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Special July 4th Celebration Edition

SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019 

VOLUME 13 NO. 26


A message from Sierra Madre 
Mayor John Harabedian

Dear fellow Sierra Madreans:

There is much to appreciate about the 
4th of July. Of course, it marks our 
country’s independence and, as a federal 
holiday, calls upon us all to celebrate 
our common bond as Americans. 
While our respective differences make 
this country so strong and rich in diversity, 
we all come together on this holiday 
as one, bound by a common bond 
as members of the greatest country in 
the world. 

But what I love most about July 4th are 
the warm memories growing up in Sierra Ma-dre and attending our 4th of July 
parade every year. Living on Sierra Madre Boule-vard, it was a short trip from my 
front door to the parade route, and my parents would always host a large group of 
friends and family (still do), followed by a barbe-cue and pool party. In the good 
old days, the highlights of the parade were always the water fights with our volunteer 
firefighters (especially our Older American of the Year Paul Hagen), and the 
loads of candy that the parade participants would throw to us kids. While such 
activities exist now only in nostalgia, the parade remains the ulti-mate symbol of 
pride and tradition of Sierra Madre. 

We are blessed to live in a town where volunteers ensure that this tradition lives 
on every year. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee 
who works tirelessly year-round to plan the parade and the many related 
events that go along with it. They could not have chosen a more deserving Grand 
Marshall in Bud Switzer. Better known as Mr. Pumpkin for his astonishing display 
of hundreds of jack-o-lanterns on his long, winding driveway on Alegria each year, 
Bud is a Korean War veteran and the 2018 George Maurer Lifetime Achievement 
Awardee. When you see Bud riding in the parade, give him a loud “Thank You,” as 
he has given so much for this country and community.

As your Mayor, I want to thank you on behalf of our City family – the City Council, 
staff, and commissioners. It is you the residents that make Sierra Madre the special 
place that it is, and we are truly humbled to serve you.

God bless Sierra Madre, and God bless America! 

Mayor John Harabedian


Story by Bob Spears

Photo of volunteer crew (above) by James Faulkner

There are very few locations in Sierra Madre more iconic 
than the Mount Wilson Trail. The trail is an essential 
element in the town’s history and predates almost all other 
development. The trail continues to this day to be the 
reason why people come from far and wide to visit our 
foothill village and hike in the mountains.

For almost three decades the maintenance and care of the 
Mount Wilson Trail has been directed by Charlie Bell. He 
has had numerous assistants and lots of support over the 
years, but he has been the consistent guiding force that has 
kept the trail open to everyone.

Whenever a section of the trail collapsed he engineered 
an alternative, safer route. Whenever landslides bury the 
trail he has moved tons of dirt to reopen the path. This 
year the rains caused large sections of the trail to slide into 
the canyon. Charlie stepped up and lent his engineering 
expertise to a team of volunteers who have rebuilt the trail 
by installing over 250’ of support fencing that has stabilized 
the trail.

The Mount Wilson Trail Race committee has worked under 
Charlie’s direction to prepare the trail for the annual race 
in May. The Committee recruits help for work parties from 
January to May. However, Charlie and friends continue 
to work on the trail all year long. For many, many years 
Charlie, and his little black dog, have been the friendly, 
helpful ambassadors on the trail. He continues to arrive 
every Saturday at 5:30 and spends the day grooming the 
trail and greeting everyone as they go by. 

A few years ago Charlie began engineering and installing 
a new section of trail that paralleled the existing trail and 
gave hikers access to the path going up the front of Jones 
Peak. Last Sunday fifteen members of the Mount Wilson 
Trail Crew went up the trail and installed a sign at the head 
of Charlie’s New Trail. The sign both gives hikers directions 
and recognizes Charlie for his years of service to everyone 
who uses the trail.

The sign reads “Thank You Charlie Bell for your many, many 
years of volunteer work on the trails above Sierra Madre. 
The hikers and runners who use these trails are forever 
grateful for your careful planning, excellent engineering 
and meticulous workmanship. With your quick smile, and 
faster wit you have given us a friendly access to the natural 
beauty of the mountains we all love.”

If you would like to help Charlie and the Mount Wilson 
Trail Crew you can make a tax-deductable donation to the 
Fletcher Fund at the Sierra Madre Community Foundation. 
Please send a check to the Sierra Madre Community 
Foundation, P.O. Box 716, Sierra Madre, CA 91025. Please 
write “Fletcher Fund” in the memo line on the check. All 
funds are used to purchase tools and supplies to maintain 
both the Bailey Canyon Trail and the Mount Wilson Trail.

Charlie and The Mount Wilson Trail Crew would like to 
thank all those who have donated to the Fletcher Fund as 
well as Arcadia Signs and Chadwick Engraving in Monrovia 
for their excellent assistance in making the trail signs for 
both the Mount Wilson Trail and the Bailey Canyon Trail.

City of Sierra Madre


From: The City of Sierra Madre

Subject: Public Hearing: Conclusion of Proposition 218 Process 




Notice is hereby given that on July 9, 2019, at 6:30 PM, or soon thereafter, the Sierra Madre City 
Council will conduct a Public Hearing to hear testimony on the Conclusion of the Proposition 218 
Process to determine whether a majority protest exist in the proceedings to form the City of Sierra 
Madre Downtown Landscaping and Lighting District.

The City began Proposition 218 proceedings on May 14, 2019. The City Council has set July 9, 2019 
at 6:30 pm as the day and time for the public tabulation of votes. The tabulation will be conducted at 
Sierra Madre City Hall Council Chambers, located at 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 
91024. The City Council has also set July 9, 2019 at 6:30 pm as the day and time for the Public Hearing 
as required by Proposition 218. The Public Hearing will be held in Sierra Madre City Hall Council 
Chambers, located at 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 91024. 

Please contact Assistant City Clerk Laura Aguilar at (626) 355-7135 or at LAguilar@cityofsierramadre.
com if you have any questions about this matter.

By order of the City Council.


Sierra Madre Civic Club is a not-for-profit, community 
service organization that was founded by 
a small group of women in 1944. Since that time, 
Civic Club has grown to over a hundred members 
of all ages who are committed to creating 
a better community. Members volunteer their 
time at a number of community events. One such 
fund raining event is Confetti Eggs sales. Jeanne 
Martin, President of Sierra Madre Civic Club 
states “Sales of confetti eggs is one of our major 
fundraising activities.”

Last week members filled over 300 dozen eggs 
with confetti that will be sold July 3rd in Memorial 
Park as part of Sierra Madre 4th of July 
activities. Carol Cerrina, Committee Chairman 
explained, “It’s always wonderful to do something 
for the community while having such a 
good time with friends.” Stop by the Civic Club 
booth to purchase your confetti-filled eggs and 
support Sierra Madre Civic Club in their fundraising 

To learn more about Sierra Madre Civic Club, 
see our website at: http://www.sierramadrecivicclub.

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