Celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 21, 2019

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Celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 21, 2019




Police Fire 
at Fleeing 

Farber Elected President 
of Tournament of Roses

 The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses Board of Directors 
announced Friday Laura 
Farber as President for the 
2019-2020 Tournament 
of Roses year. Farber will 
provide leadership for the 
131st Rose Parade and the 
106th Rose Bowl Game on 
Wednesday, January 1, 2020. 

 Farber announced “The 
Power of Hope” as the 
Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses theme to encourage 
creativity in float entries, 
marching bands and 
equestrian participants. 
“With hope – anything, in 
fact, everything is possible,” 
shared Farber. “Hope is more 
than simply the possibility 
of fulfillment. Hope is 
dignity and respect, joy and 
happiness, aspiration and 
achievement. Hope never, 
ever quits. Through hope, we 
can aspire to be our best and 
in turn inspire those around 
us to reach higher.”

 Farber has been a volunteer 
member of the Tournament 
of Roses Association since 
1993 and was elected to 
the Executive Committee 
in 2012. Throughout her 
extensive Tournament 
career, Farber has served 
on and chaired various 
committees including 
Formation Area, Judging and 
Membership Development. 

 In addition to her many 
years of service in the 
Tournament of Roses, her 
civic activities include being 
a member of the Rose Bowl 
Legacy Foundation Advisory 
Board and the Rose Bowl 
Legacy Foundation Museum 
Committee, member of the 
board of directors of the 
non-profit Clazzical Notes, 
a four-year member of 
the board of directors for 
the YWCA, a member of 
the school site council for 
Marengo Elementary School 
in South Pasadena, and an 
officer of the South Pasadena 
Middle School Booster Club. 

 Born in Buenos Aires, 
Argentina, Farber’s native 
language is Spanish. She 
earned her bachelor’s 
degree, cum laude, with 
departmental highest 
honors, in 1987 from 
University of California, Los 
Angeles and her juris doctor, 
cum laude, in 1990 from 
Georgetown University.

Pasadena Police, last, week 
released information about an 
officer Involved shooting that 
ended with no Injuries and a 
suspect in custody.

 According to Pasadena 
police, on January 11, at 
approximately 4:36 p.m., 
in the 1800 block of North 
Raymond Avenue, Pasadena 
Police officers attempted to 
contact Brandon Green on an 
outstanding drug warrant.

 As officers approached on 
foot, Green took off running 
with officers in pursuit. 
During the foot chase, the 
suspect produced a handgun 
which led a Pasadena Police 
Department (PPD) officer to 
fire shots. Though uninjured, 
the suspect fell to the ground 
and was taken into custody 
without further incident. A 
firearm was recovered at the 
scene. Neither the involved 
officer, the suspect, nor any 
member of the community 
was injured during the 

 As per department protocol, 
a review of the officer-involved 
shooting has commenced, 
officials said.

 “This incident clearly shows 
the ongoing dangers of 
policing and the extraordinary 
efforts of our officers to keep 
our community safe,” said 
Chief of Police John Perez. “We 
should continue to support 
our officers as we conduct our 
investigation and the difficult 
work ahead. The officers faced 
tremendous danger, and their 
courageous actions should be 

 The suspect, Brandon 
Green, a 29-year-old African-
American and Pasadena 
resident, was booked at the 
Pasadena jail for assault 
on a peace officer and the 
outstanding warrant, with bail 
set at $126,000.

 Anyone with information 
should call the Pasadena 
Police Department at (626) 
744-4241 or anonymously, call 
“Crime Stoppers” by dialing 
(800) 222-TIPS (8477).

Mayor’s State of the City Moves Up the Board

 Using a lighthearted 
presentation theme of 
popular board games, such as 
“Monopoly” and “Scrabble,” 
Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek 
talked city finances Thursday 
night during his annual State of 
the City. 

 “We got to lighten things up 
a little,” he said, to a chuckling 
crowd, showing city hall as part 
of the board game “Life.” The 
event programs, handed out at 
the door, were giant Monopoly 
trading cards. 

 Tornek stayed positive as he 
thanked Pasadena voters for 
passing both Measures I and J.

 “Fiscal Year 20 should have an 
$11million surplus, and looking 
further ahead you’ll see that 
because of Measure I, the city 
will continue to be in good shape 
through FY 24 with income 
projected to exceed expenses,” 
he said. Incidentally,... if 
Measure I had not passed —a 
deficit of $2.3 million in FY 
20 that would have ballooned 
to a $13 million shortfall by 
FY 24. This would have meant 
imposing draconian cuts in 
order to maintain a balanced 
budget and a very different kind 
of speech tonight.”

 He said his proposal is to 
fund urgent capital projects, 
including, $2.5 million 
Colorado Street Bridge suicide 
barriers, $20.8 million for High 
Voltage Series Street Light 
Conversion, $120 million for 
fire station improvements and 
design for new facilities and 
other projects, a total of $166 

 Tornek noted that Measure 
J will share one-third of the 
revenue raised from Measure I.

 “The City Council has 
entered into a serious and 
unprecedented dialogue with 
the PUSD Board to see how we 
can use this $7 million per year 
to make a significant difference,” 
he said.

 The mayor’s speech came 
on the 25-year anniversary of 
the 6.7 magnitude Northridge 
Earthquake, and also as the 
city looks to mandate “soft 
story” building retrofits by the 
property owners.

 ”We inventoried all of our 
building, we have a draft 
ordinance that is in preparation, 
there have been public 
discussions with building 
owners, I expect that will be 
coming to the council by April 
if not sooner,” he said. “This is 
contentious because it means 
the property owners are going 
to have to spend money on 
these buildings to make them 

 Unreinforced “soft story” 
buildings were a major factor 
in the devastation during the 
Northridge quake, January 17, 
1994 that cost $42 billion in 
total damages. 

 Pasadena City Manager Steve 
Mermell said that they expect 
some of the retrofit costs will 
burden tenants with rent 

 “A lot of the cities that have 
done this already have sone 
kind of rent control, which 
Pasadena doesn’t have,” he said. 
“You should assume that the 
owners of the building will bare 
the cost.”

 Mermell also said they would 
continue looking at programs, 
used by other cities like Los 
Angeles, for seismic retrofit cost 

 Tornek also noted non-
budgetary issues included Metro 
allocating $105 million to build 
a grade separation of the Gold 
Line and California Boulevard. 
He also said that with the 710 
freeway gap project abandoned, 
“This [the ditch] is a legacy 
land use planning effort with 
all kinds of legal, design and 
planning issues, but it will result 
in recapturing approximately 50 
acres in the heart of our city for 
productive uses. To get a head 
start on what will take decades 
to complete, the city manager 
has a assembled a staff task force 
to begin to define the issues.” 

 The speech was held in 
Pasadena High School’s new 
Tom Hamilton Gymnasium.

Officials Identify Locations 
for Public Measles Exposure

 The Los Angeles County 
Department of Public Health 
(Public Health) and the City 
of Pasadena Public Health 
Department (PPHD) identify 
more locations for possible 
measles exposure. This is the 
same measles case previously 
announced. The individual 
visited the cities of Malibu, Santa 
Monica and Pasadena while 
infectious between December 
26 to December 29, 2018.

 This person visited the following 
venues at the following times:

Santa Monica Pier and the Blue 
Plate Taco restaurant (1515 
Ocean Ave., Santa Monica) on 
December 26 from 1:30 p.m. 
until 8 p.m.,

Ralphs (3601 E. Foothill Blvd., 
Pasadena) and Nordstrom 
Rack Hastings Village (3363 
E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena) on 
December 28 from 11:30 a.m. 
until 4 p.m., and

Paradise Cove Beach Café in the 
city of Malibu on December 29 
from 12:30 p.m. until 5 p.m.

 No current risk related to 
measles exists at these venues 
at this time as the period of 
possible exposure ended more 
than a week ago. In addition, 
because measles is spread 
from person-to-person by the 
respiratory route, there is no 
risk present related to food that 
may have been consumed at 
these locations.

 However, individuals who were 
present at these locations during 
the indicated times, especially 
those with weakened immune 
systems or persons who may 
not have been immunized 
against measles, may be at risk 
of developing measles and 
should watch for symptoms of 
the illness.

 Common symptoms include 
fever, cough, runny nose, 
conjunctivitis (red eyes) and a 
rash which usually appears 10 
to 12 days after the exposure. 
Persons who were potentially 
exposed and who develop 
symptoms of measles (especially 
fever and rash) should seek care 
immediately. Call ahead to your 
provider before going in so that 
actions can be taken to protect 

Measles immunizations are 
available at your healthcare 
provider, local pharmacy or 
health clinic. Public Health 
clinics offer no or low-cost 
immunizations for individuals 
who are uninsured or 
underinsured. To find a nearby 
Public Health clinic, call 2-1-1 
or visit: publichealth.lacounty.

Tibetan Monks to Create a 
Sand Mandala at Museum

to speak at 
Civic League



 Pg. 3


Pg. 4




 The Woman’s Civic League of 
Pasadena’s monthly luncheon 
will be on Monday, February 
4th at noon at the Women’s 
City Club, 160 N. Oakland, 
Pasadena. Free parking behind 
the Clubhouse on Madison. 
guest speaker: Victoria-Buxton 
Pacheco is a Registered 
Dietitian and has a B.A. & 
M.A. in Nutrition and recently, 
completed & published a 
nutrition textbook. She has 
a Certificate in Adult Weight 
Management with the Academy 
of Nutrition and Dietetics so 
she will be focusing on Energy 
Balance and Weight Control: 
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. 
Cost for lunch is $25 at the 
door. Lunch reservations must 
be made by 8pm January 30th. 
To make luncheon reservations, 
call 626-888-9404. There is 
no cost to attend the ‘program 
only’ beginning at 12:30pm. 
For more information visit: 
clpasadena.org and for more 
information about joining The 
Woman’s Civic League contact 
Membership Chairman Lela 
Bissner at lbissner@gmail.com


Pg. 7

 USC Pacific Asia 
Museum is set to 
host Tibetan monks 
from the Drepung 
Gomang Monastery. 
They will spend one 
week creating a Sand 
Mandala, a Tibetan 
Buddhist tradition that 
involves the creation 
and destruction 
of paintings made 
from colored sand. 
Once completed, 
it is ritualistically 
dismantled to 
symbolize the 
Buddhist belief in the 
transitory nature of 
material life.

 The opening blessing 
ceremony will take 
place tomorrow at 
12:00pm and the 
closing dissolution 
ceremony will take 
place on Saturday, 
January 26 at 12:00pm.

 Museum visitors will be able 
to observe the creation of 
the mandala during regular 
public open hours:

Sunday, January 20th, from 
12:00 pm

Wednesday, January 23rd, 
from 11:00 am

Thursday, January 24th, from 
11:00 am, Free admission 

Friday, January 25th, 2019 
11:00 am

Saturday, January 26th, 2019 
11:00 am

 Closed on Mondays and 

 Viewing is free with museum 

 USC Pacific Asia Museum is 
located 46 North Los Robles 

 Public Transportation, 
take the Metro Gold Line to 
Memorial Park Station. From 
there, it is about a .5 mile walk 
east to the USC Pacific Asia 




 Pg. 10









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