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Mountain View News Saturday, December 5, 2020 



Tis' the season to be jolly, and it also a time when thieves who 
are not feeling the holiday spirit may look for opportunities to 
steal someone's property. It’s well known that crime spikes this 
time of year – and although many of us know the basics around 
holiday theft prevention, here a few safety tips some of us may 
not consider.

Be extra careful with the Cyber shopping. “Porch Pirates”, or individuals who like to steal 
deliveries zero in during the Holidays. Make sure to take extra care with delivered goods. 
Consider making neighbors aware of expected packages and keep an eye out for that 
Amazon vehicle for your neighbors.

Break down shipping boxes. Once you receive your packages and remove the goods, take 
a few minutes to break down the shipping boxes into smaller pieces so they can be discarded 
discreetly. Large boxes from popular brands left curbside can clue thieves into 
what’s inside your home.

Mums the word on social media. It is so tempting to share how you spent all day shopping 
for gifts, however, it’s best not to. Many burglars used social networks last year to find out 
when people were not home.

Dispose of debit card receipts carefully. While rushing to complete a purchase or pay 
a restaurant check, it’s easy to leave duplicate receipts behind. What’s printed on these 
seemingly simple pieces of paper contain information that a savvy identity theft criminal 
might find useful.

Consider using one credit card. Try and use only one credit card for holiday shopping. 
That way, if it’s lost or stolen, you only have to cancel one. Also, it makes tracking and paying 
attention to charges much easier.

Place valuable items in your trunk before your next stop. Most people know not to leave 
packages in plain sight in the car, but thieves pay attention to what gets loaded into trunks 
too, especially during the holidays. If your shopping spree takes you to multiple locations 
in a day, whenever possible transfer goods to your trunk before you arrive at your next 
stop. With the right tool or “shaved key” in hand, opportunistic criminals can empty your 
trunk in a matter of seconds.

Also, please remember to lock your car and home, and if going on vacation, request a 
vacation check through Sierra Madre Police Department.

Happy Holidays, and please stay safe and healthy!

Rodrick Armalin

Chief of Police, Sierra Madre Police Department


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