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Mountain View News Saturday, May 26, 2018 

WALKING SIERRA MADRE... The Social Side By Deanne Davis

“You can’t buy happiness, but 
you can buy books, and that’s 
kind of the same thing.”

“I have always imagined 
paradise as a kind of library.” 
Jose Luis Borges

“Books are a uniquely portable 
magic.” Stephen King

According to Wikipedia, 
Johannes Gutenberg developed, 
circa 1439, a printing system, 
adapting existing technologies 
to printing purposes. That 
changed the world. Time 
passed, more printed works 
were available, more people 
learned to read and eventually 
there were local libraries, like 
ours, sacred palaces filled 
with books of every kind. Then, glory of glories, those 
libraries took to having Used Book Sales. When we were 
young and first moved to Sierra Madre, we had lots of 
children, no money, and had just bought our house, 
a beautiful place, now 102 years old. Oldest daughter, 
Leah, and I had a common bond. We read. I don’t mean 
we read now and then, I mean we READ! Usually two 
or three books at a time. In fact, twelve year old Leah 
never left the house without three books; the one she 
was reading, the one she planned to read next and one 
more just in case.

 The Used Book Sales were a little slice of heaven for 
us. Arriving on the appointed day well in advance of the 
opening, we bought shopping bags filled with goodness 
knew what treasures for $1.00. Novels went for a dime 
or a quarter and we staggered away with delicious booty 
that kept us happy for weeks. 

 We, of course, used our Library with gay abandon, 
taking the limit of books every few days, wallowing in 
words. Leah got special permission from our Librarian, 
Mary Tumilty, to have an adult library card so she 
could devour all the Perry Mason mysteries. I vividly 
remember telling her she was not to read Forever 
Amber or Lydia Bailey as I felt they were far too racy for 
her. Compared to what is available now along the lines 
of 50 Shades of Grey, they were about as racy as Dick, 
Jane and Spot, whom we met in the First Grade.

 Time marched on and we could buy the latest books 
fairly cheaply when they came out in paperback at 
Costco. Time continued to march inexorably on and we 
became Kindle readers. I have published several things 
on Amazon Kindle and, occasionally, get a dollar or two 
in royalties. 

 So, all those Used Book Sales and purchases here and 
there have made it possible for me to have a bookcase in 
literally every single room of my house and I add to them 
still with various hard or soft cover books. I love how 
they look. I love the fact that I have read them all, many 
more than once, and there is something about being 
surrounded by books that is immensely comforting. 
Have you ever visited someone and discovered they 
have no books anywhere? How do they exist? 

 However...and you knew one was coming...I now 
must divest myself of many of these beloved books as 
my partner in life and fellow book lover, John, is now 
residing – and reading, I’m sure – in heaven and I must 
let our house go to another family, hopefully, with 
children who will love growing up here.

 Too many books, the real estate people say. Too 
cluttered. Books are not necessary. They are in the way. 
How is that even possible, I ask? But, happily, the Sierra 
Madre Library is willing to take back their books and 
use them in yet another Used Book Sale. So, I’ve rolled 
up my sleeves and put together dozens of cardboard 
cartons that John had bought for some reason or other 
and I’ve spent the last week wandering through the 
house taking books off shelves and placing them in 
boxes. I’ve been to The Bottle Shop and looted their box 
pile and; although I don’t think my back will ever be the 
same; I have gathered 442 hard cover and 75 paperback 
books. The Library Super People, Martha Troedson and 
the Mountain Views News’ own Jeff Brown came and 
took them all away. I was relieved the job was done but 
sad at the same time.

 I am comforting myself with the thought that next 
month at the June Used Book Sale there will probably be 
another mother-daughter team, like Leah and me, who 
will be in book heaven as soon as they walk through the 
door. If you hadn’t planned to go, change your plans! It’s 
Friday, June 1, from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, June 
2, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. As I’m sure you already 
know, the sale will be held at the rear of the Library, 440 
West Sierra Madre Blvd. 

 “The worth of a book is to be measured by what you 
can carry away from it.” James Bryce

 My book page: Deanne Davis 

 Kindle books of all sorts and hardcover “Tablespoon 
of Love” are on there,

 as is “Star of Wonder.”

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If there is anything to be learned from the last two 
years, it is the importance of every single eligible 
voter making informed decisions about candidates 
and then voting! We should have also learned that 
our decisions need to be the result of doing our 
homework, distinguishing between facts and hyperbolic 
campaign rhetoric, and choosing who we 
believe, based on their qualifications, will best serve 
our concerns.

On June 5th, Californians will have the opportunity 
to narrow the field of candidates so that we will have 
viable choices in the November General Election. 
In 2010, we approved the Top Two Primary system 
for most offices. As such, all candidates running 
for office are listed on one ballot, regardless of their 
party preference. (Previously your ballot only listed 
the candidates from your stated party preference.) 
Now, a candidate’s party has no impact on how the 
election is conducted or who is allowed to advance 
to the General Election. Instead, candidates go on to 
a run-off election based solely on how many votes 
they receive in the Primary. The Top Two Primary 
applies to most of the offices that were previously 
known as “partisan” and are now known as “voter-
nominated” offices. 

Many voters do not feel a sense of urgency when it 
comes to Primary Elections. That may have been 
tolerable prior to 2016, but it is now ‘Captain Obviously’ 
clear that every voter needs to vote in every 
election! We cannot let being overwhelmed with 
the current political climate, especially what is going 
on in Washington, take away from our responsibilities 
in California. Regardless of where your political 
views are, as Californian’s we must “put our oxygen 
masks on first”. In other words, let’s take care of our 
business in our home state. 

The Mountain Views News Editorial Board includes 
a diverse group of political thinkers. The endorsements 
listed are a reflection of our opinions and we 
hope they are useful in your choice of candidates.

Whatever you do, whether you agree with our choices 
or not, make certain you vote. Vote as if your future 
depends on it.......because it does!



There are far too many candidates listed on the ballot. 
Our choices have been narrowed down to 3. In 
our opinion, any of those listed below would make a 
very fine governor. 

John Chiang – His background as State Treasurer 
makes him super qualified. California has the 5th 
or 6th largest economy in the world (depending on 
who you ask), and Chiang has managed the state’s 
finances well through good times and bad.

Delaine Eastin – As a former California State Superintendent 
of Public Instruction and a former 
member of the Assembly, she has not only a thorough 
knowledge of state governance, she has demonstrated 
her commitment to making California a 
better place to live for all Californians.

Gavin Newsom – Considered to be the front runner 
by many, he definitely has the political support and 
track record as Mayor of San Francisco to lead the 
state. As Mayor, he was willing to take a stand in the 
midst of fierce opposition, something sorely needed 
when dealing with the Trump Administration.

Lt. Governor: Ed Hernandez

Attorney General: Xavier Becerra

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Controller: Betty Yee

Treasurer: Gary Conlon

Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner

Superintendent Public Instruction: 
Tony Thurmond – Supporter of Public Education

US SENATOR: Dianne Feinstein 





Sheriff, LA County: Jim McDonnell

Assessor, LA County: Jeffrey Prang

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