Mountain Views News, Combined Edition Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Mountain View News Saturday, August 8, 2020 

Well, we've made it to another Birthday! (Of just about). Since 
2006, I have been publishing a weekly newspaper in the San 
Gabriel Valley specifically covering the cities of Sierra Madre, 
Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Pasadena, and also South Pasadena, 
Altadena and San Marino. It was August 4, 2007 however, 
when the first edition of the Mountain Views Observer 
(now know as the Mountain Views News)was published! My 
how time flies! That is a total of 698 CONSECUTIVE weeks; 
approximately 12,564 pages; more than 7 million print readership! 
Our website traffic exceeded 4 million page reads in 
2019 alon! I am pretty proud of what we have accomplished 
over the last 14 years, despite huge economic challenges, such 
as the 20% tarrif on newsprint that comes from China and has 
adversely impacted print media in the United States or California's 
AB5 which is another threat to newspapers statewide, 
we survived.

And then.....2020 and COVID-19 happened! To date, we are 
still alive and moving forward. We are proceeding cautiously 
and are committed to continue providing you with accurate 
information about your community. 

In March, when we reached out to you for help we expected 
that by May at the very least the Emergency would be over. 
We could not have imagined in our wildest dreams that in 
August the crisis would still be with us. As indicated in the 
beginning, the Mountain Views News has survived primarily 
on the paper's ability to publish legal notices and the support 
of our advertisers many of whom are also impacted by 
the COVID19 virus. However, that has all changed. We were 
informed mid-March that the County of Los Angeles closed 
all public access to buildings that process legal notices. Such 
action, while absolutely necessary means that the income generated 
from the publication of the Fictitious Business notices 
came to an abrupt halt and that has not changed. Without the 
ability to publish those legal notices, continued publication of 
the Mountain Views News remains in jeopardy.

With your help, however, we can continue to sustain the only 
paper where your community news comes first while we 
work on alternatives to the current legal notice processing 
is found or LA County Buildings allow public access again.

 Remember, print media is the only source of information 
that CANNOT BE HACKED! What you read in the Mountain 
Views News is accurate and as publisher, I stand behind 
every word. Our sources are reliable and dependable. Our 
Opinions share both sides of the argument. Community 
events and local organization activities are also an integral 
part of what we provide each week. And, while we do have 
an online presence, each week thousands of print copies are 

 Below are 4 ways that you can help sustain your local paper. 
All support is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 

Susan Henderson, Owner/ Publisher/Editor


A special thanks to all of our Supporters and Subscribers! We could not have 
made it this far without you. This heart was created by my Granddaughter 
(Maila Thomas) who really knows how important the Mountain Views News 
is to our community. Please note that this is only a partial listing. Susan 
Henderson, Owner/Publisher/Editor

help us recover from the COVID-19 interruption 
of legal notice revenue. https://www.gofundme.

#2 DONATE BY CHECK: If you would rather make a donation 
directly to the paper, you can send a check. Make it 
payable to the Mountain Views News and mail to: Mountain 
Views News 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. #327 Sierra Madre, 
Ca. 91024

addition to the impact of COVID-19, newspapers are also 
adversely impacted by California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), 
which eliminates the use of independent contractors and 
triples costs. Become a Sustaining Supporter of the Mountain 
Views News by making an annual contribution of $120 
($10 a month). Sign up and get home delivery for free. 
Cancel at anytime. Please send check to: Mountain Views 
News Sustaining Supporter 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. #327 
Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024


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