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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 9, 2019 


Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

A simple smile. It’s been described as a universal 
language. It’s a contagious gesture that can break the 
ice between two people who’d otherwise likely not 
interact. It can bring hope to a despairing soul and 
healing to a broken heart. But for some, a smile is 
anything but simple. Indeed, for many it can be the 
toughest task they will attempt to perform on any 
given day. In comes the dog.

 Unassuming, trusting and unconditionally loving, 
the dog is predictably and consistently capable of 
bringing out the best in people. I see it happen all the 
time. Typically when I’m out walking my canine clients 
around town. I, myself am somewhat of a gregarious 
individual and I feel privileged to live in a community 
where local folks take the time to greet one another 
other on the street. So for me, sharing a smile with a 
passerby comes quite natural.

 But I realize not everyone feels the same way I do. 
Some folks prefer to keep to themselves. Then there 
are those who may want to connect but they are too 
shy or unsure how to initiate that contact. Fortunately, 
when I do come across folks who seem to have 
difficulty exchanging common cordialities, my four-
legged friends are ready and willing to help relieve the 
awkward tension and bridge the gap.

 There’s just something about a dog that brings people 
together, even if only for a brief hello. It’s a gift given to 
canines by their Creator, I believe. They may not know 
they possess such a gift, but one thing is for sure; they 
put it to use every chance they get. It’s like a secret job 
of a dog to bring encouragement to the humans who 
need it most. It’s just part of their nature.

 This all came to mind one day, as I was strolling the 
boulevard with one of my more outgoing furry friends, 
“Bogie”. I was talking to him as we walked. I asked how 
his morning had been and if the kitties had kept him 
good company before I’d arrived to take him out. I’m 
pretty sure he had no idea what I was talking about, 
but he was kind enough to look my way occasionally 
and nod as if to agree with every word I said.

 As we rounded the curve at Kersting Court, I saw 
lots of people seated at the tables in front of Starbucks. 
Generally, the folks we meet there appreciate the 
opportunity to say hello to a beautiful, gentle giant of a 
dog like Bogie. In fact, Bogie has a fan club among the 
regulars at Starbucks. I think he actually 
knows more people in town than I do. 
Probably because he’s so handsome and 

 I don’t ever assume people want to stop 
and pet the dogs I walk, although I’ve 
noticed that most people get visibly excited 
at the prospect of meeting Bogie. And 
when they do show interest, I always try 
to stop long enough for him to receive the 
loving pats and words of admiration they 
have to offer before we continue on our 

 This particular day was different. As we 
came around the Kersting Court curve, I sensed a 
coldness in the air. It struck me as strange since it was 
such a warm day, but this was a different kind of chill. 
I’ve experienced it before and I can‘t explain it, but I 
will say I think it emits from a cold soul. It’s a nervous 
tension that can be physically felt by those nearby. 
Anyway, suffice it to say, the chill I felt that day was 

 As we passed through the crowd of aloof coffee-
drinkers, I couldn’t help noticing the palpable change 
of ambience that occurred the moment several of them 
caught a glimpse of my big, beautiful buddy, Bogie. 
Before I knew it, Bogie had captured the attention of 
nearly everyone there, and interaction between tables 
had ensued.

 But there was one individual who was sitting alone 
that appeared to be determined not to let anything, 
not even a kind canine, bring a smile to his bitter face. 
He seemed annoyed by the sudden swirl of chatter 
that had started up between the other patrons and he 
held his mean facial mask for several minutes, until 
something quite amazing happened.

 Bogie suddenly tugged on his leash and pulled me 
over to that guy’s table, where he stood directly in front 
of him and looked him right in the eye. Immediately it 
was as if all the effort he’d put into keeping a stern face, 
fell away. The man reached out his hand, petted Bogie 
on the head and a smile emerged where his fretful 
frown had been. It was then that the chill gave way to 
a warm, comforting breeze. I know it sounds made up, 
but I swear it is true.

 Now I’ve been told I have a knack for the dramatic, 
and I suppose that‘s true, too. But I am mindfully 
cautious when I speak of things Spiritual, and I must 
say I believe in my heart that God performed a miracle 
through Bogie’s random kindness that day. I believe 
God often uses dogs to do the jobs we humans are 
somewhat baffled by. Bogie was just going about the 
business bestowed upon him by his Maker, and who 
knows, he may well have even changed the course of 
a stranger’s life. I give you the amazing, authentic, 
affectionate dog, whose secret job is to simply make us 


Panchito is a 5-year-old Chi mix boy who was transferred 
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sweet and super friendly with people. Panchito loves the 
company of people and is looking for his new forever best 
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rubs, receiving massages, pets, cuddling in laps and giving 
kisses. Panchito has a calm energetic disposition, very well 
mannered and an easy going fellow. He enjoys casual walks 
and is very easy to handle on a leash. And during his walk, 
he likes to take his time, check out the beauty around him, 
lie down in the grass and roll in it. If you are looking for a 
new best friend, come and meet this special boy soon. His 
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