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California School of the Arts – San Gabriel 
Valley (CSArts-SGV) students are sure to 
capture hearts with the impressive dance 
feats and Tony Award-winning music of this 
year’s highly anticipated all-school musical, 
“Newsies.” Bringing to life the rough-and-
tumble world of New York City during the 1899 
Newsboy Strike, the show tells an inspiring 
story of friendship, hope and strength in 
numbers. The family-friendly performance 
is co-sponsored by the Glendale Community 
College Visual and Performing Arts Division, 
and takes place at their Mainstage Theatre 
from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2.

 The production features a cast of 40 students 
from across CSArts-SGV’s schools of dance, 
fine & media arts, music and theater. Casting 
students from various conservatories gives the 
aspiring artists the opportunity to collaborate 
with one another, as well as showcase and 
develop multiple talents in one setting.

 “Our annual all-school musical is a terrific 
way to highlight the overall spirit and talent 
of the school,” said Chair of Theatre Jay 
Wallace, who is directing the show. “We chose 
‘Newsies’ for its infectious energy and the 
possibilities it provides for collaboration across 
conservatories. This musical resonates with 
young people and excites our CSArts-SGV 

 “Newsies” is well known for its highly 
creative and athletic dance numbers, requiring 
endurance and hard work from all performers. 
The show’s choreographer and CSArts-SGV 
Chair of Dance Alison Dambach describes 
how the performance is helping students to 
grow across disciplines.

 “I always encourage our students to develop 
their skills in dancing, singing and acting, 
knowing how difficult it is to do all three at 
once,” said Dambach. “It takes a lot of breath 
support and stamina to get through a typical 
musical, and in ‘Newsies,’ there’s no holding 
back on the dancing. The cast dances through 
scenes, through transitions, on top of tables…
you name it, they do it. Our students are so 
superb that they’ve stepped right up to the plate 
from the first day of auditions and have built 
the confidence to perform this very physical 

 The set, designed by professional scenic 
designer Amanda Stuart, provides great 
flexibility and dynamic levels for the performers 
to shine while emulating aspects of the New 
York City skyscrapers. The talented team 
leading the production also includes Bridget 
McNally (associate choreographer/director) 
and Graham Jackson (music director). Jeffrey 
de Seriere, director of the Instrumental Music 
Conservatory conducts the orchestra in Alan 
Menken’s heartwarming score.

 CSArts-SGV is grateful to the Glendale 
Community College (GCC) Visual and 
Performing Arts Division for the use of its 
performing arts space, as well as providing 
mentorship to production and design students 
who have the opportunity to work alongside 
GCC technical staff.

 “Glendale Community College is excited 
to partner with California School of the Arts 
– San Gabriel Valley, in their production of 
‘Newsies,’ ” said Peter J. Green, D.M.A., GCC 
chair of visual and performing arts. “We at 
GCC recognize that the visual and performing 
arts are an essential and integral part of the 
personal, social and economic well-being of our 
students. We hope to continue this wonderful 
collaboration between both schools.”

 “Newsies” takes place Thursday - Friday, Jan. 
31-Feb. 1 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 2 at 2 
p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased 
online at for $25, or at 
the door for $30.

By Joan Schmidt 

 Debra Mendelsohn from Supervisor Barger’s office: 
The Live Oak Library at 22 W. Live Oak Avenue, 
Arcadia, opening in 2020, will be 7440 sq. ft. Barger 
feels, “Our county libraries…more than books on the 
shelves…have evolved into vital community focal point 
where people help others learn and succeed.”

 The new library will include an adult reading area, 
a teen area, a children’s area with a homework center, 
a glass enclosed study room, a 40-seat community 
meeting room, express-service self checkout machines, 
public assess computers, Wi-Fi and a collection of 
42,500 books and other library materials.

 On January 15, the Board of Supervisors 
approved a motion by Supervisors Bargar and 
Hahn to create a countywide plan for the provision 
of mental health services through the Department 
of Mental Health.

 Barger feels, “80 school districts in LA County…
important to look at this as a county-wide effort…the 
issue impacts all of our schools…I have met with local 
schools…they agree there is a critical need for mental 
health programs.” 

 The motion directs the Department of Mental 
Health to work with LA County Office of Education, 
the Auditor-Controller and the CEO to develop a 
countywide plan to provide school based mental health 
services including but not limited to prevention and 
early intervention services, education, support and 
outreach…plan will include identification of resources, 
timeline for implementation …with comprehensive 
report back to Board in 45 days.

 On January 15, the Board approved a motion by 
Barger directing county agencies to develop a regulatory 
framework for safe commercial operation of e-scooters 
in the communities of unincorporated Los Angeles 
County….November 2018, arrival of e-scooters in 
Altadena and East Pasadena created a serious concern 
about public safety and nuisance issues. Barger’s 
motion directs the CEO in collaboration with county 
departments and agencies to develop a pilot program 
in 45 days with regulations allowing for safe operation 
and storage of shared e-scooters and bikes on County 

 Temple Station Deputy Nelson’s report included 
Captain Flores’ yearly stats: LASD Temple responded to 
59,000 calls, 5003 arrests, 617 suspects in jail, use of force 
down 11%, decrease in crime…many acts of vandalism 
shared on Next Door, not reported to LASD, couldn’t 
be investigated. Burglaries continue, perpetrators go 
to back of the house, break windows to get in. (Props 
47 & 57 facilitate this) New ploy: Two on a motorcycle 
stop next to a pedestrian. One gets off, assaults and 
robs pedestrian, jumps back on motorcycle. Fireworks 
still an issue: person must be caught lighting them. 
GOOD NEWS! Sheriff Villanueva believes Operation 
Safe Street is vital at full force: now, more personnel at 
Temple Station. Gang Injunction also is being used by 
Monrovia PD.

 Mike Vercillo, Arcadia PD Community Relations 
Officer spoke of Arcadia’s great success with RING 
Program. The City allotted $25,000 matched by RING. 
This is also available for Arcadia County Residents!

 CHP Officer Tony Chen was in Sacramento for 
training, and his two partners were teaching a class, but 
they will be at our next meeting.

 Please visit to learn of great 
Library programs.

February Town Council Mtg: Pamela Park, 7pm , 2236 
Goodall Ave, Duarte.

Arcadia Commons Update. Recognition of Terrence 

City of Sierra Madre


From: The City of Sierra Madre

Subject: Shared Mobility Devices 

Applicant: City of Sierra Madre

Project Location: Properties in the City of Sierra Madre, 

 County of Los Angeles, State of California

On January 22, 2019 the City Council of the City of Sierra Madre conducted a second reading of Ordinance No. 1408, 
recommending adoption of Municipal Code Text Amendment 19-01 (MCTA 19-01). The purpose of MCTA 19-01 is to 
prohibit electric scooters and motorized or non-motorized bicycles with dockless technology offered by a private entity 
from being placed, abandoned, or offered for use in the public right-of-way or on public property in the City of Sierra 
Madre. MCTA 19-01 amends Title 10, Chapter 10.12, Section 10.12.030 (Reserve) of the Sierra Madre Municipal Code, 
to read “Shared Mobility Devices” establishing a purpose statement, definition, prohibition, and violations subject to an 
impound fee. This ordinance will become effective on February 21, 2019.

This summary is published pursuant to Government Code Section 36933(c)(1) and a full and complete certified copy of the 
text of Ordinance 1408 is available at the Sierra Madre City Manager’s Office located at City of Sierra Madre City Hall, 
232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA. For further information on this subject, please contact the Planning and 
Community Preservation Department at (626) 355-7138.

ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION: The adoption of this ordinance qualifies for an exemption from the California 
Environmental Quality Act review pursuant to Title 14, Section 15061(b)(3) of the California Code of Regulations as it 
can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility the adoption of this Ordinance may have a significant effect on the 
environment, because the prohibition of shared mobility devices will protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the 
City’s residents. Therefore, the City Council concludes that the amendments to Section 10.12.030 will not have a significant 
effect on the environment.

APPEAL: If in the future anyone wishes to challenge the decision of the City Council in court, one may be limited to raising 
the issues that were raised or presented in written correspondence delivered to the City Council at, or before, the previously 
scheduled public hearings. For further information on this subject, please contact the Planning and Community Preservation 
Department at 626-355-7138.

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