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VOLUME 12 NO. 52

Week Returns

Rose Floats Get Final Preparations

Rose Parade Safety Tips

During Cheeseburger Week 
from January 6th to January 
11th, Pasadena honors Lionel 
Sternberger’s genius in being the 
first to put cheese to hamburger 
and serve it at the Rite Spot 
in Pasadena in 1924. Forty of 
Pasadena’s favorite restaurants, 
lounges and burger joints offer 
their signature burgers, some 
special creations and great deals 
during Pasadena Cheeseburger 

In 1924, as legend has it, teenaged 
Lionel Sternberger burned one 
side of a hamburger patty at The 
Rite Spot, his father’s roadside 
stand in Pasadena, rather than 
throw away the spoiled burger, 
he masked his mistake with a 
piece of cheese and served it to 
a very appreciative customer. 
Sternberger’s achievement is the 
first verified instance of someone 
serving a hamburger with cheese. 
Over the years, Sternberger 
perfected his Aristocratic Burger, 
much to the delight of customers 
at The Rite Spot. Sternberger’s 
culinary achievement has been 
documented by Hamburger 
America, the Los Angeles Times 
and even Time magazine in its 
obituary of Sternberger.

To celebrate Sternberger’s 
culinary masterpiece, Pasadena 
restaurants are offering specials, 
unique creations and the tried 
and true. Patrons can experience 
the Zacatecas Burger from 
El Portal and Yahaira’s, the 
K-POP from Dog Haus and 
Dog Haus Biergarten, sliders 
at Vertical Wine Bistro, the 
Impossible Burger at Umami or 
the traditional, and nationally 
recognized cheeseburger at Pie 
‘n Burger. New participants for 
20-19 include 1919 Café at The 
Huntington, Trejo’s Cantina, 
Foothill and the New School of 

Patrons can experience a terrific 
burger experience, from top-of-
the-line fine dining experiences to 
burger stands and lounges. Those 
wanting a variety of experiences 
can organize a cheeseburger crawl 
or follow one of the pre-planned 
themed crawls.

Information on venues, 
specials, cheeseburger crawls 
and more can be found at: 

As the 130th Rose Parade 
approaches on Tuesday, Jan. 
1, 2019, Pasadena’s Fire and 
Police departments are issuing 
the following safety tips for 
the thousands of overnight 
campers who will line the route 
on New Year’s Eve. The parade 
route will be a safer place if 
everyone follows the rules and 
regulations intended for the 
safety of all parade-goers.

What You Can Do:

•Overnight camping is 
permitted only on the night of 
Monday, December 31st.

•A position on the sidewalk
may be maintained along 
the parade route beginning 
at Noon Dec. 31, 2018. All 
persons and property, such as 
blankets, chairs and personal 
items, must remain on the 
curb until 11 p.m. At that time, 
spectators may move out to the 
blue “Honor Line” but not past 

•Small, professionally 
manufactured barbecues 
elevated at least 1 foot off the 
ground are allowed on the 
parade route as long as they 
are 25 feet from buildings and 
other combustibles. A fire 
extinguisher must be readily 

•Minors under the age of 18
may be on the parade route 
from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. only if 
they are supervised by an adult.

•Dress for cold weather! 
Children and seniors may need 
extra layers of clothing to avoid 
hypothermia. Remember hats 
and gloves.

•Drink healthy fluids and 
consume nourishing meals to 
avoid dehydration.

•“If You See Something, Say
Something!” Report suspicious 
activities and packages to 
emergency authorities along 
the parade route.

•In case of emergency, call 9-1-
1 and know the cross streets 
from where you are calling. For 
a non-emergency, call (626) 

What You Can’t Do

•Appearance in the parade
is prohibited for any entries/
marchers who have not been 
approved by the Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses. Stay off 
the street and do not pass the 
blue “Honor Line.”

•Tents, sofas and boxes of any
type that can be used as stools 
or seats are prohibited along 
the route.

•Unoccupied chairs are not
allowed and will be removed 
from the parade route.

• Bonfires are strictly prohibited 
and considered “illegal burns.”

•ALL Fireworks are prohibited
except as part of scheduled 
official events.

•No items may be sold along
the parade route without a City 

•Selling space along the parade
route, other than grandstand 
seating, is illegal.

•It is illegal to buy, sell or give
away horns on the parade route.

•No public areas—sidewalks,
curbs, gutters, streets, ramps—
may be cordoned or roped off.

•No ladders or scaffolding may
be used as elevation for viewing 
the activities.

•Pets are not recommended
along the parade; keep them 
safe at home!

•Throwing any object into the
parade; or at passing vehicles 
or pedestrians the night before 
the parade is dangerous and 
prohibited. Violators can be 
cited and property seized.

•Unauthorized vehicles
obstructing emergency travel 
lanes or parked in restricted 
areas will be towed; at owners’ 
expense. No exceptions.

•Open containers of alcohol
are illegal on public streets, 
sidewalks and all other public 
areas. Violators may be cited or 

•Sale, possession and use
of illegal drugs will not be 

 Enhanced security measures 
will be in effect on the parade 
route. Pasadena Police Officers 
will resolve problems quickly 
and remove from the scene 
anyone violating the law or 
disturbing the peace. Also, 
police canine teams will be 
patrolling Colorado Boulevard.

 Colorado Boulevard will once 
again close to motor vehicles 
earlier than in prior years for 
the staging of the January 1, 
Tournament of Roses Parade. 
Colorado Blvd. will close 
beginning at 10:00 pm on 
Monday, December 31, and 
will remain closed through the 
conclusion of the staging and 
clean-up following the parade. 
The parade route will re-open 
by 2:00 pm on Tuesday.

 If you plan to host an event, 
viewing party, or anticipate 
vendor deliveries, and your 
property’s access is via 
Colorado Blvd., please let your 
guests and vendors know that 
they must arrive prior to 10:00 
pm or park in areas without 
restricted parking and walk in.

 The Pasadena Fire Department 
responds to more than twice 
the number of calls on parade 
day than on average days. 
These calls include reports of 
hypothermia, illegal burning, 
miscellaneous medical issues, 
assaults and alcohol-related 

 For more information about 
Rose Parade safety, rules and 
regulations, visit: visitpasadena.
com, cityofpasadena.net/
police or call the Pasadena Fire 
Department at (626) 744-7276.

Pictured (top) volunteers 
prepare Honda’s five satellite 
units, that will surround the 
main “Celebration of Dreams" 
float entry that will lead the 
130th Rose Parade. The 25-
foot tall float will be shaped like 
a giant birthday cake. In the 
background is the 2019 Rose 
Parade opening banner float. 
The company said "In keeping 
with Honda's commitment to 
the environment, the float will 
be powered by a specially 
configured low-emission, 
Honda hybrid powertrain. The 
Parade's theme banner float 
will also be powered by Honda 
hybrid technology." 

 Pictured (bottom) is Kiwanis 
International float theme is 
"Helping Kids Rock Their 
Future ," a giant jukebox spilling 
out records.

Photos By D. Lee/MVNews


 Los Angeles County 
Sheriffs, Altadena Station, 
are advising residents that 
Millard Campground 
Closed Due to the 
government shutdown 
Millard campground will 
be closed and Chaney Trail 
gate to remain locked for the 
foreseeable future. People 
will still be able to hike 
in the forest, however the 
facilities within the forest 
will be limited if at all.

 Please call (818) 899-
1900 for current conditions 
and open/closed status. 
Interagency Pass or 
Adventure Pass is required 
for vehicles parked at this 

 They also noted that the 
fs.usda.gov website will 
not be updated during the 

Kool & the Gang to 
‘Stellabrate Good Times’



 Pg. 3

 Stella Rosa announced 
they will again be 
making an appearance 
in the Rose Parade, 
after the successful 
debut of its first wine 
float in 2014. 

 This time, in keeping 
with the theme 
“Melody of Life”, the 
55-foot long Stella 
Rosa float (pictured 
above) will feature the 
legendary Grammy-
award winning band 
Kool & the Gang, which 
has influenced the 
music of generations 
and will fittingly be 
celebrating their 50th 
year. Adding to the 
excitement of this 
collaboration, Kool & 
the Gang will be singing 
their hit “Celebrate 
Good Times” with 
a twist, changing it 
to “Stellabrate Good 
Times.” Accompanying 
the band will be a 
troupe of fifty dancers 
dancing to Kool & the 
Gang, along the five-
mile route. 

 Since the Riboli family 
created Stella Rosa 
15 years ago, it has 
become the number 
one imported Italian 
wine in the country, 
and earned Shanken’s Impact 
Hot Brand five consecutive 
years, and been named 
a Blue Chip brand four 
consecutive years. To thank 
all their loyal customers 
through the years, the Riboli 
family is also giving back by 
incorporating a “Wish Upon 
a Stella Rosa” campaign, in 
line with the magical genie at 
the top of the float, appearing 
from a sculpted wine bottle 
and soaring over bountiful 
vineyards of Northern Italy. 
The campaign is focused 
on the holiday spirit of 
granting wishes. Fans from 
across the country can 
submit three wishes online 
at: stellarosawines.com with 
a short description as to 
why they should be chosen. 
Winners will be chosen 
based on creativity and 
more importantly, on how 
the granted wish will impact 
and improve their life. 

 “The Stella Rosa brand 
is an important part of 
my family’s historic San 
Antonio Winery in Los 
Angeles, and we couldn’t 
be prouder to participate in 
the world-renowned Rose 
Parade a second time,” said 
vice president Steve Riboli. 
“Having Kool & the Gang 
perform on our float, while 
being able to give back just 
adds to the excitement!”


Pg. 4





Pg. 7

Metro Safety


 Thursday, Jan. 31, at 10 
a.m. at the Pasadena Senior 
Center Representatives 
from Metro will help 
familiarize participants 
with local and regional 
transportation systems 
and connectivity within 
Los Angeles County. They 
will also explain the On 
the Move Riders Club that 
provides older adults with 
transit-oriented resources. 
After the presentation, learn 
first-hand how easy and 
enjoyable Metro travel can 

 You do not have to be a 
member to attend.

 The Pasadena Senior 
Center is located 85 E. 
Holly St. For more visit: 
or call 626-795-4331.



 Pg. 10









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