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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 8, 2020 

Local Area 
News Briefs

Free Open Public Tours of 
Tournament of Roses House

Warrant Served at 
Marijuana Dispensary

 The Los Angeles County 
Sheriff’s Department, 
Narcotics Bureau, along with 
the assistance of Altadena 
Station Detective Bureau 
members, within the last two 
weeks of January, conducted 
two different search warrant 
operations, at two different 
illegal marijuana dispensaries 
within the Altadena township 
area along Fair Oaks Drive.,

 According to deputies, 
after the execution of both 
warrants, a combined total 
of eleven individuals were 
arrested for a variety of crimes, 
including several believed to 
be employees. Three firearms 
were recovered (one was 
confirmed to be stolen) and a 
large amount of product was 
recovered, which included 
Marijuana, Marijuana eatable 
products, Marijuana vapeable 
products and large sums of 
money, which drives the trade 
in the first place they said.

City Criminalizes Flavored Tobacco Sales 

 Guided tours inside 
Tournament House, the 
iconic Southern California 
landmark, open to the 
public. Tours will be offered, 
at no cost, every Thursday 
at 2 and 3 p.m. Tournament 
of Roses volunteers from 
the Heritage Committee, 
knowledgeable of the 
organization’s history and 
details of the house, conduct 
the tours. 

 The Rose Bowl Game room 
renovation at Tournament 
House is complete and open 
to the public for viewing. 
Highlights include new 
touch screens highlighting 
Rose Bowl Game Hall of 
Fame inductees , a Pac-12 
and Big Ten helmet wall, 
video playback of Rose Bowl 
Game history, depictions 
of Offensive and Defensive 
Player of the Game, a 
celebration of the B-2 
Flyover, information about 
the Lawry’s Beef Bowl , the 
Leishman Trophy, and more.

 Tournament House serves 
as the official headquarters 
of the Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses, its staff and the 
935 volunteer members who 
work year-round to organize 
the annual Rose Parade® 
presented by Honda and 
Rose Bowl Game.

 Located in Pasadena, the 
house was once the home 
of chewing gum mogul 
William Wrigley Jr. and his 
wife, Ada. After Ada’s death 
in 1958, the Wrigley family 
presented the property to 
the city of Pasadena, with 
the request that it become 
the base of operations for the 
Tournament of Roses. The 
Wrigley family enjoyed the 
Rose Parade as it unfolded 
just beyond their front yard.

 Surrounding Tournament 
House are the Wrigley 
Gardens, which feature 
a floral display of roses, 
camellia and annuals. The 
gardens feature the All-
America Rose Selections 
(AARS) award-winning 
Tournament of Roses rose 
developed especially for 
the Tournament of Roses 
Centennial in 1989.

 Groups of 10 or more may 
call (626) 449-4100 for tour 

By Dean Lee

 The city council took action 
Monday night voting in favor 
of prohibiting the sale and 
distribution of mentholated 
cigarettes or other flavored 
tobacco products including 
electronic smoking devices and 
liquids, flavored little cigars, 
and tobacco lookalike products 
within Pasadena. 

 The final motion made by 
Councilmember John Kennedy 
also makes any violations a 
misdemeanor and increases 
the amount in fines. Cigarette 
and tobacco sales violations 
are currently an administrative 
penalty not criminal. 

 “I would also move that the 
initial violation not be $250 but 
$500,” Kennedy said. “And that 
the violations [second, third...] 
there after double in nature... I 
am disheartened but it is not a 
surprise that African Americans 
and Latinos are targeted for 
death by the tobacco industry. 
We have the capacity to have a 
serious impact on their desire 
to destroy black and brown 

 According to the city staff report 
more than 50 communities in 
California and 250 throughout 
the nation have taken formal 
action to discourage children, 
teenagers, and young adults 
from smoking. The emphasis 
of these actions has been on 
new and emerging flavored 
and menthol tobacco products. 
The new rules will limit access 
to specific tobacco products by 
children, teenagers, and young 

 As of January 14, a total of 
2,668 hospitalized E-cigarette 
or Vaping Product Use-
Associated Lung Injury cases 
or deaths have been reported 
to the United States Centers for 
Disease Control and Prevention 
from all 50 states, the District 
of Columbia, and two US 
territories (Puerto Rico and US 
Virgin Islands). Sixty deaths 
have been confirmed in 27 states 
and the District of Columbia.

 According to the California 
Department of Public Health, 
the vast majority of teenagers 
say their first use of a tobacco 
product was flavored. A 
“flavored tobacco product” is 
defined as any tobacco product 
that contains a component that 
imparts a characterizing flavor. 
Mentholated cigarettes is an 
example of a flavored tobacco 
product. Ninety-five percent 
of African-American teens 12-
17 years of age who smoked 
cigarettes in the last 30 days 
smoked menthols the report 

 “Among high school students, 
E-cigarette use increased from 
11.7 percent to 20.8 percent 
in 2017,” said Alisha Lopez, 
Director of Tobacco Programs 
at Day One, “this translates 
to roughly eight of 10 youth 
tobacco users starting with a 
flavored product... to combat 
this issue, in the past several 
years, dozens of California cities 
have ended the sale of tobacco 
products... including Beverly 
Hills, Los Angels County, 
Culver City and so on.”

 Lopez cited the statistics from 
a 2019 CDC report.

 Other speakers, many students, 
said they have friends that 
smoke E-cigarettes because they 
are candy or sweet flavored.

 “We are very proud of the 
progress we are making in the 
city towards smoking, anti 
smoking, efforts, Mayor Terry 
Tornek said. “They [tobacco 
industry] kinda ‘backdoor-
ed’ us here and have managed 
to find a way to hook a whole 
new generation in terms of 

 ArtNight at the 
Pasadena Library

 The Pasadena Central 
Library is set to host a 
number of events for the city’s 
ArtNight Friday, March 13 
from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Celebrating Women: 
Celebrate women and their 
accomplishments throughout 
history, especially winning 
the right to vote 100 years ago, 
with theatrical performances, 
music, author presentations, 
poets and crafts.

Graphic Novel Salon & 
Gallery: Throughout the 
evening • Reading Wing

Pasadena Rose Poets: Poets 
from Pasadena/Altadena and 
Los Angeles areas celebrate 
women. Throughout the 
evening • Centennial Room

Celebrate Women Authors: 

Angel City Press authors 
April Dammann, author of 
Corita Kent. Art and Soul. 
The Biography and Michele 
Asselin, author of Clubhouse 
Turn: The Twilight of 
Hollywood Park Race Track 
from will discuss their books 
and their writing journeys. 
Books will be available for 
sale and signing. 7 p.m. 
(April Dammann) & 8 p.m. 
(Michele Asselin) • Reference 

Crown City Chamber 
Players: Enjoy a variety of 
classical music performed by 
members of the Crown City 
Symphony. Throughout the 
evening • Children’s Room

Reiyukai America: 
Create a memory of ArtNight 
to take home with you.

6-9 p.m. • Great Hall/West 

Pasadena Adaptive 
Recreation: Be inspired by 
charming works of art created 
by participants of the City-
sponsored art program that 
encourages adults with a wide 
range of developmental and 
physical disabilities to express 
themselves through color, 
line and poetry. Artists will 
be in attendance to meet and 
greet you. 6–9 p.m. • Great 
Hall/East Side

Pass the Gavel Boys, We’ve 
Won the Vote!: Theatre 
Americana presents a musical 
performance in honor of 
the 100-year anniversary 
of women winning the 
right to vote. Join us for 
this celebratory evening of 
humorous and memorable 
entertainment, 6:30 & 
8:30 p.m. • Donald Wright 

 The Pasadena Central 
Library is located 285 E. 
Walnut Street. 

for Animals 
in Need

Chu's Statement on Senate 
Acquittal of President Trump

 The Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA is excited to 
announce that our 21st Annual 
Doglegs, Birdies & Eagles golf 
tournament “fore” the animals 
will take place Monday, April 
27 at Annandale Golf Club in 
Pasadena. Proceeds from the 
tournament help provide food, 
shelter, veterinary care and 
more to the more than 12,000 
animals we take in every year. 
Join us for cocktails, silent 
and live auctions, dinner, 
opportunity drawing and 
more! It’s a “par-tee” you won’t 
want to miss. Dinner tickets are 
$150 each. 

 A variety of sponsorship 
and advertising opportunities 
are also available. For more 
details or for tickets visit: or email

 After the Senate voted 
Wednesday to acquit 
President Donald Trump on 
two articles of impeachment 
passed by the House of 
Representatives. Rep. 
Judy Chu, who voted for 
impeachment, issued the 
following statement:

 “Donald Trump has been 
impeached. This is a fact 
for the rest of history. And 
the core elements of our 
charges against the President 
remain unquestioned. 
Democrats, independents, 
and Republicans – even 
those who voted to acquit – 
agree that the House made 
our case that the President 
abused his power to pressure 
Ukraine to interfere in our 
election. However, despite 
acknowledging that, the 
majority of Republican 
Senators chose party over 
country. Acknowledging 
that a President abused 
his power and that it was 
wrong, but choosing not to 
punish him with the only 
means provided by the 
Constitution is to condone 
election interference in the 
future. It is a dangerous and 
irresponsible precedent that 
a president can do anything 
they want to help their own 
reelection, even withholding 
aid to an ally at war and 
pressuring them to promote 
Russian propaganda to 
influence our election. I’m 
incredibly proud of the 
work our House Managers 
did in presenting the case 
against President Trump, 
and I congratulate them on 
the force of their arguments. 
Unfortunately, for 52 
Republican Senators, the 
fate of our democracy was 
less important than the fate 
of Donald Trump. History 
and the American people 
will remember this.”

Pasadena Cheeseburger 
Challenge Results Released

 Pasadena celebrated all 
things cheeseburger during 
Cheeseburger Week January 
26th to 31st. Visitors enjoyed 
food created especially for the 
event, took advantage of great 
deals, followed cheeseburger 
crawls and voted in the 2020 
Cheeseburger Challenge. In 
all, 1720 votes were cast in the 
challenge to determine favorites 
in 15 categories ranging from 
Favorite Place for a Burger to 
Favorite Dessert after a Burger.

 Every restaurant is entered in 
the Favorite Place for a Burger 
category. Each restaurant 
that participated for the first 
time is entered in the Favorite 
New Restaurant for a Burger 
category. Besides the Favorite 
Place for a Burger, restaurants 
can then enter in up to two 
additional categories in the 
2020 Cheeseburger Challenge. 
Voting is conducted online.

 “Thank you to all the restaurant 
participants and everyone who 
voted in this year’s Cheeseburger 
Challenge,” said Pasadena 
Chamber CEO Paul Little. “It is 
exciting to see the interest and 
enthusiasm everyone shows 
for Cheeseburger Week® in 
Pasadena. We all have Lionel 
Sternberger and the Rite Spot 
to thank for inventing the 
cheeseburger in Pasadena in 

Congratulations to those named 
Favorites in these categories 
in the 2020 Cheeseburger 

Favorite Place to go for a 

Dog Haus/Dog Haus 
Biergarten: 19%

The Stand 15%

The Langham Huntington 
Hotel 10.5%

Favorite Innovative Burger

Umami Burger 18%

Kings Row Gastropub 13%

The Pan 7%

Favorite Lunch Counter 

Pie ‘n Burger 32%

The Counter 29%

The Pan 18%

Favorite Traditional 

The Stand 32%

Clearman’s Galley 16%

Cindy’s Restaurant 9%

Favorite Sliders

Dog Haus 15%

Ruth’s Chris Steak House 9%

Foothill 8%

Favorite Gourmet Burger

Dog Haus 36%%

The Stand 27%

Terrace at the Langham (tie) 

Favorite Alternative burger

Umami Burger (Impossible 
Burger) 24%

The Counter (Bison Burger) 

True Food Kitchen (Upside 
Down Quinoa Burger) 11%

Favorite Turkey Burger

Barney’s Beanery 26%

The Great Maple/Green Street 
Restaurant (tie) 18%

Kathleen’s Restaurant 9%

 For a complete list 
of winners visit:

Public Input 
On San 
Marino Priority 

 The budget process for San 
Marino Fiscal Year 2020-2021 
is currently underway, and City 
Council is considering what 
special projects – or priority 
initiatives – staff should 
dedicate significant time and/
or financial resources to (in 
addition to their standard 
operating tasks and smaller 
budget items) next year.

 City Council has identified 
nine initiatives to consider 
further. Before making 
any final decisions, they 
are interested in hearing 
what initiatives community 
members think are the most 

 The survey will be live through 
Wednesday, February 19, 
2020. For more information 
and to take the survey visit:

177 East Colorado Boulevard, Suite 550, Pasadena, California 91105 
(626) 792-2228 | 
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Investment Counsel to Financially 
Successful Families since 1915 
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