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Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 3, 2019 

Local Area 
News Briefs

Applications Now being 
Accepted for Royal Court

 High School Broken 
into Twice within 

Police on Sunday arrested 
Jordan Bailey, wanted in 
connection to a series 
of break-ins at Pasadena 
High, that left part of the 
school in shambles. 

 According to police, 
officers returned to 
Pasadena High School 
last Sunday night after 
reports of a second 
burglary within days. 
They located additional 
evidence at the scene, 
which identified Bailey for 
allegedly breaking into the 
school, stealing items and 
vandalizing the location. 
Police said Bailey returned 
to the location and stole 
more items. Later that day, 
around 3 p.m., police found 
Bailey near Fair Oaks Ave. 
and Green Street. He was 
identified and arrested 
without incident, they said. 

 According to police, 
officers first responded to 
the school and investigated 
a commercial burglary 
during the overnight of 
July 23. Police said part 
of the H building had 
been ransacked and a 
laptop stolen among other 
possible items.

 Police said Bailey was 
homeless and known 
to them. Police did not 
give any details on the 
evidence that led them to 
Bailey. There was also no 
estimated cost given for 
the damages to the school.

 Applications for the 2020 
Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses Royal Court are now 
available on the Tournament 
of Roses website. Each 
member of the 2020 Royal 
Court will receive a $7,500 
educational scholarship 
and together they will 
serve as ambassadors of the 
Tournament of Roses, the 
Pasadena community, and 
the greater Los Angeles area.

 Royal Court members 
experience countless 
benefits; becoming part of 
an organization dedicated 
to hands-on volunteerism, 
discovering opportunities to 
connect with and give back 
to the local community, 
developing public speaking 
skills, and growing self-

 All are encouraged to 
apply and participate in 
one of the initial interview 
sessions at Tournament 
House on Saturday, 
September 7 or Monday, 
September 9. Participants 
are selected based upon a 
combination of qualities, 
including public speaking 
ability, youth leadership, 
academic achievement, 
and community and school 

 All individuals who 
participate in the initial 
interview sessions will 
receive a ticket for two 
people to attend the Royal 
Ball, a semi-formal dance 
hosted by the Tournament 
of Roses at the Pasadena 
Convention Center on 
September 21.

 The Royal Court 
application, eligibility 
requirements, and additional 
information can be found at: 

 The 2020 Royal Court will 
ride down Colorado Blvd. on 
the Royal Court float in the 
131st Rose Parade presented 
by Honda and attend the 
106th Rose Bowl Game 
presented by Northwestern 
Mutual, both on Wednesday, 
January 1, 2020.

All Saints to Hold Forum Combating Bigotry

 By Dean Lee

 All Saints Church in Pasadena 
is set host a venue, Monday 
night, for what they are 
calling an important interfaith 
community forum with 
Congressman Adam Schiff. The 
event is set to start at 6 p.m.

 “Together we will explore how 
we can combat bigotry and 
discrimination and promote 
pluralism, acceptance and 
freedom for all,” organizers said.

 The community forum comes 
at a time when Schiff and others 
leaders are concerned about 
racist comments being made by 
President Donald Trump.

 “From Trump’s comments, 
tweets and rallies, it’s clear the 
President has decided that 
racism is good politics,” Schiff 
said in tweet last month. “God 
help us if it is. I think he is dead 
wrong. But this is who he is, and 
we’ll push back every time he 
engages in race-baiting, racist 

 After the Democratic debates 
last week, trump tweeted a 
vulgar attack on a well know 
African American journalist at 

 “CNN’s Don Lemon, the 
dumbest man on television, 
insinuated last night while 
asking a debate ‘question’ that 
I was a racist, when in fact I 
am ‘the least racist person in 
the world.’ Perhaps someone 
should explain to Don that he is 
supposed to be neutral, unbiased 
& fair... or is he too dumb 
(stupid} (sic) to understand 
that. No wonder CNN’s ratings 
(MSNBC’s also) have gone 
down the tubes - and will stay 
there until they bring credibility 
back to the newsroom. Don’t 
hold your breath.”

 Last month Adam Schiff had 
announced that the House 
of Representatives passed a 
resolution highlighting the 
importance of press freedom 
and condemning attacks against 

 Along with condemning the 
death and imprisonment of 
journalists, Schiff also stresses 
the importance of a free and 
independent press to the health 
of democracy.

 Schiff, last week, also stressed 
gun safety reforms after a 
19-year-old gunman opened fire 
killing three people and injuring 
at least 12 others during the 
Gilroy Garlic Festival Aug. 28. 

 “Gilroy, CA is the latest 
American community struck 
by the tragic epidemic of 
gun violence,” he said. “We 
must honor the victims by 
finally taking action to enact 
commonsense gun safety 
reforms. Assault-style rifles have 
no place on our streets. Period.” 

 Monday night’s event will 
include panel discussions with 
community and faith leaders, 
Andre Henry, Omar Ricci, 
Brooke Wirtschafter, Salam 
Al-Marayati and Susan Russell, 
along with Congressman Schiff.

 Organizers also said they 
expect the venue to be full, but 
said people can participate via 
live-stream at:
live-stream. The event will start 
at 6 p.m. and will end around 8 

 For more information call 
323-258-6722 or email prema@

Woman Arrested for 
Attempted Murder 
with a Chainsaw

Asian in America Virtual 
Reality Program Popup



 According to police, officers 
responded to the 1700 block 
of north Marengo Ave. 
July 21, around 9:42 p.m., 
after reports of a suspect 
threatening to kill her next-
door neighbor. 

 During the investigation, 
officers said the suspect 
approached the victims 
and asked for her own 
mother’s whereabouts. The 
suspect, who was acting 
very irrational, was carrying 
a chainsaw. The suspect 
was also asking for the 
whereabouts of the victim’s 
adult sister. The suspect 
then attempted numerous 
times to start the chainsaw 
police said. All of the victims 
ran into their residence and 
hid in the bathroom. The 
suspect entered the victim’s 
home. The suspect was still 
unable to start the chainsaw. 
The suspect discarded the 
chainsaw in the house, and 
waited for police outside. The 
suspect was arrested without 

A new popup exhibition at 
USC Pacific Asia Museum 
opening August 7 will explore 
the complex narrative of the 
Asian American identity 
through food and drink, 
virtual reality, spoken word 
and poetry. At the exhibition, 
custom-made replicas of 6 
dishes representative of the 
Asian American experience 
will be available for view, 
alongside poetry placards and 
a full virtual reality program. 
Representatives from Studio 
ATAO will also be available 
to answer any questions 
about the courses, poetry and 
development of the VR.

 Different ingredients, cooking 
techniques and plating styles are 
used to address specific topics 
per course, each pertaining to 
the Asian American narrative 
– from cultural hierarchies 
in the food system and the 
lack of the individualism 
granted to minorities to the 
internalization of the “white 
savior” complex. Poetry and 
virtual reality recreations take 
guests on a multi-sensory 
journey both visually and 
viscerally, offering insight to 
the entire process from ideation 
and experimentation to final 

 The exhibition runs through 
August 11. The event is also 
part of “Free 2nd Sunday” 
where admission is free all day. 

 For more information on Asian 
in America or to watch the 
official trailer, visit: studioatao.

 For more about Free 2nd Sunday 
visit: pacificasiamuseum.usc.

Antarctic Ice Mapped by 

JPL 10 Times More Accurately

Beginning today, Pasadena 
Transit is offering 30-day 
unlimited ride passes at 
introductory low prices. 
All passes are loaded onto 
Transit Access Pass (TAP) 
cards allowing passengers 
to easily TAP and ride. The 
regular fare pass is $15. With 
the Metro-issued reduced fare 
TAP card, a youth pass is $10 
and a senior/disabled pass is 
$7. Passengers are still eligible 
to receive the discounted 
transfer rates to other agencies, 
including Metro rail and bus 
and Foothill Transit, as long as 
there is stored value remaining 
on the TAP card.

 Passes can be purchased 
online, by phone or in person 

Visiting the website taptogo.

Calling 1-866-TAPTOGO (1-

Visiting Continental Currency 
Services, 447 E. Orange Grove 
Blvd. and 1298 N. Lake Ave.; or

Visiting City of Pasadena 
Municipal Services at City 
Hall, 100 N. Garfield Ave.

 Customers must have a 
Metro-issued reduced fare 
student TAP card or reduced 
fare senior/disabled TAP card 
in order to purchase the youth 
or senior/disabled 30-day pass. 
To apply for a Metro reduced 
fare TAP card or for more 
information, visit https://www.

 Far more accurate than 
any previous map, this new 
representation of glacier 
flows in Antarctica opens 
the door to an improved 
understanding of the vast 
continent and the future 
pace of sea level rise. 
To create the new map, 
researchers at the University 
of California, Irvine, and 
NASA’s Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory, combined input 
from six different satellite 
missions dating from 1994 
to the present.

 All earlier maps of glacier 
flow speeds have estimated 
the speeds largely by 
tracking the movement of 
visible features like patches 
of dirt on the ice surface, 
but these new maps rely 
mainly on observations 
that use a technique called 
synthetic aperture radar 
interferometry, which is 
much more sensitive to the 
motion of the ice itself. By 
combining observations 
from multiple satellites 
passing over the continent 
in different directions, 
the researchers produced 
a map that is not only 10 
times more accurate than 
any previous map but also 
shows speeds for far more 
of the slow-moving ice on 
the continental interior than 
ever before.

 The map was published today 
in the journal Geophysical 
Research Letters and may 
be downloaded at the NASA 
Distributed Active Archive 
Center at the National Snow 
and Ice Data Center.

For more information visit:

Man Shot in Arm 
with BB Gun

Pasadena police officers 
responded to the 200 block of 
Del Monte Street, Thursday 
night, after reports of a 
possible shooting. According 
to police, when officers 
arrived they spoke to the 
victim, who stated he was 
sitting in a U-Haul truck 
on Del Monte St. when the 
suspect drove next to him, 
smirked, and shot him in the 
left forearm. The suspect fled 
the in an early 2000’s Silver, 
4 door BMW. The injury 
was a graze wound that was 
consistent with a BB/pellet 
gun. The victim was treated at 
the scene.

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