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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 22, 2019 

Memorial Held for South 
Pasadena Officer Sandoval

Join the City South 
Pasadena on Instagram

New Parcel Tax in South 
Pasadena Later This Year

The South Pasadena Police 
Department gathered at 
Garfield Park last week to 
memorialize the loss of 
Officer Kevin Sandoval. 
Members of the Sandoval 
family joined at the 

 Officer Kevin Sandoval 
passed away 8 years ago in 
the line of duty during a 
training exercise at Burro 
Canyon Shooting Park in 
Azusa, CA on June 14th, 
2011. A 3-year veteran of 
the Department,” Kevin will 
always be remembered as 
dedicated, compassionate 
and loyal to friends and 
family with a passion for 
his chosen vocation. Kevin 
exemplified all the qualities 
that make for an excellent 
police officer and he is 
greatly missed.” 

The City of South Pasadena is now on Instagram, please give us 
a follow @cityofsouthpasadena_ , for another fun way to to stay 
up to date with the city! Our page will feature events happening 
in South Pas, eco-friendly tips, and much more. Tag us in your 
photos, we would love to see what you think of South Pasadena. 

 A free bulky item pick-up day 
in San Marino is scheduled for 
Saturday, July 13th, 2019. Please 
call the City’s trash hauler, 
Athens Services, to make an 
appointment if you have bulky 
items you would like removed. 
Athens’s customer service 
number is (888) 336-6100.

 “Bulky” items are those that 
are oversized or overweight, 
such as stoves, refrigerators 
(Freon free), water heaters, 
washing machines, furniture, 
sofas, mattresses, box springs 
and large rugs.

San Marino 
Free Bulky 
Item Pickup

 The passage of Measure W in 2018 created L.A. County’s 
Safe Clean Water Program. The Safe Clean Water Program’s 
goals include improving and protecting water quality; 
capturing rain and stormwater to increase safe drinking 
water supplies and preparing for future droughts; and 
protecting public health and marine life by reducing 
pollution, trash, toxins and plastics entering Los Angeles 
County waterways, bays and beaches.

 Beginning in late 2019, the program will generate about 
$300 million through a special parcel tax of 2.5 cents per 
square foot for impermeable surface area (about $83 a year 
for the average County household). This includes paved 
and developed areas where rainfall cannot be absorbed into 
the ground and instead runs off as stormwater in the L.A. 
County Flood Control District.

 For more information please visit the Safe Clean Water 
Program website:

Crowell Library Programs

 Making Space, Clutter Free

Today at 2 pm: Decluttering 
expert Tracy McCubbin 
returns to Crowell Library 
to offer more revolutionary 
help to anyone who has 
repeatedly tried to break free 
from clutter’s mysterious 
hold. Discover the lasting 
happiness waiting for you 
sans clutter! Tracy will also 
be signing copies of her 
new book, Making Space, 
Clutter Free: The Last Book 
on Decluttering You’ll Ever 
Need. Her past appearances 
at Crowell Library have 
brought SRO crowds, so 
come early.

Adult Craft Hour

Saturday, 2 pm: Jul 20

Come and spend a lazy 
summer afternoon at an arts 
and craft hour especially for 
our adult patrons! Nothing 
is a better stress reliever than 
some time spent creating. 
The library will provide all 
the materials, just bring 
yourself and creativity! 
Registration is required for 
this program beginning on 
June 24th-July 13th. We will 
not be able to honor same 
day registration for this 
program. Sign up early.

Virtual Dementia Tour

Thursday, 7 pm: Jul 11

Zoila Castellanos, a 
professional from the 
memory care community, 
will conduct a “Virtual 
Dementia Tour” at Crowell 
Library. Participants 
will experience the 
overwhelming effects of 
trying to perform everyday 
tasks for one living with 
memory loss, building 
sensitivity along the way. 
Covering all the stages of 
the disease process, the 
VDT combines scholarly 
resources with a patented 
simulation toolkit that 
enables participants to 
experience the physical and 
mental challenges facing 
those with dementia and 
Alzheimer’s disease.

Creative Writing Workshop

Sunday, 2 pm: Jul 14

Are you a writer looking 
to sharpen your skills or 
gain inspiration for your 
current project? Or are 
you someone who loves to 
write creatively as a hobby? 
Spark your creativity with 
creative writing prompts 
and activities. Feel free 
to share your work with 
others in a non-judgmental 
environment. No 
registration is required, but 
must be 18 years or older to 

Dakim BrainFitness for 

 Dakim is an ideal way for 
people in their 50’s and up to 
keep their brain sharp. Think 
of it as a fun and engaging 
personal trainer for the 
brain. This clinically tested 
computer based program 
has a touch screen that 
anyone can use. It features 
more than 300 hours of vivid 
graphics, music, humor, 
movie clips, stories, and 
trivia, people can sign up for 
30 minute sessions or drop 
in without an appointment. 
Whether you are sharp as 
a tack or you are currently 
experiencing some cognitive 
decline, the system adjusts 
to one of 5 levels, based on 
your performance. First-
timers should sign up for an 
orientation to see what it

is about. Call 626-300-0777 
to make an appointment.

Schiff Offers Amendment 
to Ban Use of Glyphosate

 Rep. Adam Schiff again 
offered an amendment Last 
week to prohibit the Los 
Angeles District of the U.S. 
Army Corps of Engineers from 
using the herbicide glyphosate 
to manage vegetation in the 
Los Angeles River. There is a 
significant body of evidence 
linking glyphosate exposure to 
health problems. In 2015, the 
World Health Organization 
found that it was “probably 
carcinogenic” for humans, 
and California’s Office of 
Environmental Health Hazard 
Assessment has warned about 
its carcinogenic properties.

 “Many of my constituents 
who live near the Los Angeles 
River are rightly concerned by 
the Army Corps of Engineer’s 
use of glyphosate to remove 
vegetation,” said Rep. Schiff. 
“I believe the Army Corps 
should find alternative ways 
of managing vegetation in 
the river that do not raise 
health concerns, and I remain 
committed to finding legislative 
avenues to compel them to do 

 Rep. Schiff’s amendment would 
modify legislation currently 
being considered in the House 
to provide appropriations 
for the Army Corps for fiscal 
year 2020. Unfortunately, the 
amendment was not included 
by the House Rules Committee 
among the list of amendments 
that would receive a full vote in 
the House.

 Rep. Schiff previously wrote 
to Colonel Kirk E. Gibbs of 
the Army Corps in October 
2017 and January 2018, urging 
the Corps to find alternative 
approaches to manage 
vegetation that did not use 
glyphosate. After the Corps 
indicated they would not stop 
using glyphosate in response 
to community concerns, Schiff 
also proposed two similar 
amendments to legislation in 
the House last Congress to 
prohibit the use of glyphosate 
along the L.A. River.

 Proposed Amendment 
Would Prohibit Army 
Corps of Engineers from 
Using Herbicide in L.A. 

Chu Hosts Health Care 
Talks with Speaker Pelosi

 Speaker of the House Nancy 
Pelosi was in the San Gabriel 
Valley Monday to discuss 
health care, including access 
and affordability. The event, 
hosted by Rep. Judy Chu (CA-
27) was part of the “Speaker 
in the House” series to engage 
communities across the 
country and ensure the voices 
of the American people are 
being heard in the halls of 
Congress. The conversation 
was held at East Los Angeles 
College and featured LA 
County Supervisor Hilda Solis, 
Louis McCarthy, CEO of the 
Community Clinic Association 
of Los Angeles County, and 
Berenice Constant, the Vice 
President of Government 
Relations at AltaMed. They 
were joined by leaders 
representing LA Community 
College, Allied Pacific IPA, the 
CEOs of nine area hospitals, the 
Directors of local Departments 
of Public Health, and others. 
The moderated conversation 
addressed attempts to 
undermine the ACA and the 
need to protect it, proposals to 
reduce the price of prescription 
drugs, women’s health and 
access to abortion care, the 
proposed public charge rule 
and its impact on immigrant 
access to healthcare, and more. 
Rep. Chu, Speaker Pelosi, and 
Supervisor Solis issued the 
following statements:

 “I am so honored and happy to 
have Speaker Pelosi join us in 
the San Gabriel Valley for this 
important conversation,” said 
Rep. Chu. “Struggles to cover 
the rising cost of health care, or 
fear that an unexpected illness 
or injury could force difficult 
financial choices are among 
the top concerns I hear from 
constituents every day. This is 
an issue for all Americans, as 
evidenced last Congress when 
so many voters called to oppose 
the Republicans’ planned ACA 
repeal that they overwhelmed 
the Congressional phone 
lines. Health care – both the 
wellbeing of our loved ones and 
our ability to access and afford 
the care we need – is a kitchen 
table issue for millions. That is 
why we have made health care 
a top priority in our For the 
People agenda. From defending 
the ACA in court to lowering 
the cost of drug prices, we are 
committed to ensuring that 
health care is a right accessible 
to all.

 “As a member of the House 
Ways and Means Committee, 
I’m privileged to be on the 
front lines for health care. 
Just this spring, we advanced 
a bipartisan package of 
prescription drug bills that 
requires greater transparency 
from drug makers, studies 
trends in inpatient drug costs, 
and more. We are also fighting 
back against rules from this 
Administration meant to keep 
poor women or immigrants 
from accessing safe and legal 
health care, like the proposed 
Title X rule which would lead 
to the shutdown of clinics 
women rely on for care, or the 
cruel Public Charge rule that 
penalizes poor or disabled 
immigrants. That’s only some 
of what we achieved in our 
first 100 days in the majority, 
including passing legislation to 
clean up corruption, guarantee 
equal pay for equal work, and 
combat gun violence. Today’s 
conversation was a chance to 
share the progress we’re making 
directly with the community 
and to hear from those most 
involved about how we can 
do more. I am so grateful to 
Speaker Pelosi and all our 
other guests who made it such 
a success.”

 “House Democrats are 
accelerating a drumbeat of 
action across America to 
deliver on our promise For 
The People: to lower health 
costs by reducing the price 
of prescription drugs and 
protecting the pre-existing 
condition benefit,” said Speaker 
Pelosi. “It is a pleasure to join 
Congresswoman Chu, friends 
and health care advocates at 
East Los Angeles College for 
this critical conversation about 
protecting every families’ right 
to affordable, quality health 
care. In stark contrast to years 
of a special interest Republican 
Congress that put the wealthy 
ahead of working families, 
our Democratic Majority is 
ensuring that government 
works For The People.” 

 “As the Supervisor for the First 
District of Los Angeles County, 
I have seen firsthand how 
the Affordable Care Act has 
benefited LA County residents 
along with millions across 
California and the nation. We 
must do everything we can 
to protect the gains we have 
made, but I also believe that we 
must do more to achieve health 
equity so that everyone can 
live long, healthy, and vibrant 
lives,” said Los Angeles County 
Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “Los 
Angeles County is home to over 
10 million residents – which is 
more people than most states. 
We are a powerful voice. We 
are even more powerful when 
we join forces with leaders such 
as Congresswoman Chu and 
Speaker Pelosi to protect the 
progress we have made and do 
more to bring health care to all.”

South Pasdena Fourth of 
July Festival of Balloons


 “To the Moon and Beyond - 
50 Years of Exploring America’s 

The City of South Pasadena 
is celebrating its 38th annual 
Festival of Balloons.


Kiwanis Club Pancake 

Location: South Pasadena Fire 
Station, 817 Mound Avenue 
(enter on Hope Street, between 
Fremont Avenue and Mound 

Time: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Pancake Breakfast Tickets, Day 
of: $8.00 per person, kids under 
6 years old eat for free.

Pancake Breakfast Tickets, 
Presale (Beginning 6/20): $8.00 
per person, kids under 6 years 
old eat for free.

- South Pasadena Fire Station, 
817 Mound Avenue

- South Pasadena Senior 
Center, 1102 Oxley Street

- Bristol Farms, 606 Fair Oaks 

- Charlie’s Coffee House, 266 
Monterey Road

- Dinosaur Farm, 1510 Mission 

- Jones Coffee Roasters, 1006 
Mission Street

- Mission Framing, 1501 
Mission Street

- Re-Imagine Your Home, 1518 
Mission Street

- UPS Store, 1107 Fair Oaks 

- South Pasadena-San Marino 
YMCA, 1605 Garfield Avenue 

Event Picture 1

Opening Ceremony

Location: South Pasadena 
Library Community Room – 
lawn, 1115 El Centro Street

Time: 10:30 a.m.


Location: Mission Street, from 
Diamond Avenue to Garfield 

Time: 11:00 a.m.

the Parade Registration Packet 
(please follow the submission 
instructions in the packet).

Celebration at Garfield Park

Location: Garfield Park, 1750 
Mission Street

Time: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Details: Games, food, and 
activities Event 

Picture 3 

Fireworks Show

Location: South Pasadena High 
School, 1401 Fremont Avenue.

Time: 9:00 p.m. (Gates open at 
5:30 p.m.)

Details: Food vendors will be 
on site at the show. Pets are not 

- Stadium - Alcohol and glass 
bottles are not allowed in the 

- Field - Only water is permitted 
on the field, no food. Rounded 
bottom chairs only on the field 
(narrow legs/feet of camping 
chairs will damage the turf).

Fireworks Tickets, Presale 
(Beginning 6/20): $10.00 per 
person. Kids under 3 years old 
are free:

 - South Pasadena Fire Station, 
817 Mound Avenue

 - South Pasadena Senior 
Center, 1102 Oxley Street

 - Bristol Farms, 606 Fair Oaks 

 - Charlie’s Coffee House, 266 
Monterey Road

 - Dinosaur Farm, 1510 
Mission Street

 - Jones Coffee Roasters, 1006 
Mission Street

 - Mission Framing, 1501 
Mission Street

 - Re-Imagine Your Home, 
1518 Mission Street

 - UPS Store, 1107 Fair Oaks 

 - South Pasadena-San Marino 
YMCA, 1605 Garfield Avenue

Fireworks Tickets, Day of 
(July 4, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.): 
$10.00 per person. Kids under 
3 years old are free:

 - At the Pancake Breakfast 
(7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.)

 - At Diamond & Mission / 
City Hall / Fair Oaks & Mission 
(11:00 a.m. to finish of Parade)

 - At Garfield Park (12:00 p.m. 
to 3:00 p.m.)

Fireworks Tickets, At the Gate 
(July 4, 5:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.): 
$13.00 per person. Kids under 
3 years old are free:

Pasadena Humane Society 
Wiggle Waggle Registration 

 Registration for the 
Pasadena Humane Society & 
SPCA’s 2019 Wiggle Waggle 
Walk is now open! For a 
limited time, we’re offering 
special early bird pricing, 
so sign up today and join in 
raising lifesaving funds for 
animals in need throughout 
Pasadena and 10 other 
service cities!

 The 21st annual walk 
will take place Sunday, 
September 29th from 8 a.m. 
to 11 a.m. at Brookside Park 
at the Rose Bowl. They hope 
you’ll be back to enjoy all 
the excitement whether as 
an individual walker, a team 
captain, or as a member of a 

 The goal this year is to raise 
$225,000 to help provide 
food, shelter, veterinary care, 
and other services to the 
more than 11,000 animals 
who come through PHS’ 
doors every year.

 Early bird registration 
(before midnight on July 
31st) is just $25 per person 
and includes a bandana and 
participant bib. There are 
also great prizes for reaching 
fundraising milestones 
including a t-shirt, leash, 
socks, waist pack, and more.

 Fetch all the facts 
and register today at

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