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Mountain View News Saturday, August 11, 2018 

Local Area 
News Briefs

Wiggle Waggle Walk Registration is Open

Mouseketeer Nancy Abbate 
to be Special Guest Dancer


 The Pasadena Humane Society 
is reminding the community, 
and four-legged best friends, 
that Early Bird Registration 
for this year’s Annual Wiggle 
Waggle Walk and fundraiser is 
still open. 

 The walk steps off Sunday, 
September 30 at Brookside 
Park at the Rose Bowl. Early 
Bird Registration ($20) ends 
September 16. After that 
General Registration is $25. 
Online registration ends 11:59 
p.m. the night before the event. 
Day-of registration begins at 
8:00 am at the event. 

 The walk will be led by a pace 
car, followed by the PHS shelter 
dogs, followed by the Top Team, 
Top Fundraiser, and Top Donor. 
General participants may begin 
lining up behind the cones at 
8:50 am. “There will be water 
available for you and your dog 
but you should consider bringing 
your own water as temperatures 
may rise throughout the event” 
organizers said.

 There will also be a Wiggle 
Waggle Walk and Expo starting 
at 8:00 a.m. until noon. 

 “It’s a day of fun for the whole 
family with festivities including 
contests, demonstrations, 
vendor booths, food trucks, 
entertainment, team photos and 
much more,” organizers said.

 As of now, 78 participants have 
signed up rasing $41,295.99 
for homeless and abandoned 
animals. Top fundraisers 
include JoAnn Turovsky at 
$5,525.00 and Martha and Bill 
Denzel at $5,083.00. Top teams 
include BiteMe! Squad at 
$2,235.00 and Let’s Wag More 
Bark Less at $1,660.00.

 The Pasadena Humane 
Society’s fundrasing goal for the 
event is $200,000. “The money 
goes to help provide shelter, 
food, veterinary care and 
much more to the thousands 
of animals--domestic, exotic, 
wildlife and livestock--cared 
for every year at the Pasadena 
Humane Society,” according to 
the organization. 

 All registered participants 
receive a t-shirt and a dog 
bandana. The more money you 
raise, the more PHS swag you 
get. Reach $1,000 and receive a 
permanent 20th Annual Wiggle 
Waggle Walk tile that will be 
installed at the PHS campus, 
organizers said.

 For more information or to 
register go to: wigglewagglewalk.
org. Event organizers also 
remind those interested that 
a dog is not necessary to 
participate in the walk.

South Pasadena 

Nancy Abbate Caldwell, 76, 
will be the special featured 
guest dancer during the 
Pasadena Senior Center 
summer concert series 
performance Monday, Aug. 
13, at 6 p.m. by Pam Kay and 
The Tap Chicks.

 Abbate Caldwell will 
perform an a capella dance 
solo, join Pam Kay in a 
duo spot and share some 
of the highlights of her 65-
year career as a dancer and 

 Pam Kay and the Tap 
Chicks entertain with 
energetic dance routines, 
Vaudeville-style comedy 
and clever costumes while 
promoting health, longevity 
and quality of life through 
dance, defying the years and 
delighting audiences of all 

 The concert series is open 
to all ages. Feel free to 
bring a picnic, family and 
friends. Senior citizenship 
and membership at the 
Pasadena Senior Center 
are not required to attend 
performances in the summer 
concert series.

 Abbate, one of the 
original Walt Disney 
Mouseketeers in 1955 and 
1956, was considered the 
best dancer in the cast 
and was lovingly given the 
nickname “The Dancer” 
by Annette Funicello. 
Abbate occasionally makes 
appearances with other 
original Mouseketeers at 
Disney-related events, and in 
2005 was asked to restage the 
original Disneyland debut 
of the Mouseketeers for the 
50th anniversary celebration, 
featuring children from the 
dance studio she ran for 30 
years in Southern California. 
She received the Mousecar 
Award from The Disney 
Studio in 2015 for her service 
to the company and the 
Disney Legend award from 
the Disneyland Fan Club in 

 She was featured in the 
1953 Betty Grable and Dale 
Robertson musical film The 
Farmer Takes a Wife, the 
1955 Dean Martin and Jerry 
Lewis comedy film Artists 
and Models, the 1957 Johnny 
Crawford film The Courage 
of Black Beauty and the 2013 
Tim Allen and J.K Simmons 
film 3 Geezers! as well as 
television appearances on 
episodes of The Ray Bolger 
Show, The Stu Erwin Show, 
The Jack Benny Show and 
The Donald O’Connor Show.

 For the past few years she 
has produced, directed and 
choreographed a nightclub 
dance review called The 
Two Bits starring herself and 
dancer/actress Estee Cooper. 
The duo performed an act on 
America’s Got Talent in 2012 
and made it to the semi-

 The remaining concerts 
in the six-week summer 
concert series, Wednesdays 
from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Scott 
Pavilion at the Pasadena 
Senior Center, are Grammy-
winning Lisa Haley and the 
Zydekats playing lively Cajun 
Zydeco music with plenty of 
Louisiana spice Aug. 20; Leah 
Zeger performing spirited 
Gypsy jazz and beloved 
standards Aug 27; and The 
Great American Swing Band 
featuring the sounds of Big 
Band, rhythm and blues, jazz 
and Dixieland Sept. 3.

 For more information visit: or 
call 626-795-4331.

 The South Pasadena 
Police are still requesting 
the public's help in locating 
Andrew Dart, last seen on 
July 21 at about 4:00 pm in 
the 1800 Block of Grevelia 
Street. He was wearing a 
white t-shirt with the word 
"Austin" emblazoned on 
the front and sweatpants 
with the word "California" 
on one pant leg. He 
frequents businesses along 
the Fair Oaks Corridor in 
South Pasadena. He has 
medical conditions and 
may need medication. 
If you or anyone has 
any information, please 
call SPPD Dispatch at 

 Man Arrested in 
Fire that Gutted 
Vacant Historic 
Home Pleads Not 

Exhibit: The 
Art of High 
Altitude Travel

 Pasadena resident 
Kristoffer Eugene 
Caldwell pled not guilty 
in Pasadena Superior 
Court Tuesday during 
his arraignment. 

 Caldwell faces 
allegations of arson 
of an uninhabited 
structure. He was 
arrested August 2 
after being seen in 
the building before 
it caught fire. The 
130-year-old Victorian 
home at 30 W. Mountain 
St, owned by US Bank 
was considered a total 

 Peekaboo Gallery presents 
“The Art of High Altitude 
Travel,” a travel exhibition 
and sale dedicated to the 
golden age of flying. Take 
a nostalgic look back to 
the time of glamorous air 
hostesses and gourmet 
meals, when one could 
jaunt from New York to 
Paris on a supersonic 3.5-
hour flight while enjoying 
champagne and canapés to 
live organ accompaniment.

 The gallery showcases 
airlines memorabilia and 
collectibles presented 
in a striking Jumbo Jet 
stage set. Inside, you can 
find original lithographs 
and paintings of classic 
travel art, and industrial 
and commercial aircraft 

 For those interested in 
nostalgic fashion of the 
skies, look for vintage 
flight attendant uniforms 
from the 1940s through the 
1990s, worn by crews on 
PAN AM, Braniff Airways, 
TWA, United, Eastern, 
British Airways, and the 
Soviet Aeroflot. 

 Peekaboo is a unique 
gallery where everything 
in the curated displays are 
for sale. It offers visitors 
an “unabashed celebration 
of that most fantastic, 
turbulent and innovative 
period in history known as 
the Twentieth Century.”

 The exhibit runs August 
18 to Sunday, September 

 The Peekaboo Gallery is 
located at 40 Mills Place. 
For more information visit: or 
call 626.800.5355.

The Hahamongha to Tujunga 
Wildlife Corridor Initiative 
is set on preserving critical 
choke points in the 20-mile 
wildlife corridor connecting 
the San Gabriel Mountains at 
Hahamongha Watershed Park 
to the San Gabriel Mountains at 
Big Tujunga Wash.

 Join Patagonia tonight for 
an evening featuring wildlife 
photography from Johanna 
Turner with the Arroyos & 
Foothills Conservancy. Learn 
about local wildlife gateway 
points and how animal 
tracking, camera trapping, 
and corridors are working to 
protect mountain lions and 
other wildlife in Pasadena.

 The Opening Night Reception 
takes place tonight from 7 
p.m.-9 p.m.; the exhibition is 
on display in store through 
September 12.

 Patagonia is located 47 N. 
Fair Oaks Avenue. For more 
information visit: patagonia.
com or call 626.795.0319.

to Tujunga Art 

Pet of the 



 Play Music on the Porch 
Day started out as an idea... 
“What if for one day everything 
stopped... and we all just 
listened to music?”

 This year, Altadena Library will 
join the thousands of musicians 
in at least 40 countries and 
400 cities around the world in 
celebrating Play Music on the 
Porch Day, by hosting a small 
jam session on the shaded 
Main Library lawn. Stop by 
between 4:00 and 6:00pm to 
enjoy local musicians jamming 
together acoustically on a 
beautiful summer afternoon. 
Musicians and singers, of all 
levels, are welcome to join in 
this collaborative and relaxed 
musical moment!

 Hint: Wear a hat and some 
sunglasses! Bring a little towel if 
you want to lounge on the cool 
grass. It stays pretty shady under 
our beautiful trees outside the 
Library, but it will still likely be 

 The Altadena Library located 
at 600 E. Mariposa St. For 
more information visit: or call (626) 

Play Music 
on the 

Porch Day

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center

 Presented by 
Altadena library’s 
open mic night

There is something for 
everyone in August at the 
Pasadena Senior Center, 85 
E. Holly St.

You do not have to be a 
member to attend. Some 
events require advance 
reservations as noted.

 Friday Movie Matinees 
– Fridays, Aug. 17 and 24, 
at 1 p.m. Everyone enjoys 
watching movies and the 
pleasures they bring. Aug. 
17: The Pursuit of Happyness 
(2006, PG-13) starring Will 
Smith and Thandie Newton. A 
talented, often unemployed 
single father struggles to 
make ends meet while 
raising his young son after 
they are evicted from their 
San Francisco apartment 
with nowhere to go. Aug. 24: 
Downsizing (2017, R) starring 
Matt Damon and Kristin Wiig. 
When scientists discover how 
to shrink humans down to 
five inches tall as a solution to 
overpopulation, a man and 
his wife decide to get small 
and move to a downsized 
community, a choice that 
triggers life-changing 

 Screening Mimis Film Club 
– Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 3 
p.m. What used to require 
a monthly fee is now free! 
Classics, film noir, cult films, 
documentaries, shorts, 
foreign films, animated films 
and more are selected 
democratically by club 
members. Each screening 
is researched and its hidden 
history presented prior 
to each viewing. Lively 
discussions and Q&A follow 
each screening. Popcorn 
is provided. The film club is 
scheduled the first and third 
Tuesdays of every month. 
for more information.

 Free Summer Concerts for 
All Ages – Mondays at 6 p.m. 
through Sept. 3. Summer 
concerts sponsored by the 
Pasadena Senior Center 
have moved from Memorial 
Park to the air-conditioned 
comfort of the center’s Scott 
Pavilion. Aug. 6: Janet Klein 
and Her Parlor Boys will 
perform jazz, ragtime, blues 
and novelty songs popular 
from 1900 to 1930. Aug. 13: 
Pam Kay and the Tap Chicks 
will entertain with energetic 
dance routines, Vaudeville-
style comedy and clever 
costumes. Aug. 20: Lisa Haley 
and the Zydekats will play 
lively Cajun Zydeco music 
with plenty of Louisiana 
spice. Aug. 27: Leah Zeger 
will perform spirited Gypsy 
jazz and beloved standards. 
Sept. 3: The Great American 
Swing Band will feature 
the sounds of Big Band, 
rhythm and blues, jazz and 

 Health Insurance Counseling 
– Wednesday, Aug. 15, at 
10 a.m. Trained counselors 
will provide unbiased 
information about Medicare, 
Med-gap, Medicare 
Advantage, Medicare Part 
D and Cal Medi-Connect. 
Appointments are required; 
call (626) 795-4331. 

 LA Opera Talk – Monday, 
Aug. 20, at 1 p.m. An LA Opera 
community educator will give 
a multimedia presentation 
titled “The Creation of an 
Opera” that will provide an 
in-depth look at all aspects 
of opera beyond music 
and singing, including set 
design and costume design, 
illustrated with examples from 
some of the world’s most 
beloved operas.

For more information visit 
org or call 626-795-4331.

Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center is 
an independent, nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social 
services to people ages 50 
and older in a welcoming 

 Nash (A462807) is 
a 5-month-old purr-
machine! As soon as 
you open his kennel 
doors he comes over, 
curiously, and starts 
purring. He head bumps 
for attention and rubs 
against his kennel. 
He likes to be petted, 
especially behind his 
ears, and likes to play. 
Nash is looking for a new 
best friend today! 

 The adoption fee for 
cats is $75. All cats are 
spayed or neutered, 
microchipped, and 
vaccinated before 
being adopted. 

 New adopters will 
receive a complimentary 
exam from VCA Animal 
Hospitals, as well as a 
goody bag filled with 
information about how 
to care for your pet.

 View photos of 
adoptable pets at 
Adoption hours are 11 
a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday; 
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday 
through Friday; and 9 
a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

 Pets may not be 
available for adoption 
and cannot be held for 
potential adopters by 
phone calls or email.


Sunday, July 29th

5:25 AM – A battery occurred 
in the 2500 block of El Molino 
Avenue. Suspect has been 

10:30 PM – A battery occurred 
in the 2600 block of N. Fair 
Oaks Avenue. Suspect has 
been identified. 

10:30 PM – A carjacking 
incident occurred in the 
900 block of Lehigh Street. 
Suspects described as two 
male Blacks, between 20 to 25 
years old, 6 feet, 200 pounds. 
Vehicle stolen described as 
a black 2015 Lexus RX 350 

Monday, July 30th

11:00 PM – A vehicle 
burglary occurred in the 200 
block of W. Mariposa Street. 
Suspect(s) entered the vehicle 
by punching the door lock. 
Stolen: clothing, gift cards, 
Anne Klein watch, shoes, and 

Tuesday, July 31st

8:45 PM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 2100 
block of Lincoln Avenue. 
Vehicle described as a black 
2016 BMW 535i. Vehicle 
recovered the same day by 
CHP South Division. 

Wednesday, August 1st

1:47 PM – A petty theft from 
an unlocked vehicle occurred 
in the 2900 block of Sterling 
Place. Stolen: red leather 
Neiman Marcus handbag. 

Thursday, August 2nd

3:05 PM – Oddis Cole, 62 
years old arrested in the 100 
block of E. Harriet Street for 
strong arm robbery. Victim 
and suspect are acquainted.

Friday, August 3rd

No significant incidents. 

Saturday, August 4th

12:01 AM – Three petty 
thefts of vehicle batteries 
occurred in the 2000 block 
of E. Washington Boulevard. 
Vehicles targeted 2000-2004 
Toyota Corolla. 

3:13 PM – A package theft 
occurred in the 1300 block of 
E. Loma Alta Drive. Suspects 
described as two female 
Hispanics, approximately 30 
years old and driving a black 
sedan. Stolen: clothing, 
bedding and art game. 

Filing Period 
for Altadena 

Board Ends

 Four seats will be up for 
election on the Altadena 
Library Board of Trustees 
in the upcoming General 
Election on November 6, 
2018. The filing period 
for candidates began last 
week and the last day to 
file was Friday, August 10. 
For more information on 
candidates, visit: LAVote.
net and click “Current & 
Upcoming Elections” under 
the dropdown menu titled 
“Voting & Elections.”

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