The 41-year-old male from Long 
Beach was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail 
for booking.

Wednesday, April 18:

 At about 8:30 p.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop on 
a vehicle without license plates in the area of Huntington 
Drive and Santa Clara Street. The officer contacted the 
occupants of the vehicle and an investigation revealed the 
driver was in possession of stolen passports, checks and 
mail and the female passenger had an outstanding warrant 
for her arrest. The 31-year-old male and the 32-year-old 
female from Pasadena were arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking.

Thursday, April 19:

 Just before noon, officers were dispatched to the 1800 
block of Anita Crest Avenue regarding a possible burglary 
in progress. Two male Black suspects wearing hooded 
sweatshirts were seen exiting a vehicle and entering the 
rear yard of a residence. The driver of the vehicle then 
drove away from the location. Officers located the vehicle 
nearby and detained the driver. The suspects were seen 
jumping fences and were ultimately located and detained. 
Officers confirmed a burglary had been committed in the 
immediate area. The 19-year-old male from Palmdale, the 
18-year-old female from Lancaster and the 17-year-old 
male from Pasadena were arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

 At approximately 12:30 p.m., officers responded to the 
intersection of Huntington Drive and Santa Anita Avenue 
regarding a traffic collision involving a vehicle and a 
pedestrian. The pedestrian was crossing the intersection 
when he was struck by a vehicle making a right turn. 
The vehicle then overturned. All of the involved parties 
survived the collision. 
Just after 2:30 p.m., officers responded to the 400 block of 
West Norman Avenue regarding an activation of an Arcadia 
Police Department GPS tracker. Arcadia PD detectives 
had previously deployed decoy packages containing bait 
property and tracking devices to combat the increase in 
package thefts from residential areas. Officers monitored 
and tracked the package to a vehicle parked near Baldwin 
Stocker Park. An investigation revealed a 38-year-old 
female from Pasadena had stolen the package on her way 
to pick up her niece from school. She was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking.

Friday, April 20: 

 Just before 12:30 a.m., an officer was dispatched to a 
residence in the 2800 block of Winthrop Avenue regarding 
a burglary report. An investigation revealed an unknown 
suspect entered the home through an unlocked rear sliding 
glass door and ransacked the residence before fleeing in an 
unknown direction. The victim stated there was no loss 
due to the fact that the house was a part-time residence and 
no valuables were kept at that location. 

 At approximately 4:30 p.m., an officer responded to 
a residence in the 1900 block of Alta Oaks regarding a 
burglary report. The officer determined the suspect had 
entered the home by smashing a rear glass door. The 
suspect then ransacked the residence before fleeing the 
scene in an unknown direction. The loss was unknown due 
to the owners being out of town at the time of the burglary. 

Saturday, April 21:

 At about 9:30 a.m., officers responded to a residence 
in the 1100 block of Rodeo Road regarding the report 
of a burglary. The gardener had arrived at the location 
and discovered a shattered rear window. The time of the 
burglary was unknown since the owner stated she had not 
been at the location since April 4th. The owner stated there 
was no loss. 

 At around 10:30 a.m., an officer responded to the parking 
lot of the Arcadia Police Department to contact a victim 
of an auto burglary. The victim stated she had parked her 
car on the first floor of the parking structure at 24 Hour 
Fitness, 125 North First Avenue around 9:00 a.m. She left 
her purse on the back seat under a jacket and locked all the 
doors and armed the car alarm. She returned around 10:00 
a.m. to find the rear driver side window had been smashed 
and her jacket and purse were missing. No suspects were 
seen and no witnesses were located. 

By Joan Schmidt

 Arcadia’s April 24th Special City Council Meeting 
DID NOT bring a new Mayor on board. Rather a 45 day 
extension to review charges concerning Sho Tay’s use of 
campaign funds, the Brown Act, and voter fraud. 

 After the flag salute and prayer, the audience was told 
that Council Member Tom Beck was in South Africa, 
but during a five minute recess, Beck would be contacted 
by phone; then Beck would be available to listen to and 
participate in discussion and any voting.

 Mayor Amundson told the attendees that there would 
be order; Police Chief Guthrie was standing in the aisle 
on one side of the Chambers, and Fire chief Lang on the 
other side. There was to be NO STANDING in the aisles.

 City Manager Lazzetto said there were 35 speakers’ 
cards. Amundson reminded the residents of a 2 minute 
limit; he would say “time’s up”, and the speaker should 
stop. Overall most did, but a few continued on. Were 
some cantankerous? Yes, and also rude and ugly. There 
were many Asians in support of Tay to be Mayor, as well 
as a few Anglo residents. Those who did not support Tay 
included Candidates Jolly Wu, Joyce Platt and former 
Mayor Gail Marshall. The allegations included Tay’s 
funds, raised for his own campaign but given to Harbicht 
and Chandler’s campaigns. I have no idea of the validity 
of this; even City Attorney Deitsch was not sure and 
would look into it. Another allegation said information 
was put out with Scott Hettrick’s name on it; supposedly 
it was penned by someone in Tay’s campaign. Again 
these are purely conjecture; I am only relaying what 
occurred at the meeting.

 When it became time to vote; Mayor Amundson 
implored the Council to have a 45 day wait; these 
allegations could be investigated, and it would give 
people a chance to calm down, to review all the facts. 
Unfortunately, the vote was “no”. Chandler, Verlatto and 
Tay voted “no”. Beck and Amundson, “yes”.

 So there was going to be the reorganization. However 
there were two nominations: Mayor Pro tem Sho Tay 
and Council Member April Verlatto. The first vote was 
for Sho Tay. Tay and Chandler voted, “Yes”; Amundson, 
Beck and Verlatto, “no”, so Tay didn’t get in.

 The Second vote was for Council Member Verlatto. 
Chandler and Tay voted “no”. Beck and Verlatto voted, 
“yes”. But the surprise: Amundson voted, “no”. So Verlatto 
was not voted in either!

 It took A LOT of GUTS for Mayor Amundson to vote 
“no”. And perhaps he lost many supporters. But what he 
did was fair and I believe morally correct. Verlatto still 
can be voted in. But at least Sho Tay will have a chance 
to answer charges and I, for one, want to know if what he 
did with his campaign funds was wrong. 

 And of course after neitherTay or Verlatto got in, 
Chandler and Verlatto were questioning the 45 day wait. 
Thank goodness, it was put to a vote, and even Tay voted 
“yes”. At that point, the meeting was still going on, but it 
was time for fellow Town Council member Linda Sells 
and me to leave. See you all in 45 days!!!


San Gabriel Valley Cities Recognized For Collaborative Partnership


During the last seven-day period, the Police 
Department handled 462 service events, resulting 
in 80 investigations. To see a complete listing of 
crimes reported, go to http://www.crimemapping.
com/map/ca/monrovia for crime mapping. For 
Police Department news and information, visit 
our website and follow us on Twitter, Instagram 
or Nextdoor. 

Injury Traffic Collision April 19 at 7:34 a.m., a 
bicyclist in the 400 block of W. Duarte was riding 
along the north sidewalk, when a motorist exited 
a business parking lot and struck the bike. The 
bicyclist fell to the ground and sustained no 
visible injuries, only minor pain. 

Shoplifting – Suspect Arrested April 19 at 7:51 
p.m., a male subject entered a store in the 1600 
block of S. Mountain and removed items from 
a shelf. The subject ran out of the store without 
paying for the merchandise. He was stopped by 
store security and the police were called. Officers 
arrived and took custody of the subject. 

Warrant – Suspects Arrested April 19 at 9:18 
p.m., an officer was patrolling the 1800 block of S. 
Mayflower when he saw a vehicle in front of him 
commit a violation. He conducted a traffic stop 
and contacted the occupants. A computer check 
revealed two of the occupants had warrants and 
they were arrested and taken into custody. 

Under the Influence of Narcotics – Suspect 
Arrested April 20 at 1:20 a.m., an officer was 
patrolling the 1600 block of S. Myrtle when he 
saw a male subject in Station Square Park after 
closing hours. He contacted the subject and found 
the subject to be under the influence of narcotics; 
he was arrested and taken into custody. 

Warrant – Suspect Arrested April 20 at 3:21 a.m., 
officers were extra patrolling the 500 block of S. 
Myrtle when they saw a suspicious female subject. 
They stopped the subject, and a computer check 
revealed she had a warrant. She was arrested and 
taken into custody. 

Residential Burglary April 20 at 7:27 a.m., a 
resident in the 1200 block of Sherman reported 
that her brother had just forced his way into her 
home and had taken money. Officers responded 
and located the male subject outside the home. 
After an investigation was conducted, he was 
arrested for burglary. 

Battery Against a Peace Officer – Suspect 

April 20 at 9:43 a.m., an employee of a business in 
the 200 block of E. Duarte reported a male subject 
trespassing. Officers arrived and located the 
subject inhaling intoxicants. They approached 
the subject, who swung his fist and hit one of the 
officers in the face, causing an injury. The subject 
was arrested. 

Residential Burglary April 20 at 11:31 a.m., a 
resident in the 400 block of Highland returned 
home and found her front door had been forced 
open. She entered her home and discovered it 
was ransacked and her safe had been stolen. 
Officers responded and searched for suspects, 
but were unable to locate any. This investigation 
is continuing. 

Shoplifting April 20 at 9:42 p.m., a male subject 
entered a store in the 100 block of W. Foothill. 
He removed several bottles of alcohol from a 
shelf, then fled the store without paying for the 
merchandise. Officers responded and searched 
for the suspect, but were unable to locate him. 
This investigation is continuing. 

Warrant – Suspect Arrested April 20 at 11:26 
p.m., an officer was patrolling the 400 block 
S. Alta Vista when he saw a bicyclist commit a 
riding violation. The officer stopped the bicyclist 
and a computer check revealed the subject had a 
warrant for his arrest; he was arrested and taken 
into custody. 

Vehicle Burglary April 21 at 9:00 a.m., a resident 
in the 900 block of W. Foothill went to her car 
and discovered someone had shattered her car 
window. She found the suspect had entered her 
vehicle and stole her wallet, checkbook and ID. 
This investigation is continuing. 

Drug Activity – Suspect Cited April 21 at 6:59 
p.m., Special Enforcement Team officers stopped 
a vehicle in the 2600 block of S. California for 
a driving violation. A probation search of the 
vehicle revealed the occupants were in possession 
of narcotics. The occupants were issued citations. 

Warrant – Suspect Arrested April 21 at 7:08 p.m., 
an officer was patrolling the 3300 block of S. Peck 
when he saw a female subject lying across the 
sidewalk. The officer stopped to see if she needed 
medical assistance, but found she was only 
sleeping. A computer check revealed she had a 
warrant for her arrest, so she was arrested and 
taken into custody. 

Grand Theft April 21 at 11:34 p.m., a female 
subject was sitting on a bench with her friends in 
the 100 block of E. Colorado with her purse on the 
bench next to her. A male subject approached the 
bench and grabbed her purse, then fled the area. 
Officers were called, but they were unable to locate 
the suspect. This investigation is continuing. 

Seven exemplary and innovative planning projects 
will be honored in a ceremony on Thursday, May 3 as 
winners of the Southern California Association of 
Governments (SCAG) 2018 Sustainability Awards.

 Recipients of the 11th annual awards include 
municipalities, agencies, non-profit organizations and 
developers throughout the six-county SCAG region. 
The SCAG Sustainability Awards are the region’s 
highest honors for projects that promote and improve 
mobility, livability, prosperity and sustainability in 
Southern California. These plans and projects are 
integral to carrying out the goals and policies of 
SCAG’s 2016-2040 Regional Transportation Plan/
Sustainable Communities Strategy, and promote a 
cleaner, healthier and happier Southern California.

 “We’re honored to present these awards, which 
recognize the best of the best when it comes to 
improving the quality of life of our communities 
and the region,” said Margaret Finlay, City Council 
member for Duarte and President of SCAG. “When 
we talk about sustainability, it encompasses so 
much, but we want to especially recognize cities that 
integrate land use and transportation to improve 
our lives. As these projects illustrate, there is a 
tremendous amount of innovative and meaningful 
work being done across our region.”

 The highest honor, for Outstanding Achievement 
in Sustainability, will be awarded to the City of 
Long Beach for a combination of three projects 
that demonstrate a holistic approach to sustainable 
planning. “Long Beach is honored to be recognized 
for outstanding sustainability efforts amongst 
municipalities, agencies and organizations 
throughout Southern California,” said Long Beach 
Mayor Robert Garcia. “This award is a testament to 
our commitment to promoting mobility and livability 
throughout our City.”

 The Sustainability Awards winners will be 
formally honored at SCAG’s 53rd annual Regional 
Conference and General Assembly, taking place at 
The Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa in Indian 
Wells. Over 850 civic, business and non-profit agency 
leaders will be in attendance.

 The 2018 honorees by category are:

SUSTAINABILITY City of Long Beach | 2017 Bicycle 
Master Plan, Communities of Excellence in Nutrition, 
Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention (CX3) & 
Willow Springs Wetland Restoration Project This 
year’s award for Outstanding Achievement in 
Sustainability recognizes the City of Long Beach for 
their overall excellence in two distinct plans and one 
project. Combined, these three efforts demonstrate 
the City of Long Beach’s holistic approach to 
sustainability that includes improvements in 
mobility, public health and natural lands restoration. 

Arcadia, Azusa, Duarte, Irwindale, Monrovia, San 
Marino, South Pasadena and La Metro | 626 Golden 
Streets Modeled after the thousands of “ciclovia” 
events that have been staged in cities around the 
world, 626 Golden Streets temporarily closed off 
stretches of roadway from South Pasadena to Azusa 
for people to walk, jog, skate, bike, run and play. 
Over 18 miles of streets, linking 6 Metro Gold Line 
stations, were made car-free on March 5, 2017. Eight 
San Gabriel Valley communities participated in the 
event which was held on the one-year anniversary 
of the Foothill Gold Line Phase 2A Azusa extension 

City & SCRAP Gallery | Cycle Cathedral City 
Bicycle Outreach and Education Program The 
purpose of Cycle Cathedral City is to educate and 
empower while promoting bicycle use. By providing 
a year-round series of projects and events, the 
program encourages residents to use more active 
transportation for their health and environment. 
Goals set for the program are to encourage biking, 
provide opportunities for students and residents 
to get more exercise, recycle donated and salvaged 
bikes and encourage community and student leaders 
to make sustainability a priority. AGAINST ALL 
ODDSCity of San Fernando | Corridors Specific 
Plan The Corridors Specific Plan fosters sustainable 
development patterns, encourages public transit 
and walking and biking within the downtown area 
and the surrounding neighborhood. San Fernando 
overcame multiple challenges in reaching successful 
adoption of the Plan including community push-
back, budgetary constraints, a staffing shortage, 
regulatory constraints and difficulties that come with 
being an economically-disadvantaged community. 

 GREEN REGION City of Rancho Cucamonga 
Rancho Cucamonga Sustainable Community 
Action Plan The Sustainable Community Action 
Plan is a unique triple-bottom line approach to 
drive comprehensive sustainable change across not 
only Rancho Cucamonga’s environment but also 
its economy and community health and equity. 
Five key areas that the plan targets include energy 
and water efficiency, land use and open space, 
transportation and mobility, community health 
and environmental equity. HEALTHY AND 
SAFE COMMUNITIESCity of Perris | Live Well 
Perris Adopted in concurrence with the General 
Plan Healthy Community Element, Live Well Perris 
is a campaign to provide opportunities and create 
initiatives that provide citizens a platform to live a 
healthier, active lifestyle. Activities have included 
urban farming, free workout sessions, sports clinics 
for children, city-wide health fairs, hikes, yoga and a 
farmers market. INTEGRATED PLANNINGCity of 
Hermosa Beach | PLAN Hermosa A combination of 
the city’s two key planning documents, the General 
Plan and the Local Coastal Program, PLAN Hermosa 
raises the bar for General Plan updates in Southern 
California by addressing new and critical topics 
like climate change and sea level rise. Using diverse 
outreach methods, PLAN Hermosa thoughtfully 
engaged the community and set a consistent graphic 
style and tone that contributes to the long-term 
utility of the document. More details on SCAG’s 
sustainability programs and the 2018 awards are 
available at
aspx. SCAG’s annual Regional Conference & General 
Assembly convenes on May 3 and 4 and will address 
key issues impacting the region. For more details on 
the event, “Southern California at a Crossroads,” visit 
the event website here:

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