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Mountain View News Saturday, January 19, 2019 

KATIE Tse..........This and That



“This year I want to go on more adventures, be 
around more good energy, 

connect with people, learn new things and grow.”

“What if you simply devoted this year to loving 
yourself more!”

“Do more of what makes you happy!”

We’re three weeks into the New Year and I’m actually 
keeping the resolution I made. It’s one of those 
above. How are you doing with yours? What’s at the 
top of most people’s resolution list? Lose weight. 
Yep, year after year, we all want to lose weight. 
What else do we want to change about ourselves? 
More exercise? Less TV? More reading? Tackle the 
World’s Great Books? Get serious about cleaning 
out our closets and donating those size 6 jeans we’re 
never going to fit into and that blazer with the Joan 
Crawford shoulder pads to the Salvation Army? 
Maybe pass along a book we’ve read to someone 
else instead of sticking it on a shelf? 

 Exercise. Sigh… I don’t do enough of it and I 
know it. You probably don’t either. But I have been 
doing a little more as I’ve got a new walk that takes 
half an hour, and at about the 2/3 mark there’s a 
wall I sit on to watch the sun rise. Every day God 
paints a fantastic picture for me to see. Every day is 
an awesome sunrise, different than the day before. 
That’s an excellent way to start the day, admiring 
God’s creation peeking over the mountains.

 The world of serious exercise folks tell us that 
we need just as much resistance training as we do 
cardio. Weight training makes for stronger bones 
and all sorts of good stuff. But you can’t go to the 
gym till you do something with the bed-head hair, 
put some concealer on the bags under the eyes and, 
for pity’s sake, just a little blush so one doesn’t look 
like a zombie. 

 Unfortunately, a very dear friend just sent me a 
cute little tin full of fudge. I love fudge. My favorite 
treat in this world? A McDonald’s hot fudge sundae. 
Yes, friends, I’m admitting that in print. I’ve already 
eaten 3 pieces of this fudge and have to figure out 
a way to store it out of my sight till Super Bowl 
Sunday so I can bring it out and leave it with other 

 I made a few more resolutions after reading an 
editorial Susan Henderson wrote a while back. Here 
are some of her thoughts that really struck me: If 
we want to make society better, we must start with 
ourselves. How about not making generalizations 
that disparage people who are different. Consider 
making a concentrated effort to see people as 
individuals instead of lumping them in with 
whatever group is making bad news currently. 
If we start with ourselves, we can diminish the 
amount of hatred that permeates the air. Here is 
her resolution, with which I wholeheartedly agree: 
Let’s all do better! Let’s start with ourselves, one 
person at a time. Let’s see if we can make love and 
respect spread that way. Let’s make 2019 the year 
when we passionately, as individuals work on real 
change. There’s a bulletin board in the office of the 
school where my Arizona granddaughters, Jessie 
and Emily, are in the fifth and third grade which 
says, “Some kids are smarter than you. Some kids 
have cooler clothes. Some kids are better at sports. 
It doesn’t matter.” It goes on and I know you want 
to see it so that’s the picture. Bottom line: Be Kind! 
That’s pretty easy to remember.

 Oh, if you’re wondering which resolution I 
picked for myself? It’s actually all of those up 
there at the top. Well, yeah, I’d like to lose a little 
weight, too. And maybe go through my closet and 
take out all the clothes I haven’t worn in five years 
or longer. Maybe get my car washed more than 
three times a year. And, as Aaron Burr says to 
Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton: “Smile more, 
talk less!” 

 “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with 
me.” Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller - 1955.

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Crazy rain we had this week, 
wasn’t it? I know we need it, 
but to me it kind of got old 
after the third straight day. 
On the second day I made 
the mistake of checking the 
weather channel site and was pleasantly surprised 
to see that it was supposed to clear up and stay dry 
for a couple days. At that point it was only drizzling. 

 By the time I got to work it had progressed to 
a steady rain. I was annoyed because I’d worn my 
regular sneakers and 
permeable jacket, as 
opposed to my snow-
worthy (and very 
UGLY!) indestructible 
shoes and heavy water-
resistant jacket. The 
jacket’s great for keeping 
me dry, but the hood’s 
just a tad too short, so the 
faux fur lining the rim 
makes me look like my 
hair’s gone wild (which 
of course is true of my 
hair most days regardless 
of the weather). My hair 
doesn’t need any help to 
look crazy, it’s got that 
job covered all by itself.

 When I got back 
home I realized I had 
the weather channel 
site set to Washington 
DC. Oops. At least the 
heater in my office is powerful enough to go from 
ice box to sauna in about 30 minutes, so I really had 
nothing to complain about.

 I work at a school, and it’s always kind of funny 
to witness parents who keep their kids home when 
it rains. (The ones who don’t work, that is.) I don’t 
have kids, so I can’t judge, but it seems like driving 
through a little water shouldn’t be such a big deal. 
I can understand the parents whose kids are on 
permits and therefore aren’t located in the district, 
and they’re bringing them to school from their 
home in Timbuktu, but for the ones who just live 
across the street, it seems like somewhat of a poor 

 Maybe we should start spelling weather as 
“whether,” because the climate so often determines 
what we’ll do any given day. Will I run after work 
today? I don’t know, depends on the whether. Will 
people drive normally or will they be crazy fast? Or 
creeping like turtles? I 
don’t know, depends on 
the whether.

 We’re blessed here in 
Southern California with 
a wonderful climate most 
of the time. Sure, it can get 
hot during the summer, 
but that’s alright. We’re 
used to it. My mom’s 
family is from Michigan, 
and my mom and aunt 
are fond of telling about 
how they had to trudge 
through chin-high snow 
five miles on their way to 
school winter mornings, 
in the dark. Kids were 
tougher back then.

 As you can see, I 
didn’t have anything 
earth-shattering to 
write about this time. 
Sorry. But I’m bound 
and determined to keep my New Year resolution 
of not recycling old stuff! My mom was supposed 
to go to lunch this week with her friend, Florence, 
whose stories I’ve lifted for my column before. She’s 
always a great source for material. But they had to 
cancel their lunch due to the whether. Hopefully 
next week I’ll have something more scintillating to 
offer you. I can’t promise, but I’ll try my best.


December 31, to January 6, 2019

During this period, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 219 day and night time calls for 

Monday, December 31 

Officers responded at about 6:37PM to a man passed out behind the wheel of a running car in the 00 block of Kersting Court. 
Following an interview and field testing, the man was found to be intoxicated and impaired by alcohol and was subsequently 
arrested and transported to the Pasadena Jail. 

Case to the DA’s office 

Tuesday, January 1 

At about 4:43PM, a person came into the Sierra Madre Police Department lobby to report that his vehicle had been broken 
into. The victim stated that he parked his car in the 1200 block of Via Granate at about 3:00PM and returned at about 3:30PM 
to find that an unknown suspect(s) shattered the rear driver side window and removed a hang bag from the floorboard 
containing items inside. A set of golf clubs, sunglasses, and other small items were also removed from inside the vehicle. 

Case to Detectives 

Wednesday, January 3 

Officers responded to the 400 block of Canon Drive to speak with a female that reported that she was in an argument with 
her boyfriend that became physical. Following an interview of both parties, the boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence 
and transported to the Pasadena Jail. 

Case to the DA’s office 

Thursday, January 4 

A resident came into the lobby at about 2:30PM, to report that he had been scammed out of $1100. The resident posted on seeking a job and was contacted by a woman who was looking for him to run errands as well as pet sit. The 
woman sent him a fraudulent check, which he did not realize was fraudulent until after he sent money. 

Case to Detectives 

January 6 to January 13, 2019 

During this period, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 241day and night time calls for 

Sunday, January 6 

Officers responded at about 4:30PM, to a call regarding unsupervised juveniles at a residence in the 00 block of Esperanza 
Ave. Upon arrival, officers made contact with multiple juveniles in the home, where there was a heavy smell of marijuana. All 
the juveniles were released to their parents, with the exception of two male juveniles who live at the residence. 

Tuesday, January 8 

Dispatch received a call from a resident regarding the welfare of a family member. 

Officers made contact with the individual and determined that he may be a danger to his father. The male was taken to a local 
hospital for observation. 

Wednesday, January 9 

A disturbance call in the 300 block of W. Sierra Madre Bl was reported at about 1:08AM. Responding officers detained six 
subjects in and around a parked vehicle. Four glass methamphetamine smoking pipes were found in the vehicle that had 
expired registration. 

Case DA’s office. 


Officers were dispatched to the 300 Blk of Lima St regarding a suspicious male possibly under the influence of a controlled 
substance. Upon arrival, officers saw the suspect fleeing and jumping over a fence. A perimeter and containment was set up 
utilizing outside resources from Monrovia PD, Arcadia PD and air support from Pasadena PD. The suspect and a female 
were later located and apprehended. Further investigation revealed the suspect battered the female (his girlfriend). The male 
was arrested for domestic battery, being under the influence of a controlled substance and prowling. The female was also 
arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance. Both subjects were transported to the Pasadena Jail for 

Case to DA’s office 

Friday, January 11 

A woman reported that her locked vehicle, parked at Mount Wilson Trail and Mira Monte had its rear window smashed 
between 4:15PM and 6:40PM by unknown suspect(s). The loss is approximately $300 worth of property. 

Case to Detectives 

Sunday January 13 

A resident in the 300 block of Toyon Rd. called regarding a vehicle burglary where the front passenger window was smashed 
and a backpack with personal items was taken. 

Case to Detectives 


Officers responded to a suspicious person call in the 500 block of Grove St. where an unknown subject walked on the 
driveway and tried to open the car doors. The subject was not at the location when officers arrived. The subject was viewed 
on surveillance cameras by the residents. 

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