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City Issues 
Safety Tips

Tournament Announces 
2020 Honored Guests

Although Christmas tree 
fires are rare, they are very 
serious when they do occur. 
According to the U.S. Fire 
Administration, one-third of 
home Christmas tree fires are 
caused by electrical problems 
and one-quarter start when 
the tree is placed too close 
to a heat source, such as a 
fireplace, woodstove, radiator 
or space heater.

 It’s important to place your 
tree at least three feet away 
from heat sources, and make 
sure you don’t block room 
exits in case of emergency. 
Consider using a timer so 
you don’t forget to turn off the 
lights at night.

 Selecting a Tree: Natural 
trees should be given a fresh 
cut at the base and placed 
immediately in water. When 
purchasing a tree, buy one 
that is as fresh as possible. 
Tap the butt of the tree on 
the ground a couple of times, 
grab a branch near the top, 
and pull your hand along it 
slowly. Needles should not 
fall off. If you bend a needle 
and it breaks before bending 
in half, it’s too dry! If you use 
an artificial tree, select one 
with a flame retardant label.

 Caring for the Tree: Make a 
fresh cut an inch or two off 
the bottom before placing it 
in the stand. This will help 
with absorption. Water a live 
tree every day. When the 
tree becomes dry, discard it 

 Placing the Tree: Place your 
tree in a non-tip style holder 
with wide feet, using extra 
wires if needed to keep it 
steady. Keep doorways and 
exits clear. Place your tree 
and decorations away from 
heaters, fireplaces, candles, 
and other sources of heat.

 Decorating the Tree: 
Consider switching to new 
LED lights that are cooler 
and use less electricity. Before 
bringing out the older lights, 
inspect for frayed wires or 
other defects. Make sure the 
bulbs themselves are not 
touching the tree, curtains, 
wrapped gifts, and tree skirts. 
Never use lighted candles 
as decorations. Turn off the 
lights when leaving the house 
or going to bed for the night.

Outdoor Decorations

The State Fire Marshal offers 
these tips for safe use of 
outdoor lights:

Use lights rated for outdoor 
use only.

Check and make sure wires 
are not frayed to allow water 
to seep inside.

Consider replacing older 
outdoor lights with newer 
LED lights that are ‘greener’ 
and cooler.

Securely anchor outdoor 
lights and decorations against 
the wind and storms with 
insulated holders or hooks.

Use electrical connection 
protectors to keep water out.

All outdoor electrical 
decorations should be 
plugged into a ground-fault 
circuit interrupter (GFCI). 
You can buy portable units for 
outdoor use, or you can have 
them permanently installed 
by an electrician.

Don’t overload circuits. 15 
amp circuits support 1,800 
watts and 20 amp circuits 
support 2,400 watts.

Do not drive nails, staples 
or tacks through wiring 
insulation; this can cause a 

Bring outdoor electrical lights 
inside after the holidays to 
prevent hazards and extend 
their life.

 Be sure that your smoke and 
carbon monoxide alarms are 
in good working order.

 The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses announce Friday the 
addition of Honored Guests 
for the 131st Rose Parade. On 
January 1, Jaime Jarrín, Sonia 
Manzano and Ellen Ochoa 
– who further exemplify the 
theme of the 2020 Rose Parade, 
“The Power of Hope” – will ride 
together down Colorado Blvd. 
in a 1915 Pierce Arrow Model 
48 made in Buffalo New York. 

 “These three amazing 
individuals exemplify the 
power of hope in both how 
they’ve aspired to be their 
best and how they’ve inspired 
those around them to reach 
higher,” shared Tournament of 
Roses President Laura Farber. 
“With hope anything, in fact 
everything, is possible. Hope is 
more than simply the possibility 
of fulfillment. Hope is dignity 
and respect, joy and happiness, 
aspiration and achievement.

Jaime Jarrín (pictured left)- 
“the Spanish voice of the 
Dodgers,” Jaime Jarrín is one 
of the most recognizable voices 
in all of sports broadcasting, 
has been calling Dodger games 
since 1959. Last season, the 
Hall of Famer was added to 
the club’s Ring of Honor with 
his name being permanently 
affixed to Dodger Stadium. In 
1998, he was inducted into the 
National Baseball Hall of Fame 
in Cooperstown, NY. In 1998, 
Jarrin received a star on the 
Hollywood Walk of Fame and is 
a member of both the California 
Broadcasters’ Association Halls 
of Fame and the Southern 
California Sports Broadcasters’ 
Association, which awarded 
him the organization’s Vin 
Scully Lifetime Achievement 
Award in 2019.

Sonia Manzano (pictured 
middle)- For more than 
40 years, Sonia Manzano 
has inspired, educated, and 
delighted children and families 
as “Maria” on Sesame Street. 
Named among the “25 Greatest 
Latino Role Models Ever” by 
Latina Magazine, Manzano 
broke ground as one of the 
first Hispanic characters on 
national television. Throughout 
her career, she has continued 
to contribute to enriching 
diversity on television, on the 
stage and in the educational 
realm. A first-generation 
American of Latin descent, 
Manzano’s tale is one of 
perseverance and courage 
as she overcame countless 
obstacles to become one of 
the most influential Latinas in 

Ellen Ochoa (pictured right)- 
The first Hispanic woman to go 
to space when she served on a 
nine-day mission aboard the 
shuttle Discovery, Ellen Ochoa 
has flown in space four times, 
logging nearly 1,000 hours. 
She was the 11th Director of 
NASA’s Johnson Space Center 
in Houston, from 2013 until her 
retirement in May 2018. Prior to 
her astronaut career, Dr. Ochoa 
was a research engineer and 
an inventor, with three patents 
for optical systems. Ochoa 
currently serves on several 
boards, including as Vice Chair 
of the National Science Board. 
With six schools named for her, 
she has been inducted into the 
Astronaut Hall of Fame, the 
California Hall of Fame, and 
the International Air & Space 
Hall of Fame.

 The Tournament of Roses’s 
935 volunteer members supply 
more than 80,000 hours of 
manpower, which will drive the 
success of 131st Rose Parade, 
themed “The Power of Hope,” 
on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 
followed by the 106th Rose Bowl 
Game. For more information,

New South Arroyo Parkway Development

 The Pasadena city council 
will be briefed Monday night, 
for the first time, regarding a 
new large 3.3-acre, eight-story, 
development plan for five 
lots, 491 to 577, South Arroyo 
Parkway and incorporate part 
of Whole Foods Market. 

 According to a city staff report, 
the proposed project, by Arroyo 
Parkway , LLC, “consists of 
the retention of three existing 
buildings, partial demolition 
of existing buildings, and the 
establishment of a new Planned 
Development (PO) zoning 
district and a new PO Plan. 
The PO Plan would facilitate 
the construction of a 150,000 
square-foot, seven-story, 
medical office building and 
a 180,000 square-foot, eight-
story, assisted living facility. The 
PO Plan would incorporate an 
existing 91,145 square-foot Food 
Sales use (Whole Foods) as part 
of the project. 604 new parking 
spaces would be provided. 
The project site is within the 
CD-6 (Central District, Arroyo 
Corridor/ Fair Oaks subdistrict) 
zoning district. The applicant is 
proposing to establish a Planned 
Development zone for the 3.3 
acre project site.”

 Also according to the staff 
report, “the project proposes 
the retention and reuse of 
two existing commercial 
structures (501 and 523 S. 
Arroyo Parkway). The Design 
& Historic Preservation 
Section has determined that 
these structures are eligible 
for landmark designation. 
It has been indicated to staff 
that a Variance for Historic 
Resources will be requested 
by the applicant, as part of the 
entitlement, to allow a greater 
height than the established 
50’ maximum for the site. 
As part of the Variance for 
Historic Resources application, 
documentation would need to 
be submitted that identifies how 
the project meets the purposes 
and findings specified for the 
Variance as follows:

a. The Variance for Historic 
Resource is necessary to 
facilitate the appropriate use of 
an existing designated historic 
structure; b. The Variance for 
Historic Resource would not 
adversely impact property 
within the neighborhood or 
historic district; and c. Granting 
the Variance for Historic 
Resource application would be 
in conformance with the goals, 
policies, and objectives of the 
General Plan and the purpose 
and intent of any applicable 
specific plan.”

 Staff said the report is only 
intended to provide information 
to the city council and no action 
or vote will be taken. There will 
be an opportunity for public 
comment during the meeting. 

 The council meets at 6:30 p.m. 
Council Chamber, Pasadena 
City Hall 100 North Garfield 
Avenue, Room S249. 

Learn About 
New Voting 

 How Will Voting Change? – 
Monday at Pasadena Senior 
Center,1 p.m. Voting Systems 
for All People, a new, more 
secure and transparent voting 
method, will debut in 2020. 
Los Angeles County, which has 
more registered voters than 
42 states, will give the new 
system a test run in real time 
during California’s presidential 
primary in March. Learn how 
you can receive an interactive 
sample ballot, vote at any 
voting center in the county, 
and register and vote the same 
day. Q&A will follow this 
presentation by the Pasadena 
League of Women Voters. 
Pasadena Senior Center is 
located 85 E. Holly St. 

 For more information visit: or 
call 626-795-4331.

Last Chance for Operation Santa

As the Pasadena Jaycees’ 
longest running project, 
Operation Santa has touched 
the lives of thousands of 
children since 1934. Letters 
to Santa can be sent through, 
this Friday, December 20.

 Children in the Pasadena 
area can write letters to 
“Santa,” and a team of 
volunteers will read and 
record it. From there, toys 
are donated, collected 
and purchased to best 
meet the requests of each 
individual child. Children 
with greater needs will 
be given higher priority. 
While Operation Santa was 
originally rooted in the 
Christmas holiday, children 
from all backgrounds and 
religions are encouraged to 
write letters to celebrate the 
season. Do you or someone 
you know want a visit from 
Santa over the holidays? Or 
do you know someone in 
your community who could 
use a little extra support 
at Christmastime? Details 
about writing letters to Santa 

Letters can be submitted at or by mail to:

Santa Claus

474 W. Walnut St.

Pasadena, CA 91103.

Be a Santa

Every year Pasadena Jaycees 
send out roughly 60 Santa 
teams to fulfill the toy 
delivery. Each team is given 
their own route, commonly 
with between 5 and 10 
homes to deliver toys to in 
the evening on Christmas 
Eve. Sign-in and costume 
check-out will occur in the 
morning, and the Santa 
teams will regroup in the late 
afternoon for a group meal 
and to receive instructions 
and head out on their routes! 
Interested in being part of a 
Santa team? 

On December 24, those 
groups of Santas, Mrs. 
Clauses and elves will hand 
deliver the collected toys to 
each child who wrote a letter. 
Sign-ups for those interested 
in volunteering as part of a 
Santa team or volunteering 
for more non-Santa roles 
(letter reading, toy sorting, 
etc.) visit:

Donate Toys.

Want to donate toys to 
Operation Santa? You are 
welcome to purchase the 
toys of your choosing and 
drop them off at our office 
(please email opsanta@ to 
coordinate a drop off). We 
also offer toy barrels and 
gift tag garlands for you to 
have at your office or place 
of business.

Fall 2019 


 The Pasadena police are 
seeking public assistance in 
identifying the three burglary 

 On December 4, three subjects 
(pictured above) were captured 
on surveillance cameras 
burglarizing a home in the 
3700 block of Cartwright St. in 
the City of Pasadena

 The subjects were last seen 
running from the home, 
carrying a bag to an awaiting 
mid 2000s tan 4 door Chrysler 

 Anyone with information is 
asked to call our dispatch center 
at 626-744-4241 or report 
anonymously at 800.222.8477.

Looking for 

 The public is invited to meet 
ArtCenter graduates and see 
the ideas, concepts and projects 
created by the next generation 
of artists and designers. The 
event was take place Thursday 
from 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 

 Grad Show is open to alumni, 
industry partners, potential 
employers and the general 
public. All work will be on view 
at the Pasadena Convention 
Center, making this a special 
event you don’t want to miss. 
Don’t forget to RSVP at:

 Download the ArtCenter 
Grad Show App

 The app will help you navigate 
everything Grad Week offers, 
find our graduating students 
by name and see the most up-
to-date schedule of events. 
Download the app for Apple or 
Android today.

 Pasadena Convention Center 
is located 300 East Green 

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