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Mountain Views-News Saturday, May 9, 2020


Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. 


The City is preparing plans to open trail systems in the coming days. We are thrilled to announce 
the Hillside Wilderness Preserve will open on Friday, May 8. Even though the City has suspended 
most parking enforcement, it is conducting parking enforcement for public health and safety reasons. 
The City will be enforcing parking restrictions near the HWP entrances. 

Canyon Park will remain closed this weekend as we prepare for weekday openings.

We also wish to point out that shorter trail systems exist at our urban parks including Recreation, 
Library and Lucinda Garcia Park. Happy hiking! 

May 5, 2020 – The City of Arcadia and Methodist 
Hospital are joining together to host a Virtual 
Public Health Town Hall on Thursday, May 14, 
2020 at 6:00 p.m. The City and Hospital are actively 
engaged in coordinating a unified response to the 
Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As more is 
learned about COVID-19 and the disease’s progression 
and impact on our community, City leaders 
and public health practitioners want to share 
lessons learned, best practices, and the latest scientific 
data to inform our community on effective 
COVID-19 transmission mitigation strategies. 

“The Virtual Public Health Town Hall is part of 
the City’s effort to prepare the community for the 
next stage in our efforts to slow the spread of COVID-
19,” said City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto. “As 
we look toward the eventual lifting of stay at home 
orders, we want to be sure that our community is 
prepared, and the City is taking an active role in 
supporting that effort. However, until the orders 
are lifted, residents and businesses should still continue 
to follow the guidelines currently in place.” 

The Virtual Public Health Town Hall will be broadcast 
live on the Arcadia City Television Channel 
(ACTV) and will also be streamed live on the City’s 
website at The community 
may also listen to and submit comments via 

Phone: (872) 240-3212 

Access Code: 492-717-437 


Questions for the Virtual Public Health Town Hall 
can be sent via email to 
prior to or during the meeting. GoToMeeting users 
may also submit their comments using the online 
chat feature. 

The virtual Town Hall panel will consist of doctors, 
administrators, and public safety officials who will 
be sharing their experiences with COVID-19 along 
with answering questions from the community. 

The panel will include: 

Dr. Bala Chandrasekhar, Chief Medical Officer, 
Methodist Hospital 

Cliff Daniels, Senior VP, Chief Strategy Officer, 
Methodist Hospital 

Dominic Lazzaretto, City Manager, City of Arcadia 

Robert Guthrie, Police Chief, City of Arcadia 

Michael Lang, Fire Chief, City of Arcadia 

“Methodist Hospital is a proud partner of the City 
of Arcadia,” said Cliff Daniels, Chief Strategy Officer 
at Methodist Hospital. “We look forward to 
sharing our experiences with COVID-19 with the 
community and informing the public on best practices 
to reduce transmission and flatten the curve.” 

For more information regarding the Virtual Public 
Health Town Hall, please contact the City Manager’s 
Office at (626) 574-5401. 

Per the latest information from local, state, and federal 
public health officials, the risk of contracting 
the virus remains low. There are steps individuals 
can take to help minimize and prevent the spread 
of COVID-19. These include: 

• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at 
least 20 seconds. 

• Avoid touching face (eyes, nose, and mouth) with 
unwashed hands. 

• Avoid close contact with people who are sick. 

• Stay home when you are sick. 

• Wear face coverings in public. 

• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then 
throw it in the trash. 

• Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects 
and surfaces. 

• Practice social distancing; avoid groups; maintain 
at least 6 feet from others. 

Anyone who was recently in an area that is currently 
experiencing a high infection rate of COVID-19 
and feels sick with a fever, cough, or has difficulty 
breathing within 14 days after leaving should: 

• Seek medical care right away. Before going to a 
doctor's office or emergency room, patients should 
call ahead and tell them about their recent travel 
and symptoms. 

• Self-quarantine and avoid contact with others. 

• Not travel while sick. 

• Cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or their 
sleeve (not their hands) when coughing or sneezing. 

• Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 
20 seconds to avoid spreading the virus to others. 
Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water 
are not available. 

For more information regarding the COVID-19, 
please visit any of the following websites: 

Federal Guidance – Centers for 
Disease Control and Prevention – 

State of California Guidance – 

California Department of Public Health – cdph.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health – 

National Domestic Violence Hotline – thehotline.
org – (800) 799-7233 

National Suicide Prevention Hotline – suicidepreventionlifeline.
org – (800) 273-8255 

For more information regarding the City of Arcadia’s 
response to COVID-19 along with future updates 
regarding City services, text ARCADIACOV19 
to 888777 for SMS updates or please visit us at ArcadiaCA.
gov/covid19 or contact us at (626) 574-5401. 

# #


Reacting to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Five Stage Plan to re-open the County, 
the City of Duarte is transitioning into Stage 2. This stage includes the re-opening of trails, trailheads, 
golf courses, car dealership showrooms, and stores that sell toys, books, clothing, sporting 
goods, flowers and music following the revised "safer-at-home" orders. These orders include 
curbside pick-up, contactless payment procedures, hand sanitizer available for employees and 
customers, and ensuring that employees have the proper protective gear. In Duarte, residents can 
now resume activity on the Donald and Bernice Watson Recreation Trail, the Encanto Nature 
Walk and city parks as long as face masks and physical distancing practices are utilized. Playground 
and exercise equipment will remain closed and restrooms are still open. 


The Restaurant Association in cooperation with the Governor’s office will be announcing guidelines 
for restaurant re-openings on May 12th. Pro shops and dine-in restaurants at golf courses 
and county beaches will remain closed.


From there, County officials can decide independently how quickly to move through Stage 2 
as long as they meet their local public health criteria. For more information on the gradual re-
opening of City operations and facilities click here. For up-to-date information on the various 
stages of re-opening LA County, visit its COVID-19 website at


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Monrovia City Council approved several 
measure to positively impact the 
community during this difficult 
time, including suspending parking 
enforcement activities except 
for illegal parking considered a 
hazard or danger to the public. 

Since suspending parking enforcement, 
the City has noticed an increase 
in recreational vehicles 
parking on the street for several 
days at a time. 

In accordance with Chapter 10.14 
of the Monrovia Municipal Code, 
RV owners are required to purchase 
a "RV Permit" or a "RV Guest 
Permit" for non-residents to park 
their RVs overnight on city streets. 
View the RV Permit and RV Guest 
Permit parking passes application. 
A parking permit cost $5 per day, 
and is valid for up to three days. 

Altadena 24th Annual 
Free Summer Concerts

South Pasadena wants your 
Input on the City Budget

San Marino Lacy Park 
Open for Mother’s Day

 The Rotary Club of Altadena 
in association with the Sheriff’s 
Support Group of Altadena is 
announcing the 24th Annual 
FREE Summer Concerts 
in the beautiful outdoor 
Amphitheater in Farnsworth 
Park, 568 E. Mt. Curve Ave.

 All Concerts are on Saturday 
evening and start at 7:00 PM. 
This year’s season kicks off on 
July 11th (the weekend after the 
4th of July) with Psychedelic 
Summer a Woodstock era 
tribute band. The July 18th 
concert will host The Kings of 
88 with the music of Billy Joel, 
Elton John and Classic Piano 
Rock & Roll. On July 25th The 
Horads will perform with their 
California Beach Music and 
Disco in the mix. On August 1st 
we are showcasing SGT Pepper 
a wonderful Beatles tribute 
band. August 8th Upstream 
returns to provide Reggae, 
Soca, and Caribbean tunes 
- bring your dancing shoes! 
On August 15th We welcome 
Country Nation a great mix of 
classic country, new country 
and popular dance music. 
On August 22nd we welcome 
Flogging Seagulls 80’s party 
music, performed with an 
Irish-Celtic twist! August 29th 
Gypsy Tribute with the music 
of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood 

 The Grand Finale of the 24th 
Summer Concert Series will be 
on September 12th featuring 
a special band selected by our 
partners the Sheriff’s Support 
Group of Altadena with The 
Walking Phoenixes – a tribute 
to Johnny Cash.

 Note that due to COVID-19 
and the Shelter in Place and 
Stay At Home orders currently 
in place the schedule is subject 
to change. 

 The City of South Pasadena is 
facing financial challenges as a 
result of the current economic 
climate and needs feedback 
from residents regarding 
priorities for City resources.

 Due to the health crisis and 
social distancing guidelines, the 
City has created a fully digital 
community budget engagement 
program. The platform 
includes visual information 
about the municipal budget 
accompanied by narratives 
from each department, an 
interactive activity that allows 
residents to adjust the priorities 
for city departments and see 
the tradeoffs of their choices, 
and a survey on specific City 
services and programs.

 The community budget 
engagement program was 
developed by staff to facilitate a 
dialogue between residents and 
the City to better understand 
community priorities for future 

 The City will be collecting 
responses to the survey 
through May 17. A draft budget 
will be presented to the Finance 
Commission and the City 
Council at public meetings. 
The City Council is scheduled 
to adopt a budget on June 17.

 The Budget serves as a 
“blueprint” for providing City 
services and as a working 
financial plan for the fiscal year. 
It reflects City policies, goals, 
and priorities and provides 
an overall plan for allocating 
City resources to a variety of 
programs and services. The 
budget process has evolved with 
the onset of the COVID-19 
pandemic and its effect on the 
economy. The City of South 
Pasadena forecasts immediate 
budget deficits that will hinder 
its ability to maintain service 
levels. While there are many 
uncertainties and changes that 
will inevitably dictate the City’s 
financial future we will be 
proposing a budget to serve as 
a reference point for the city’s 
future plans.

 If you would like to participate 
in the budget process, please 
or submit your comment to:

 The survey is available 
through May 17. Council to 
adopt a budget on June 17.

 The city of Marino 
announced Thursday a 
continued effort to prioritize 
keeping Lacy Park open as a 
safe and healthy respite for 
our community. Following 
the County’s decision to 
rescind the closer of their 
parks on Mother’s Day, and 
the city therefore said they 
feel comfortable doing the 
same. Lacy Park will now 
remain open on Mother’s 
Day. Please remember that 
you still must maintain 
proper physical distancing 
from anyone not in your 
immediate household. 
“Thank you for your 
understanding and support, 
and we hope you all have 
a wonderful Mother’s Day 


Sunday, April 19th 

5:45 PM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 
area of Raymond Avenue 
and Montana Street. Vehicle 
described as a white 2000 
Mercedes ML430. Two 
suspects were taken into 
custody and investigation is 

Monday, April 20th 

12:20 AM – An attempt 
residential burglary 
occurred in the 2000 block 
of Minoru Drive. Suspect(s) 
attempted to enter the 
residence by prying the 
door. No entry. 3:30 PM – A 
battery occurred in the 2000 
block of Galbreth Road. 
Suspect has been identified. 
4:00 PM – A grand theft 
from an unlocked vehicle 
occurred in the 1500 
block of Valencia Avenue. 
Stolen: silver Swarovski 
sunglasses, gold Bvlgari 
sunglasses, gold RayBan 
sunglasses, gold titanium 
Warby Parker sunglasses, 
blue Origins grocery bag 
and currency. 4:10 PM – A 
domestic violence incident 
occurred in the 700 block 
of E. Sacramento Street. 
Suspect was taken into 
custody. Between 6:00 PM 
and 1:30 PM (Tuesday) – A 
vehicle burglary occurred 
in the 2200 block of Casitas 
Avenue. Suspect(s) entered 
the vehicle by cutting the 
lock. Stolen: gardening tools. 

Tuesday, April 21st 

4:00 PM – An assault with 
a deadly weapon occurred 
in the 2100 block of Grand 
Oaks Avenue. Suspect has 
been identified. 

Wednesday, April 22nd 

4:40 PM – An assault with 
a deadly weapon occurred 
in the 2600 block of Fair 
Oaks Avenue. Suspects were 
taken into custody. Between 
9:50 PM and 10:00 PM – A 
petty theft occurred in the 
2500 block of E. Washington 
Boulevard. Stolen: red and 
black Minnie Mouse purse, 
burgundy LG cellphone and 

San Marino Launches 
Tree Rebate Program

 This week, in honor of Earth 
Day, the city of San Marino 
announced the launch of the 
City’s Heritage Tree Rebate 
Program which is aimed 
at encouraging residents to 
plant heritage trees in their 
front yards. Depending on 
the size of the heritage tree 
planted, the rebate will range 
from a minimum of $50 to a 
maximum of $250.

 To qualify, the tree must 
be a heritage tree from a list 
available on the city website, 
and it must be a minimum 
of 15 gallons in size.

 They also encourage you 
to watch this informative 
video of Mayor Shepherd 
Romey and Urban Forester 
Sam Estrada talking about 
the City’s tree preservation 
efforts and giving a basic tree 
care tutorial. To watch the 
video or more information 
and to fill out the rebate 
form visit: cityofsanmarino.

 Trees are a foundational layer 
of our beautiful community. 
The Tree Preservation 
Ordinance, which became 
effective February 8, 2019, 
focuses on the protection 
and reforestation of our City 
to enhance this valuable 
community asset. To ensure 
that the City maintains this 
asset, the City would like 
to take this opportunity 
to remind the community 
of the key components 
of the Tree Preservation 

 In your review of the Tree 
Preservation Ordinance, 
it is important to note the 
definitions of Established 
Trees and Heritage Trees, 
the notification and 
posting requirements, the 
requirements to obtain 
a permit, obtaining a 
licensed tree trimmer and 
the penalties for violating 
the requirements. For your 
reference, the following link 
will direct you to the Tree 
Preservation Ordinance 
and the Tree Preservation 
Summary and Guidelines:
php. For questions contact 
Urban Forester Sam Estrada 
at (626) 300-0774.

South Pasadena Allows 
Temporary Signage

 In an effort to support 
local restaurants and other 
businesses providing essential 
services during the COVID-19 
outbreak, the City of South 
Pasadena is relaxing temporary 
signage (banners, window 
signs, and sandwich boards) 
requirements for businesses to 
more effectively communicate 
with customers their location, 
available services, hours of 
operation and how to get take-
out orders.

 The City will provide a 
temporary waiver of some of 
the Sign Permit Requirements, 
and no fees would be required 
for the temporary signs.

 However, businesses must 
obtain a no-cost encroachment 
permit to ensure that all 
temporary signage adheres to 
the following guidelines:

· Sign width is not to exceed 6 
square feet and sign height is 
not to exceed 48 inches.

· Up to two temporary, on-site 
signs per business (only one 
can be located in the public 
right of way).

· Signs located in the public 
right of way must maintain 
a minimum clearance of 36 
inches on sidewalks and no 
obstruction to vehicular sight 

· Temporary window signs are 

Support Local 
Businesses During 
COVID-19 Emergency

South Pasadena Board and 
Commission Special Meetings


 South Pasadena city 
officials announced that 
the Design Review Board 
will hold a Special Public 
Hearing on Thursday, May 
14, at 3:00 p.m. remotely 
by video conference. The 
Planning Commission is 
holding a special meeting 
on Tuesday, May 12 at 6:00 
p.m. also remotely by video 
conference. The meetings 
will be broadcast live on 
the local cable channel and 
on the city’s website, and a 
recording of the meeting will 
be available within 48 hours 
of the meeting adjournment 

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