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 by Deanne Davis

KATIE Tse....This and That


 I was 
SO close to 
having a new 
article for 
you. Started 
it and 
but things 
came up, you 
know how it 
is. So sorry. 
I feel guilty recycling old stuff yet 
again. But at least the picture’s kinda’ 
interesting, right? Promise I’ll finish 
it for next week. It’s about Gerry 
Brooks. Look him up on YouTube if 
you want a funny sneak peak!

 Sometimes inspiration comes from 
the most unusual places. I was in the 
ladies’ room at work and, for the first 
time, actually read the label on the 
inside of the stall door. I’ve noticed the sticker before; it has a picture of metal layers 
peeling off a door like an onion. 

 It was probably meant to impress us. And indeed I was impressed, because I certainly 
wouldn’t know where to begin building a bathroom stall door myself. Anyway, I noticed 
the label said, “Bonderized.” 

 I’d heard of bonded, as in, “The step-father bonded with his wife’s son during their 
fishing trip.” And then there’s bonded like, “Triglycerides were discovered when scientists 
bonded hydrogen to carbon; making the miracles of margarine and ‘Cheese Whiz’ 
possible.” But “bonderized”... The first thing that came to mind was Bond. James Bond.

 Working from this definition, to Bonderize something means to infuse it with stealth, 
danger, a Scottish accent, promiscuity, or all of the above. A Bonderized drink is shaken, 
not stirred. 

 Since 007 is known for nifty gadgets, uninspired house ware can be Bonderized into 
more fashionable items. For example, you might cringe if someone saw your nose/ear-hair 
trimmer lying in plain view on the bathroom counter. But if it looks like a remote control, 
they might think, “Ooh, I bet he has a TV or stereo hooked up in here somewhere!” ‘Cuz 
we all know a secret hidden bathroom entertainment system is sexier than a nose hair 

 The rest of the stall door sticker was worn with age, and I could barely read, “Sanyware: 
Guaranteed life long quality.” I looked them up, and it appears they’re still operating, 
specializing in different stall arrangements and galvanization. 

 My mom told me about a bathroom at her school that was built by the WPA during the 
Depression. Someone by the name of Peter Goodwall engraved his name a floor tile in 
one of the stalls for posterity to contemplate while relieving themselves.

 I guess there’s something admirable about that. Some continuity between the past, 
present, and future. All connected (Ha, bonded!) through the necessity of work and 
public toilets. Kind of deep when you think about it. 

 And if the idea of Bonderization wasn’t thoroughly captivating enough, I noticed the 
bottom of the sticker read, “To be removed after architect’s inspection.” Not only was this 
a really old bathroom stall, but apparently it wasn’t even been inspected. I suppose using 
an uninspected stall adds a certain flair of danger to the ladies’ room. So in that sense, it’s 

 *Are you dying to find out more fascinating things about public education? Check out 
my novel, “A Year at Apex!” It’s got all the humor, romance, and snarky sarcasm you can 
handle. Paperback and ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“Sunrises Shout Hope!

Though it seems the night will never end,

There’s a sunrise waiting,

Joy is coming, hope is coming, 

Right around the bend.

Lift your eyes toward the sunrise,

God, Himself, The Creator of the Universe,

Has created a brand new day!

Every day a new beginning, Hope is on the way.

Look to the east, sunrise exploding!

The darkest night will end.

Joy is coming, hope is coming,

Right around the bend.”

That’s the poem that graces the back cover of my book, “Sunrises and Sunflowers Speak Hope.” And the 
front cover is the picture this week. Yes, I know, blatant self-promotion, but it’s so full of hope that I want 
to share that with you.

There’s a concept going around, brought to my attention by Michelle Griep, successful author and blogger. 
Look her up, check out all her books and be amazed. I’ve quoted her before as she’s always right on the 
mark. Anyway, the concept is to pick one word to be your New Year’s resolution or mission statement for 
the year. There was even a book a few years back: My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word 
by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen. This is so cool as you can immediately dump those high-minded and 
probably impossible resolutions like vowing to exercise every day of the coming year. I’m good with this 
one except that it usually doesn’t work out for me the way I hope it will...there’s that word again, hope! I set 
out this morning a little after 7:00 stuffed with good intentions to do a really good walk; then I discovered 
that it was 43 degrees and a nasty little breeze made it feel way colder than that. I got all the way around the 
block and decided it would make much more sense for me to go inside, have a cup of coffee and pay some 
bills, with the heat on. Maybe tomorrow.

Then there’s that ever popular favorite: Lose Weight. I’m not even going to go further with that one except 
to say that I need to. The Keto diet is the current fad and isn’t actually that difficult. You can have seafood, 
which is great with me, low-carb veggies, i.e., cauliflower, squash, kale and broccoli. Step away from that 
potato and don’t even think about a sandwich. My Sierra Madre daughter, Leah, and I were reminiscing 
about all the diets we’ve been on over the years and decided the absolute worst was The Beverly Hills 
Diet which, at that time, was based on eating vast quantities of fresh pineapple and other fruits. I don’t 
remember if we lost any weight or not, but all that pineapple made my teeth hurt so I gave it up. There’s 
a New Beverly Hills Diet, I just discovered, that is much more forgiving and even permits champagne, 
considered a neutral entity and you can have it with anything. I like that!

I’m still smiling thinking of the theme of the Rose Parade, “The Power of Hope.”

The word I picked last year is: HOPE!

And I’m picking it again this year. I’m going to lean heavily on HOPE to help me make wise decisions about 
my future. I’m HOPING for a number of children I know who have medical problems, HOPING that this 
year will bring what they all need in the way of healing.

So much has been written about HOPE:

“HOPE is the little voice you hear whisper “maybe” when it seems the entire world is shouting “No!” 

“H.O.P.E. – Hold On, Pain Ends”

“The only difference between those who threw in the towel 
and quit and those who used their energy to rebuild and kept 
it going is found in the word...HOPE.”

“Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible.” Christopher 

“Where there is HOPE, there is faith. Where there is faith, 
miracles happen.”

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can 
be done without HOPE and confidence.” Helen Keller

So that’s my word again for the year, HOPE. I’m hoping you’ll 
pick one that will work for you. 

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, 
plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a 
HOPE.” Jer. 29:11

My book page: Deanne Davis


 “Sunrises and Sunflowers Speak Hope” 

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Peter Dills checks out Malbec

You know I’m trying to love this restaurant, 
I really am, but for now I’m in the like stage. 
I know I’m in the minority. It could be I’m 
ordering the wrong items. Before I get into the 
recent night, I went back to my previous visit (lunch) some many years ago and pretty 
much the same results. Do I have some kind of vendetta? Was I left at the alter? No, not 
that I can recall .

 No problem with the atmosphere, service is spot on. It’s just the food doesn’t, well you 
know, wow me. Spelling aside I ordered, the Malbec Salad, a take on the traditional Caesar 
Salad. They have just added cucumbers, bravo well done. Ordered a sausage and the 
octopus as an appetizer and they were kind enough to do the sausage al la Carte ($7). The 
octopus was just too salty ($14). My eating companion said, “is this supposed to be salty “?

Main course was the Gnocchi ($19) and also comes with aforementioned sausage. I’m 
sure it is a crowd pleaser, but for me I just shrug my shoulders, it’s ok . 

I did mention the service was spot on - my only suggestion is that the server never asked 
how any of the dishes were. 

Seems common nowadays that that key question is omitted. Will I be back? Not sure. It’s 
my fourth time and those shoulders keep shrugging.

For something new try the Urbane Café on South Lake. It’s a fresh take on salads and 
sandwiches with a twist. Fusion? I guess, a bit Vietnamese and American all under one 
roof. Try the UC Banh Mi chicken sandwich with pickled radish, chili aioli and soy gingered 
chicken, a complete yum experience.

Malbec 1001 E. Green St. Pasadena (626) 683-0550

Keep tuned to Go Country 105 FM every Sunday Morning at 8 AM for my food show.

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills

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