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Mountain Views-News Saturday, September 21, 2019 

By Joan Schmidt

 Recently, WE SUPPORT 
HORSERACING held a most 
informative meeting with speakers 
(Kelly Haggerty, Oscar De La 
Torre, John Valenzuela), and 
planned a strategy to combat the 
negative movement by HRW to 
ban horseracing in California, 
which would be devastating 
to many people, and the local 

is a grassroots group of fans and 
horsemen who want to preserve 
the 354-year old sport… they 
support improvements to safety 
and medications protocols. Visit 

 Karen Norton who has spearheaded this movement 
began with a plea for support. She warned of the seriousness 
of the situation; it affects not only California, but if racing 
is banned here, it will happen in New York, Kentucky and 
other racing states. Also attending were trainers Dallas Keen, 
Marcelo Polanco, Hector Palma, Javier Jose Sierra and Scarlet 
Timphony. (Widow of Vincent)

148.000 thoroughbreds, 50,000 jobs and 5.1 billion direct 
contribution to GDP.

$28 billion direct contribution to GDP, almost 4.2 million 
people employed daily and $100 billion annual economic 

Californians volunteer their time for activities in various 
equine disciplines. 30% of California households include race 
enthusiasts. The AVERAGE HORSE RACING OWNER has 
an annual income between $25,000 and $75,000. Only 28% of 
racing owners have a 6 figure income.

ENGAGEMENT: Thoroughbred charities pair equine retirees 
with PTSD Army Vets, inmate rehab, abused women, at-
risk youth. $2.6M+ (Kentucky Derby Festival) and $600,000 
(Woodford Reserve Mint Julep) for American Red Cross, 
Multiple Sclerosis Society and Alzheimer’s Association. 
(There are college scholarships for backstretch workers’ kids 

 What about the 30 horses that died during the last 
meet at Santa Anita? Did you know that 200,000 trainings 
went over the track at Santa Anita from Dec-May; 1900 horses 
were stabled at Santa Anita during the same time frame; 
CHRB tracks all horses who are retired from the track for 
the first year of retirement to private ownership and report 
their deaths; animal activists are including these retired horse 
deaths in their count deaths at the track; California spends 
more money testing for medications after a race than all 49 
states combined to ensure that no race horses are being given 
drugs; there are more than 535,000 

horses; horses are subject to pre and post-race examinations, 
there are approximately 9.2 million horses in the US…840,00 
are racehorses. The annual deaths from horse racing is thousandth of one percent; pre-race and post-
race day vet checks are by two separate vets.

AND GOLDEN GATE: Trainers must apply for permission 
to work out a horse at least 48 hours in advance; Chief 
Veterinary Officer position created: Dr. Dionne Benson 
hired; $500,000 investment by Stonach Group towards 
purchase of cutting-edge PET scan for early detection of pre-
existing conditions; trainers must submit pre-entry vet forms 
to Racing Office before they wish to enter a horse for a near 
future race day: the Vet will have more time to identify any 
questionable horse; daily inspections of the track/turf with 
world renowned independent track experts.

 Karen also explained the “Claims” by HORSERACING 
WRONGS and how they are wrong! As I expected, the rain 
had a lot to do with the deaths. Scarlett explained several years 
ago that this happened. I don’t have the space today, but will 
elaborate in the future. There also was mention of Hollywood 
Park-its track had different dirt, and the Fairgrounds at 
Pomona. Everyone said the Fairground Track should be open 
and it was great for the younger horses to train on. Please 
visit the website: . 



Applications for the 2020 
Young Legislators Program

Assemblymember Chris Holden last week announced the 
availability of applications for the 2020 Young Legislators 
Program. Now in its fifth year, the Young Legislators Program, 
offers high school seniors in the 41st Assembly District a front 
row seat to the public policy and political arena.

 “I’m excited to launch the fifth annual Young Legislators Program 
for the 41st Assembly District,” said Assemblymember Chris 
Holden. “I have no doubt this program will again have a lasting 
impact on the students and I look forward to meeting next year’s 
Young Legislators.”

 During the six month program, students will meet once a 
month to become better advocates on issues they care about, gain 
valuable leadership skills, and learn about the legislative process. 
The program concludes with a free trip to northern California to 
visit the Facebook headquarters and the State Capitol.

 “I loved learning about the role and importance of both local 
government and agencies that work to serve their communities,” 
said Bess Brandow who participated in the 2019 Young Legislators 

 “The entire program was phenomenal! It strengthened my 
passion for politics and has made me become more engaged to 
further follow what I believe in,” said Osvaldo Valdiviezo who 
participated in the 2018 Young Legislators Program. “Also the 
friendships and memories I made are something I treasure and 
am grateful for.”

 The 2020 Young Legislators Program is open to high school 
seniors living in the 41st Assembly District. Applicants must 
commit to five monthly, 3-4 hour Saturday meetings starting in 
January 2020 and submit applications by November 13.

 Program details and application are available at:

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