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Jan Greteman #01943630Judy Webb-Martin #00541631 
Katie Orth #00942500source: CoreLogic, Freddie Mac, BankrateWho We Are:
Residents & business owners 
of Sierra Madre selling real estate 
since 1975 & proudly giving back 
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 On a Saturday morning every Spring, a 
special Sierra Madre memory begins behind 
Taylor’s market. Hundreds of local youngsters 
pile into pickup trucks with their teams, 
and begin the Opening Day Parade. 

Families cheer from alongside Sierra Madre 
Boulevard, as the decorated trucks roll down 
to Heasley Field. The excited players shout, 
laugh and wave their team banners.

When they get there, Heasley will sparkle. 
The mountains will glow in the morning sun. 

Spring in Sierra Madre is magic.

But this is a very unique year. With the 
peaking success of both Sierra Madre Girls 
Softball Association, and Sierra Madre Little 
League, there were serious growing pains to 

 Both leagues were finding it impossible to 
schedule space for every team to practice 
and play games, having only Heasley, Sierra 
Madre Elementary, and Sierra Madre Middle 
fields to work with.

 “From field maintenance to running the 
Heasley diner, we saw similar challenges in 
every department,” shared Kelly Kriebs, who 
is serving an extra year as the Little League 
VP despite her son graduating in 2019. “Historically 
the Leagues were not able to come 
together on solutions.”

 In late fall, a each Board produced a special 
committee to map out the issues and try to 
form a new Agreement. Fred Thomas, from 
the Softball side, was determined to keep the 
negotiations positive and moving forward. 
“This needed to be about our love for Sierra 
Madre and taking care of all of the kids.”, 
Thomas said.

 Softball President Jeff Reisbeck shared 
“once both leagues committed to collaborate, 
a strong Agreement took shape. Everyone 
including City management did a great 
job. I’m proud of where both Leagues are as 
we walk into this new decade.”

 For the volunteer parents who make up 
each League’s Board, getting ready for this 
season took far more than just seeding the 
outfield and ordering the player uniforms. 
Because our kids were made the priority, 
families from all around San Gabriel Valley 
will be coming again to experience baseball 
and softball at Heasley Field. 

Behind the scenes, things are better than 

 Provided by Russ Meek, Sierra 
Madre Little League

Top Right: Brian Kriebs throwing out the 
first pitch to his son Nick at the 2019 Opening 
Day Ceremony. The Father-Son duo played 
important roles on last season’s SM Little 
League All Start team that placed first in 
the local District, and nearly won the entire 
Southern California sectional tournament.

Lower Right:

Sieerra Madre Girls Softball player Scarlett 
Romero, singing a memorable National Anthem 
at the 2019 Opening Day ceremony.

Photos courtesy Sierra Madre Little League 
and Sierra Madre Girls Softball Association, 

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