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VOLUME 12 NO. 45

Local Area 
News Briefs

High Tea with 2019 Rose 
Queen and Royal Court

 Voters Pass 
Pasadena Tax 

 Voters in Pasadena 
overwhelmingly passed 
two ballot measures during 
Tuesday’s election, Measure I 
enacting a new three-quarter 
cent sales tax and Measure 
J which gives part of the 
revenue generated to the 
school system.

 Measure I, passed with 
68 percent of the vote, is 
projected to generate $21 
million annually, of that, 
Measure J allows $7 million 
to go to the PUSD. Measure 
J passed with over 70 percent 
of the vote.

 On Thursday, the school 
board was told, by the 
county, they are not allowed 
to calculate the Measure J 
revenue into the current 
budget shortfall. PUSD 
officials have until Nov. 15 
to cut $10 million from the 
next two years, a decision that 
includes the closing of schools. 
Any new Measure J founds 
will be used to stabilized 
their budget in the long-
term, including innovation 
and enhancements to 
academic programs. 
PUSD Superintendent Brian 
McDonald said (see “Thank 
You Letter” page 3). 

 The PUSD has a mandated 
Dec. 17 deadline by the L.A. 
County Office of Education 
to make the cuts or face a 
takeover of the district by 

 Pasadena Mayor Terry 
Tornek had said the city 
could have faced a $3 million 
shortfall had Measure I not 

 In related news, both State 
Assemblyman Chris Holden 
and Congresswoman Judy 
Chu won during the election. 
Chu received 78 percent of 
the vote and Holden receiving 
64 percent of the vote. 
Congressman Adam Schiff 
also won getting 76 percent of 
the votes, wining his district 
that includes a small part of 
Pasadena that includes JPL. 

 The Scott Pavilion at 
Pasadena Senior Center 
will be transformed into 
an elegant, beautifully 
decorated tea room Monday, 
Nov. 19, from 3 to 5 p.m. 
when members of the 
Pasadena Senior Center 
enjoy high tea with newly 
crowned 2019 Rose Queen 
Louise Siskel and her Royal 
Court consisting of Laura 
Baydaline, Ashley Hackett, 
Rucha Kadam, Sherry Ma, 
Michaela McElrath and 
Helen Rossi. 

 Seating is limited. Prepaid 
$15 reservations must be 
received at the Welcome Desk 
or at pasadenaseniorcenter.
org no later than Tuesday, 
Nov. 13. 

 The event is sponsored by 
Chado Tea Room, Right at 
Home and The Kensington. 
For more information call 

 Pasadena Senior 
Center November 19

Property Owners Pack Retrofit Meeting

By Dean Lee

City officials were caught 
off guard Thursday night as 
residents, mostly longtime 
property owners jam-packed 
the city hall council chambers 
during a meeting to provide 
general information about a 
proposed ordinance requiring 
retrofitting of wood soft-story 
apartments and condominium 

 “We never expected this 
outcome,” Pasadena Building 
Official Sarkis Nazerian said. 
“I think I would have gotten a 
bigger room.” 

 Many of those that attended 
stood outside a hallway watching 
the meeting on a televison 
provided by city staff. Inside 
people stood along every wall 
and cramped doorways trying 
to see. The meeting was led by 
Nazerian and Daniel Zepeda 
of Degenkolb Engineers, a 
city consultant helping draft 
the proposed ordinance. With 
the exception of a few city 
employees, no other officials 
were at the meeting

 “It’s a simple process, we have 
a gentleman here to take all the 
notes, compile it all together and 
percent that to the city manager 
and public safety committee 
members,” Nazerian said about 
a lack of officials at the meeting. 

 He simply said the goal of the 
meeting was “ to communication 
with property owners.” 

 Most of the questions asked 
during the two hour meeting 
dealt with what exactly a wood 
soft-story building is? Many of 
the property owners held copies 
of a letter from the city saying 
their property had been placed 
on a list as “soft-story” 

 According to city staff, wood 
soft-story buildings are wood-
framed buildings with more 
than one story that typically 
have extensive ground story 
windows, garage doors, or open-
air spaces (such as parking) with 
little or no solid walls. 

 Zepeda said a survey was done 
in 2007. They estimated around 
500 soft-story buildings citywide 
with approximately 4,500 units. 
Many owners asked about cost. 
Nazerian said Pasadena did not 
have a cost estimates although 
Zepeda and Nazerian both 
said in Los Angeles retrofit cost 
ranged from $5,000 to $10,000 
per unit. 

 Nazerian said city officials had 
also looked into a “404 hazard 
Mitigation Grant Program” 
through the Governer’s Office 
that covers 75 percent though 
FEMA and 25 percent shared by 
the city. He said the funds were 
not a guaranteed. 

 Some asked about making the 
ordinance voluntary something 
Nazerian said they could look 
into. Any voluntary retrofitting 
program would not qualify 
for grant funding they both 

 Nazerian said, if the ordinance 
passed, the only way for a 
property owner to be removed 
from the list is having an 
engineer writeoff that the 
retrofitting had been done. He 
did say that if someone though 
they are on the list by mistake, 
to call city hall and a city 
building inspector would look 
at the property. 

 Nazerian said the proposed 
ordinance would be discussed 
by the Public Safety Committee 
in December and then finalized 
in January. The ordinance 
would then go the city council 
sometime in January or 

 “If adopted, it is estimated to 
go into effect in the spring of 
2019,” he said. 

Holiday Look In Home 
Tour and Boutique

The Women’s Committee 
of the Pasadena Symphony 
Association will present the 
Fifty-First Annual Holiday 
Look In Home Tour and 
free Boutique on December 
1 and 2. The self-guided 
Home Tour will include four 
historic and architecturally 
significant homes and 
gardens in Pasadena and will 
be open from 9:30 a.m. to 
4:00 p.m. The Boutique will 
be open from 9:00 a.m. to 
5:00 p.m. at the Scottish Rite 
Cathedral, 150 N. Madison 
Avenue, Pasadena. 

 This highly anticipated 
Pasadena tradition offers 
an opportunity to view the 
artistry of four of the City’s 
most prominent floral 
designers; this year including 
Seasonal Décor by Margit 
Holakoui, Contemporary 
Creations by Jacob Maarse, 
Yuletide Creations by Ixora 
Floral Studio and Festive 
Floral Designs by Drew 
Domenghini with Patterson’s 
Topiaries, Pots and Teas. 
As you tour the homes and 
gardens, you will enjoy the 
elegant music of talented 
Pasadena-area musicians. 

 The Holiday Boutique 
showcases seasonal and 
year-round home décor 
items, delicious gourmet 
foods, unique jewelry, and 
other personal and gift 
items. No ticket is required 
for the Boutique and ample 
parking is available in the 
lots on either side of the 
Scottish Rite Cathedral.

 Since 1957, the volunteers 
of the Women’s Committee 
of the Pasadena Symphony 
Association have worked 
tirelessly to present the 
Holiday Look In Home 
Tour and Boutique in 
support and celebration of 
the world-class Pasadena 
Symphony and POPS. And, 
through the years, this event 
has evolved into one of 
Pasadena’s most cherished 
and highly anticipated 
holiday traditions.

 Tickets for the Home Tour 
can be purchased online at: 
or at French Hand Laundry, 
606 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena 
for $35 each. They can also 
be purchased during the 
event at the Scottish Rite 
Cathedral, 150 N. Madison 
Ave., Pasadena, for $40 
each. If you have questions, 
please call 626-793-7272. 
All proceeds benefit the 
Pasadena Symphony and 
POPS and music education 
programs throughout the 
San Gabriel Valley.

Fifty-One Years of 
Elegant Homes

Assistance League's 
Featured Artist Program

Rose Bowl 

Sales for 

 Assistance League of 
Pasadena has operated 
its Craft Fair Gift Shop 
featuring senior artists 
and crafters for over 
64 years. Assistance 
League (through its 
Craft Fair Gift Shop) 
assists over 150 senior 
exhibitors who excel in 
many artistic mediums, 
and this year Craft Fair 
Gift Shop has initiated 
a “Featured Artists of 
the Month” program to 
highlight local talents. 

 November’s two 
featured artists are 
Mary Holley and Soly 
Diaz. Mary’s critically 
acclaimed bead 
weaving and ethnically 
inspired jewelry has 
won her fans through 
the United States. A 
local resident for over 
25 years, Ms. Holley 
has dabbled in many 
art mediums but loves 
the fluidity of the bead 
weaving and creating 
art that can be worn. 
Soly Diaz specializes 
in fused glass work. A 
Pasadena resident for 
over 20 years, Ms. Diaz 
is a retired research 
chemist who started 
exploring the properties 
of glass and light just 
five years ago. Her 
colorful glass pieces are 
not only beautiful, but 
often practical as well. 

Come support Craft Fair’s 
Featured Artists and browse 
through the work of so many 
other talented craftsmen 
and artists. Gifts and 
personal treasures abound 
at reasonable prices that 
support senior citizens in 
the arts. Open Wednesday 
through Saturday 11 am-4 
pm, Craft Fair is located 
at 820 E California Blvd 
in Pasadena. Sales support 
this Assistance League of 
Pasadena program. For more 
information on Assistance 
League of Pasadena visit;



 Pg. 3


Pg. 4

 Ticket Sale for Pasadena 

 Residents of Pasadena are 
given an opportunity to 
purchase tickets in advance by 
lottery system on December 
1, 2018 at the Pasadena Civic 
Auditorium’s Box Office 
located at 300 E. Green Street. 
There is a maximum limit of 
two tickets per person, the 
person buying the tickets must 
be 18 or older, and show proof 
of Pasadena residency with a 
valid California driver’s license 
or California identification 

Cost: $173.00 per ticket ($160 
face value + $13 box office fees)

Methods of Payment: Cash and 
credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, 
and American Express) are 
accepted, but checks are not.

Sale Timeline: 7:00 AM: Line-
up will be allowed. No line-ups 
will be allowed prior to 7:00 

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Random 
numbered wristbands will be 
distributed to all in attendance.

9:00 AM: Wristbands will no 
longer be issued and random 
starting number will be called.

9:30 AM: Line-up for purchase 
may begin.

10:00 AM: Residents may 

Venue: Pasadena Civic 





Pg. 7




 Pg. 10

Mary Holley









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