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Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 7, 2020 

Set to Salute 
All Military 

Craftsman Lovers, Modernists, 
Community Preservationists

Gordo Declares Victory in Mayoral Race

 As of Friday, Mayoral 
Candidate Victor Gordo 
(pictured) maintained a 
sizable lead over incumbent 
Mayor Terry Tornek. With 
49,795 votes or 54.52 percent, 
Gordo declared victory 

 In a statement Gordo 
said that voters showed 
they wanted change and to 
take the city in a different 
direction. Adding that he is 
ready to work with Pasadena 
residents and the city council 
“to move our city forward 
during this challenging 

 Gordo also said the election 
was never about one person 
but about all the people of 

 If Gordo wins, he will 
be sworn in on Dec. 
7., along with newly 
elected Councilwoman 
Felicia Williams and 
Councilmembers Steve 
Madison, Gene Masuda and 
Tyron Hampton.

 During debates, in 
September and October, 
while focusing on topics such 
as, the Black Lives Matter 
movement and the Covid-19 
Pandemic, Gordo was asked 
if he had reevaluated this 
political positions?

 “You can’t not be transformed 
by the issues of late,” Gordo 
said. “When Covid... struck, 
many of you saw me jump 
right in, I was here, I was 
working, I went out and met 
with small business owners, 
restauranteurs.” He added 
that “everyone needed to 
‘take stock,’ in all social issues 
and to be leaders.”

 Gordo was born in 
Zacatecas, Mexico, arrived in 
the United States at the age of 
five. Together with his family, 
he has lived in Pasadena ever 
since. Gordo has served on 
the city council since 2001. 

 In a statement, on Tuesday, 
Tornek said the outcome was 
clear that voters preferred 
someone other than him. 
Tornek did not mention 
Gordo by name. Tornek 
also said he was grateful 
for the opportunity but 
disappointed he will not 
longer be part of the city’s 

 In other News, Incumbent 
Anthony Portantino 
defeated Kathleen Hazelton 
in the general election for 
California State Senate 
District 25, which includes 
all of Pasadena, Altadena and 
other foothill communities. 
Portantino received 230,289 
votes or 65.5 percent to 
Hazelton’s 121,564 votes or 
34.5 percent. 

 The Pasadena City 
Services Protection Measure 
(Measure P) passed with 
83.73 percent of the vote. 
If the Measure had failed 
it would have resulted in 
an annual loss of nearly 
$18 million that support 
emergency 911 response, 
fire, paramedic, public 
health programs for the 
community, senior services, 
homelessness and housing 
programs, street repairs, 
and other general services 
and programs Measure P 
supporters said.

The City of Pasadena will 
again pause to remember 
Veterans Day and salute 
all our military veterans, 
although this year because of 
the pandemic the city’s event 
will not be held publicly.

 Pasadena’s Veterans Day 
Committee, in collaboration 
with Pasadena Media, has 
produced a special one hour 
tribute that will be broadcast 
at 11 a.m. on Wednesday. 
Event organizers said this 
year the guest speaker will 
be a female veteran, Staff 
Sergeant (SSgt) Shamoneka 
Collins, a Pasadena Marine 
from the 2nd Battalion 23rd 
Marine Regiment.

 SSgt Collins was born in 
Greensboro, Alabama, and 
has been on active duty for 
over 10 years.

 SSgt Collins' awards include 
the Navy and Marine Corps 
Commendation Medal, 
Navy and Marine Corps 
Achievement Medal with 1 
gold star in lieu of second 
award, Marine Corps 
Good Conduct medal with 
bronze star lieu of third 
award, Military Outstanding 
Volunteer Service Medal, 
and various other citations. 
To view the broadcast or 
more information visit: or 
about Pasadena visit:

 Greene & Greene 
Meet Post-War 
Modernism Tonight, 
5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

 After 28 years Pasadena 
Heritage’s Craftsman 
Weekend is reimagined 
with a broader frame and a 
new name —Preservation 
Pasadena: Craftsman to 

 The city of Pasadena 
is home to some of the 
most notable examples 
of architect-designed 
properties from Craftsman 
style to Mid-Century and 
everything in between. 
Explore architectural style 
and design over five decades 
and learn the connections 
and differences that illustrate 
how architecture changed 
through time. The virtual 
events start tonight.

Greene & Greene Meet 
Post-War Modernism

Tonight, 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Here is the best of both 
worlds! Gamble House 
Director Ted Bosley will 
talk about the rediscovery of 
Craftsman homes and their 
glories by an eclectic group 
of history-minded people 
at a time when Post-War 
Modernism was all the rage.

Meet and Greet the Artists 
and Experts

Tuesday, Nov. 10 and 
Thursday, Nov. 12, 5:00 – 
6:30 pm

The Craftsman tradition of 
remarkable design and hand-
crafted excellence continues 
with artisans working today. 
The best antique specialists 
know the history of every 
piece they acquire and can 
wax poetic on all the details. 
Join the conversation with a 
range of fine craftspeople and 
antique dealers and share 
stories and adventures.

A Century of Stickley at The 
Gamble House

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 6:30-8:00 

The American Arts & 
Craftsman Movement really 
started with entrepreneur 
and furniture maker Gustav 
Stickley and grew outward 
from there. A significant 
collection of Stickley 
furnishings has always 
graced the famed Gamble 
House, designed by Greene 
& Greene at the height of 
their career. See how Stickley 
pieces fit side by side with the 
custom furnishings designed 
just for this architectural 

 The Dr. Robert Winter 
Memorial Lecture

Saturday, Nov. 14, 6:30 – 
8:00 pm

Chronicling and contributing 
to the Craftsman Revival for 
a quarter century, American 
Bungalow magazine has been 
a resource and treasured read 
for devotees. Founder and 
publisher John Brinkmann 
talks with us about his career 
and the magazine and shares 
stories about legendary Dr. 
Robert Winter and their 
many connections.

More Events on Tap during 
our 10-day Line-up:

Virtual Walking Tour of 
Prospect Park, Pasadena’s 
First National Register 

How Sunset Magazine 
Shaped the West

The Asian Roots of Pasadena’s 
Arts & Crafts Architecture

Greene & Greene Meet Post-
War Modernism

Hispanic Influence on 
Pasadena and California 

The Legacy of Architect John 

200 Years of Black Pioneers 
in Pasadena and Los Angeles

Meet and Greet the Artists 
and Experts

A Century of Stickley at The 
Gamble House

A Woodworker’s Journey: 
Discovering Sam Maloof 

Historic Playgrounds: Letting 
the Future Play on the Past

Exclusive for Pasadena 
Heritage Q&A with 
Neutra: Survival Through 
Design (click for trailer) 
documentary director PJ 
Letofsky and guests

Making Martinis with the 
Raymond 1886

Dr. Robert Winter 
Memorial Lecture with John 

Neutra’s Experience in Japan: 
Finding Common Ground

 For more information or to 
buy tickets visit:

City Veterans 
Day Closures

 Pasadena City Hall and many 
city services and administrative 
business offices will be closed 
Wednesday in observance of 
Veterans Day.

 Pasadena’s Water and Power 
Customer Service Call Center 
will be closed for the holiday, 
but customers can access their 
accounts and make payments 
by phone at (626) 744-4005 or 
online at

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses with any power 
emergencies should call PWP 
at (626) 744-4673. For water-
related emergencies, call (626) 

The City’s Citizen Service
Center (CSC) will be open 
from 8 a.m. to noon on 
Wednesday and will return to 
normal hours, 7:30 a.m. to 5 
p.m., on Thursday.

Both Pasadena Transit and
Pasadena Dial-a-Ride services 
will operate on their normal 

 All parking meters will be 
free, and parking time limits 
will not be enforced; however, 
violations for overnight 
parking, red curb parking, “No 
Parking” zones and blocking 
fire hydrants will be enforced. 
All regular enforcement 
resumes Thursday.

 All Pasadena Public Library 
sites will be closed on 
Wednesday. Regular operating 
hours resume Thursday.

 All parks will be open 
for picnics, fun and play; 
however, no site reservations 
are accepted for the holiday. 
Any outdoor gatherings must 
be limited to three or fewer 
households, with everyone 
wearing a face covering and 
maintaining at least six feet 
of physical distance between 
those who do not live in the 
same household. Gatherings 
should be kept under two 
hours. As a reminder, indoor 
gatherings of any size with 
non-household members are 
not permitted. 

 Pasadena Police and Fire 
Departments will be staffed for 
all patrol, jail, fire, paramedic 
and other emergency 
services, but not business or 
administrative offices. TO 
report suspicious activity call 
Pasadena Police at (626) 744-
4241. For life-threatening 
emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

City Confirms 
First MIS-C 
Case Related 
to Covid-19 

 The first confirmed case of 
multisystem inflammatory 
syndrome in children (MIS-C) 
in a Pasadena resident was 
reported to the Pasadena 
Public Health Department 
(PPHD) last week. The child 
had been hospitalized. This 
brings the total cases of MIS-C 
in Los Angeles, Pasadena and 
Long Beach Public Health 
Jurisdictions to 43 children, 
as of October 23, and the total 
reported in the state is 126 
children Monday. 

“MIS-C is a rare but serious 
complication associated with 
COVID-19. It’s a condition 
where different body parts, 
such as the heart, lungs, 
kidneys, brain, skin, eyes 
or gastrointestinal organs, 
become inflamed. We do not 
yet know what causes MIS-C, 
but it’s another unfortunate 
reminder of the seriousness 
of the COVID-19 pandemic,” 
said Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, 
Health Officer and Director 
of the Pasadena Public Health 
Department. “The best way to 
protect your child is by taking 
actions to prevent your child 
and the entire household 
from getting the virus that 
causes COVID-19. Follow the 
‘Three Ws’ and wear a face 
covering, wash your hands, 
and watch your distance by 
staying at least six feet away 
from people who do not live 
in your immediate household 
and avoid gatherings.”

Pasadena is experiencing an 
increase in COVID-19 cases. 
Confirmed cases of COVID-19 
in both Pasadena and Los 
Angeles County public health 
jurisdictions have reached 
peaks not experienced since 
mid-August. Case rates are 
increasing in all age groups, 
but the highest rates of 
increase are among those ages 

For more information visit:

Dia De Los Muertos – A 
Celebration of Art Winners

 The Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses announced Wednesday 
winners of our first-ever 
Dia de los Muertos art 
competition, a celebration of 
art. The competition was held 
in partnership with; Mexican 
Consulate in Los Angeles, 
Pasadena City Councilmember 
John Kennedy and the Roybal 

 “When it comes to traditions, 
festivities and flowers – we get 
the appeal!” said Tournament of 
Roses President Bob Miller. “As 
an organization that’s all about a 
rose, the Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses can appreciate that the 
Dia de los Muertos marigold 
holds such a prestigious place in 
the 3,000 year old celebration, 
that originated in Mexico.”

 More than $6,000 in 
scholarships and cash awards 
will be presented in three age 
categories. Cash awards will be 
presented in the 4-8 and 9-13 
age categories. Scholarships 
will be presented in the 14 to 18 
age category.

 2020 Tournament of Roses Dia 
de los Muertos art competition 

Ambassador Marcela Celorio, 
Consul General of Mexico in 
Los Angeles

John J. Kennedy, Pasadena City 

Ana Pescador, Art Curator

 “It was an honor to have 
been asked to serve as one of 
the judges for the Dia de los 
Muertos art competition,” said 
John Kennedy. “It was obvious 
to me that all of the students put 
their heart in the activity. So, in 
a real sense, all of the students 
who participated by providing 
original art are winners. 
Additionally, I congratulate 
the highest scoring students. 
Bravo! “

 Winners of the 2020 
Tournament of Roses Dia de los 
Muertos art competition:

Age Group: 4-8 years

First: Anaya Rossman 
Velazquez, age 6 - ofrenda

Second: Annamarie Banuelos, 
age 6 – ofrenda

Third: Itzel Castaneda, age 7 – 
sugar skulls

Age Group: 9-13 years

First: Aurora Patlan, age 11 – 

Second: Aiden Castro, age 11 – 

Third: Malia Ujiki, age 13 – art

Age Group 14-18 years

First: Diego Huizar, age 16 – 

Second: Isabel Pan – art

Third: Samantha Reynoso, age 
16 – face paint

To view winning submissions, 
please visit the Rose Parade 
account on Instagram. 

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