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VOLUME 14 NO. 12

 SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2020 



Henry Amos promoted to Captain


source: CoreLogic, Freddie Mac, BankrateTHEWEBB-MARTIN GROUPJan Greteman #01943630Judy Webb-Martin #00541631 
Katie Orth #00942500Who We Are:
Residents & business owners 
of Sierra Madre selling real estate 
since 1975 & proudly giving back 
to the community.
Your Story. Your Home. Your Team.
Together Stronger.
12 Things Realtors® 
Do To Sell Your Home1.Statistics show they net 25% more onaverage than a for sale by owner2.Understand & interpret local market data3.Help determine appropriatelisting price4.Online marketing to maximize exposure5.Professional photography & videomarketing6.Know where to find buyers7.Realtors® collaborate with other Realtors®
8.Reverse prospect your home to Realtors®
9.Know how to negotiate professionally10. Realtors® can see problems beforethey occur11.Give you tips to increase your home'sreturn on investment12.Target the right audience for your homeIn times of change and struggle, our 
commitment to you remains the same. 
Our sincere thoughts are with you and 
your families at this time. 
We offer over 90 years 
of trusted experience. 
Please reach out to us for any 
of your real estate needs.
On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, an special 
meeting of the Sierra Madre City 
Council took place to address the issue 
of declaring a local state of emergency 
in response to the COVID-19 Virus. 
At the recommendation of staff, the 
council unanimously voted to declare 
such an emergency. A summary of 
the action is listed below: (From staff 

On March 16, 2020, the Los Angeles 
County Department of Public Health 

ORDER: (From Staff Report)

During a State of Emergency, California 
law empowers the County of Los 
Angeles Health Officer (Health Officer) 
to take measures necessary to protect 
the public from the spread of the Novel 
Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the 
County of Los Angeles. In accordance 
with the Centers for Disease Control’s 
(CDC) Interim Guidance for Large 
Events and Mass Gatherings (March 
15, 2020); the California Department 
of Public Health’s Mass Gathering 

(March 11, 2020); and Governor 
Newsom’s Guidance Regarding Bars 
and Restaurants 

(March 15, 2020), the Health Officer 
is ordering significant protective 
measures to stem or slow the spread 
of COVID-19 within the greater Los 
Angeles community. 

Because of the rapid spread of 
COVID-19 and the need to protect 
the most vulnerable members of our 
community, this Order prohibits all 
indoor public and private gatherings 
and all outdoor public and private 
events within a confined space, where 
at least 50 people are expected to be 
in attendance at the same time. This 
Order applies within the County of 
Los Angeles Public Health Jurisdiction, 
beginning March 16, 2020 and 
continues through March 31, 2020, 
subject to the terms and conditions 
more particularly set forth below. 

 For all gatherings that are not 
prohibited, the Health Officer orders the 
event and gathering holders and venues 
to implement the following infection 
control precautions: (1) enforce social 
distancing within the confined space by 
requiring attendees to be separated by 
six (6) feet; (2) provide access to hand 
washing facilities with soap and water 
or hand sanitizer that contains at least 
60 percent alcohol; (3) post a sign in a 
conspicuous place at the public entry 
to the venue instructing members 
of the public to not attend if they are 
experiencing symptoms of respiratory 
illness, including fever or cough; and 
(4) adhere to communicable disease 
control recommendations provided by 
the Los Angeles County Department of 
Public Health. 

 Further, this Health Officer Order, 
requires all permanent food facilities 
to limit their services to only preparing 
and offering food to customers via 
delivery service, via pick up for take-
out dining only, or via drive thru. This 
Order immediately requires closing the 
following types of businesses: 

(1) Bars and Nightclubs that do 
not serve food.

(2) Gyms and Fitness Centers.

(3) Movie Theaters, Live 
Petformance Theaters, Bowling Alleys, 
and Arcades 

 The County Health Officer will 
continue to monitor CO VID-
19 disease spread, State and CDC 
recommendations, and the impact 
of the required measures, and as 
needed, may revisit, extend, expand, or 
otherwise modify this Order to protect 
the public’s health. (cont. page 3)

Rodrick Armalin 
has been selected 
to serve as the next 
Chief of Police for 
the City of Sierra 
Madre. Chief 
Armalin comes 
to Sierra Madre 
with over 30 years 
experience in 
law enforcement 
with the Los 
Angeles Sheriff’s 
background is 
in community 
oriented policing, 
management and 
mass trauma
event response, and 

 City Manager Gabriel Engeland stated “we are very excited for 
Chief Armalin to join our team. He brings incredible experience 
to the City, is community focused, and is committed to developing 
the members of the Police Department.” 

 Armalin’s most current position with Los Angeles County 
Sheriff’s Department was as Unit Commander of the College 
Bureau where he managed 176 personnel who provided all law 
enforcement services to nine community colleges that make up 
the largest community college district in the nation. After serving 
in the United States Air Force, Armalin joined the Los Angeles 
County Sheriff’s Department and graduated top of his police 
academy class, receiving the Department’s prestigious Honor 
Recruit Award.

 From a small town in Louisiana, and primarily reared in Los 
Angeles, when asked why he chose law enforcement as a career, he 
shared his experiences as an impressionable young man and his 
admiration for the police officers in his LA neighborhood.

 He is an advocate of 'open dialogue and is looking forward to 
serving the residents of Sierra Madre. Chief Armalin said, “I am 
extremely excited about working with the men and women of 
Sierra Madre Police Department, and eagerly anticipating meeting 
and becoming a member of this wonderful community!”

 Armalin is filling the position left vacant by Interim Police Chief 
Jim Hunt, who has been in place since April 2019. 

 In addition to the 
appointment of Police 
Chief, the City has also 
promoted Sergeant Henry 
Amos to the rank of Police 
Captain. Amos’ career 
with the agency began as 
a Reserve Officer. In 2002 
he was hired as a full-time 
police officer and promoted 
to Sergeant in 2017. Since 
Amos joined Sierra Madre 
Police Department he has 
worked as a Field Training 
Officer, Police Detective, 
and Acting Lieutenant. 
Captain Amos’ promotion 
is immediate. City Manager 
Engeland said “Captain 
Amos has done exceptional 
work for the City and Sierra 
Madre Police Department 
and his promotion is well-earned.” 

 Captain Amos said “I accept my new position with great pride 
and dedication to the residents and businesses of Sierra Madre. I 
look forward to working with Chief Armalin in further developing 
the department and working closely with the community.”

 Both Armalin and Amos are making history as the first African 
Americans to hold their respective positions in Sierra Madre.

SMPD Chief Rodrick Armalin


Parents, Teachers, Students 
and Friends Keep Their Social 
Distance While Voicing Their 

 Just when parents at schools across the 
country thought things could not get 
any worse with the uncertainty of the 
Corona Virus, for those who attend, 
teach and support St Rita School in 
Sierra Madre, things definitely did. On 
Monday, March 16, Father Tom Baker, 
Pastor of St Rita Church, abruptly 
ended Principal JoAnne Harabedian’s 
30 year career at the school to the 
anger, consternation and dismay of 
many parents, teachers, parishioners 
and students. Approximately 100 
supporters protested around the school 
after Father Tom Baker demonstrated 
what many parents have called, “An 
Attempt To Lead By Force”, when he 
had the beloved Principal escorted off 
the campus in the presence of local law 

 As the termination of any employee 
is confidential matter, given Mrs. 
Harabedian’s history with the school 
and ties to the community, supporters 
are livid at her termination and in the 
way it was handled.

 During the week of March 9th, when 
word leaked out of Baker’s intention 
not to renew the principal’s contract, 
teachers and staff and students 
displayed support for Mrs. Harabedian 
by posting banners and red ribbons at 
the school. Such demonstrations were 
said to have been met with disdain 
by Fr. Baker, and 
according to one 
staff member, Baker 
refused to meet with 
them regarding their 
concerns. It has 
also been said by 
numerous sources 
that he accused 
Harabedian of 
orchestrating the 
activities. There 
are currently two 
websites online in 
support of dismissed 

 Mrs. Harabedian, in 
a brief interview with 
the paper on Friday, 
indicated when 
asked that she had 
“absolutely nothing” 
to do with the demonstration and other 
displays of support. She noted that her 
only goal has always been to ‘satisfy the 
Archdiocese and parents by providing 
students with innovative approaches to 
academic excellence.’ 

In a letter sent to members of the Parish, 
Father Baker, who has been at St 
Rita less than two years, (cont. pge 3)

JPrincipal JoAnne Harabedian

Captain Henry Amos

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