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Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 12, 2019 

Bridge 'Final 


Pasadena city officials are set 
to hold the second community 
outreach meeting October 29, 
this time to get input on the final 
concept for suicide mitigation 
enhancements to the Colorado 
Street Bridge —most likely full 
length vertical barriers. 

 This will be a followup to a 
September 26 meeting that 
included public input on the 
environmental / historical 
elements, vertical barrier 
mitigation strategies and 
aesthetics of the iconic bridge 
spanning the Arroyo built in 

 Although enhanced vertical 
barriers were the direction the 
city wanted to go according the 
contractor Donald MacDonald 
Architects, many residents at 
the meeting wanted to still see 
other options such as planters 
or nets or electronic devices 
used instead. Ironically, after the 
meeting city staff said they had 
reviewed every possible option 
including turning the bridge 
into a park, completely closing 
it to vehicle traffic. 

 Some of the ideas, including 
using a transparency such 
a glass were unpopular. The 
architects said the problem was 
that transparency do not stay 
transparent over time, through 
graffiti or yellowing. The only 
100 percent solution would be 
a very unpopular complete cage 
around the bridge they said.

 Sue Mossman, Executive 
Director of Pasadena Heritage 
took issue with the idea 
removing the alcoves saying 
that they should preserve the 
experience of walking on the 
bridge. City staff said there 
was no plan to remove them 
although one of the question 
asked was “how important is it 
to keep the alcoves accessible for 
pedestrians if it requires a four 
foot or more taller barrier?” 

 The alcoves have been a main 
complaint after they were 
fenced off in 2017. 

 The next steps for final project 
include a discussion and 
review with the Public Safety 
Commission Nov. 18, than 
another discussion and review 
with the Historic Preservation 
Commission Nov. 19, than 
the project is set to go before 
the Design Commission, as 
an informational item, Nov. 
26. Although city officials said 
there was no date for the final 
concept presentation before the 
City Council they expect that to 
happen by the end of the year. 
All of the meeting will have 
public comment. 

City staff said the Oct. 29 
meeting will also take place 
from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in Council 
Chambers 100 N. Garfield Ave. 
For more information visit:

 Pasadena police have 
identified a homeless man, 
killed by a drunk motorist, 
as he was crossing Colorado 
Boulevard at around 3:15 
a.m. Sunday —the driver 
was later arrested for hit-
and-run and vehicular 
manslaughter among other 

 Police said Anthony Miller, 
31, a known homeless man 
was stuck and killed as he 
crossed Colorado Blvd. 
between Madison Ave. and 
El Molino Ave. Miller was 
pronounced dead at the 

 Police later arrested 
Higinio Arceo of Baldwin 
Park after finding his gray 
pickup truck parked in an 
underground structure 
blocks away. According 
to police, the Chevrolet 
Silverado had damage to 
the front of the vehicle that 
was consistent with the 

 Arceo was taken into 
custody when he later 
returned to the truck. 
After being interviewed by 
police, he was charged with 
vehicular manslaughter, 
drunk driving and driving 
without a valid license. 

Free Flu Shots

Halloween Happenings

 Offered by Pasadena 
Health Department

Fight the flu by getting a free 
flu shot. The influenza vaccine 
will be provided by Pasadena 
Public Health Department at 
various locations throughout 
the city on a first-come, first-
served basis while supplies last.

 The vaccine will be available 
to everyone ages six months 
and older at no cost. Minors 
must be accompanied by a 
parent or guardian. Remember 
to wear short sleeves. Dates 
and times of the free flu clinics 
are listed below. For more 
details, call (626) 744-6121 or 

Wednesday, Oct. 16

2 - 4 p.m., Robinson Park 
Recreation Center, 1081 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave.

Wednesday, Oct. 23

10 a.m. - noon, Villa-Parke 
Community Center, 363 E. 
Villa St.

Thursday, Oct. 24

2 - 4 p.m., Santa Catalina 
Branch Library, 999 E. 
Washington Blvd.

Wednesday, Nov. 6

10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Pasadena 
Senior Center, 85 E. Holly St.

NOTE: Pre-registration 
required for this clinic. Call 
(626) 795-4331 for details.

Thursday, Nov. 7

10 a.m. - noon, Allendale 
Branch Library, 1130 S. 
Marengo Ave.

Thursday, Nov. 14

2 - 4 p.m., La Pintoresca Branch 
Library, 1355 N. Raymond 

 Different types of influenza 
viruses can spread through the 
community during flu season. 
The Centers for Disease 
Control and Prevention (CDC) 
recommends that everyone 
ages six months and older get 
vaccinated annually to protect 
against the most common 
types of influenza viruses.

 High-risk groups more 
susceptible to severe influenza 
complications include seniors 
65 and older, pregnant 
women, and people with 
chronic medical conditions 
such as asthma and diabetes, 
according to Dr. Goh.

 Free vaccines will also 
be available at the health 
department’s Travel & 
Immunization Clinic, 1845 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave. Call (626) 744-
6121 for hours and availability.




 New nightmares and original 
thrills emerge as Knott’s 
ScaryFarm returns for its 47th 
frightful year with a completely 
transformed park that brings 
terrifying nightmares to life 
at Southern California’s 
largest immersive Halloween 

 This year, guests will face their 
deepest fears with the park’s 14 
haunted attractions, including 
four spine-tingling scare zones, 
nine menacing mazes and a 
seasonal overlay to the Timber 
Mountain Log Ride.

 Two new attractions will 
bring the mind’s most twisted 
delusions to life as guests are 
forced to confront frightening 
new life-like nightmares 
designed by Knott’s Scary 
Farm’s evil mastermind.

The new mazes include:

 Wax Works –Mysterious 
lights and strange noises have 
begun to emanate from the 
eerie abandoned wax museum. 
The once prominent plastic 
surgeon, Dr. Augustus Scratch, 
has been seen tinkering at night 
and is now ready to show off his 
beautiful yet terrifying life-like 
masterpieces of hot molten wax 
and bloody flesh. It’s rumored 
that blood-curdling screams 
can be heard echoing through 
the halls of Wax Works as 
victims are horrifyingly 
submerged into a scorching hot 
cauldron of bubbling wax. Take 
a closer look at his gruesome 
works of art and try to escape 
his deadly grip or become 
the newest masterpiece in his 

 Origins: The Curse of Calico 
–Pierce the veil of time to 
discover the secret of the evil 
fog that hangs over Knott’s 
Scary Farm’s Ghost Town 
streets in the new maze Origins: 
The Curse of Calico. Unearth 
the sinister paranormal activity 
that plagues the town as Sarah 
Mars hall is put on trial for her 
suspected crimes of witchcraft. 
All will be unveiled when the 
Green Witch rises up and curses 
the townsfolk, transforming 
all who have accused her into 
a wicked horde of malicious 
creatures with an eternal 
quench for the living.

New Show

 Exclusively performing 
nightly at Knott’s Scary 
Farm for the 2019 season, 
Puppet Up! Uncensored is an 
outrageous, off-the- cuff live 
show featuring a combination 
of improvisational comedy 
and the magic of puppetry 
performed by a cast of world-
class comedian puppeteers from 
The Jim Henson Company. 
Created by legendary puppeteer 
and award-winning director 
Brian Henson and directed by 
Patrick Bristow (Ellen, Seinfeld, 
Curb Your Enthusiasm, 
Whose Line Is It Anyway?), 
Puppet Up! Uncensored is no 
ordinary puppet show. In true 
uncensored form, the content is 
driven by audience suggestions 
and participation, topped with 
the zany antics and bawdy 
shenanigans of the colorful and 
brazen puppet cast. Puppet Up! 
Uncensored will be performed 
three times each night at Knott’s 
Scary Farm and is intended for 
mature audiences.

 Due to the explicit and 
frightening nature of the event, 
it is not recommended for 
children under 13.

 For more information on 
Knott’s Scary Farm, including 
admission, park hours and 
events, visit: knottsscaryfarm.
com. Knott's Berry Farm is 
located 8039 Beach Boulevard; 
Buena Park.

 Monstrous New 
Nightmares Emerge 
for Knott’s Scary 

 Pasadena Heritage is set 
to present our Craftsman 
Weekend on November 1-3. 
The Weekend will feature 
house tours of notable 
Craftsman properties, 
along with bus and walking 
tours of the surrounding 
neighborhoods. Other events 
scheduled include a Show and 
Sale with exhibitors of antique 
and contemporary furniture 
and decorative arts, a silent 
auction, workshops and 
presentations. In addition, 
Pasadena Heritage will be 
offering exclusive receptions 
at historic locations 
throughout the weekend. 

 Tracing its roots to England, 
Craftsmen design has 
nevertheless developed a 
unique and internationally 
lauded aesthetic in Pasadena, 
with the work of architects 
Charles and Henry Greene, 
tile maker Ernest Batchelder, 
and writer/photographer 
Helen Lukens Gaut, among 

 Pasadena Heritage is a 
nonprofit organization 
dedicated to historic 
preservation in and around 
Pasadena. The organization 
advocates on behalf of historic 
resources, educates the public 
about local history and the 
benefits of preservation, 
and demonstrates quality 
restoration through its own 
preservation projects. Its 
2,000-plus members are 
drawn from Pasadena and 
neighboring communities, 
and throughout Southern 

 For tickets and information, 
please visit: pasadenaheritage.
org/CraftsmanWeekend or 
call 626.441.6333. 

Now through November 2

Doo Dah’s Queen Tryouts

 The ‘Other’ Queen in 
Pasadena’s parade town will be 
selected at Tryouts Sunday Oct, 
20. Individuals of all genders, 
shapes, ages, and persuasions, 
will be testing their fate to 
become Queen of the Pasadena 
Doo Dah Parade. Contestants 
will face equally-costumed 
judges, who include many 
former queens, veteran parade 
entrants, tryout supporters and 
the curious public.

 The town-hall setting with 
long tables in beer-fest style, hot 
sandwiches, “Calvin Banks and 
the Tellers,” and Doo Dah House 
Band, “New Astroturf,” will set 
the mood for the lively Queen 
selection caucus.

 Previous candidates have 
included Count Smokula, 
Mr. Peculiar, Xexchron with 
Theramin, Sabrina the Stimulus 
Package, Rooby Breastnut, 
Dolla A Holla, Queen Vee, 
and Ms. Land & Ms. Sea. Last 
year, Judges selected Armond 
Anderson Bell, otherwise known 
as “Queen Imani Phoenix” who 
won over 30 judges hearts with 
her passion and Aretha Franklin 

 Each Queen Hopeful will have 
but a few minutes to WOW 
the Judges. Microphone and 
drumroll, provided. They will 
be ready to show and tell us 
why they should be Queen, 
often accompanied by a ring of 
loyal hecklers! People can buy 
their way into being judges by 
purchasing two beers for the 
parade organizers!

 There is a $5.00 Cover charge 
for all who enter although the 
first 20 Queen Contestants to 
arrive get in free.

 The 42st Occasional Pasadena 
Doo Dah Parade will be held on 
Sunday, November 24, stepping 
off at 11:00am on the streets of 
East Pasadena.

 For more information visit: 

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