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Mountain View News Saturday, January 2, 2021 


Think nachos and oreos! 
Yes, Nacho and Clyde 
are definitely yum yums 
and very adoptable, yet 
still available! Both are 
very friendly. Nacho and 
Clyde are best buddies and 
partners in crime! Nacho is 
a feisty ginger cat who loves 
chasing toys and snuggling 
his people. Clyde is a soft tuxedo with a fluffy, feathery tail that Nacho loves to pounce on. These two 
are adjusting quickly to a new foster home, and both love watching the birds and squirrels outside from 
the highest perch of their cat tree. Nacho warms up quickly, and begins purring when he hears his name 
or when his foster mom looks at him -- but his very loud engine really perks up when it’s feeding time! 
Clyde also loves to snuggle, and will find a place to do that, whether it’s a lap, a foot, or even on top of his 
foster mom when she’s asleep. His purr may be softer than his buddy’s, but he’s no less playful. These 
two will adapt to a new home quickly, as long as there are laps to sit on and friendly humans to give them 
scritches and food. 

Please fill out our adoption application to get the (fur)balls rolling! They could soon be cuddling with 
you! After all, isn’t that better for you than real nachos and oreos! Born approx. 4/20. See more pictures, 
adoption information and application on our website at the Young Cats page at


A Few of America’s ‘First’ Best Friends

Having a canine in the ’first’ family is by no 
means a new concept. Indeed, there’ve been 
numerous ‘first’ best friends, dating back to 
when our original commander-in-chief, George 
Washington was in office. What has changed 
over time, however, is the kind of canine you 
might find lying beside the president’s easy chair.

This week, I thought it might be fun to share my preposterous (hopefully humorous) perspective on a few 
of the dogs that have had the privilege of pet-hood at the White House. Hear me out with an open mind…
it’s my personal twist and it’s just for kicks.

I’ll start at the very beginning with none other than George Washington himself. Did you know his best 
friends were hound dogs? I was thrilled to hear this, as I am a huge hound fan! Those were the days when 
the president lived in a mansion in New York, and later, in Philadelphia.

Apparently presidents had lots of pups back in those days. Would you believe, our fabulous founding 
father, George Washington had seven dogs? That’s right. He had three American staghounds and four 
coonhounds. And in case the sight and sound of a coonhound isn’t funny enough, the names Washington 
gave those 4 wiggle-wagglers make them even funnier. Ole Georgie must have had a sense of humor. He 
named them, “Drunkard”, “Taster”, “Tipler” and “Tipsy”. Hm, wonder what could have inspired all that? 

What a raucous it must have been, those long-eared sloppy-lipped hounds crooning away with drawn-out 
bays echoing through the huge hallways of the first mansion as Mr. President tried to draft an important 
speech. And how do you think they behaved when the servants delivered gourmet meals on silver platters, 
to Martha’s immaculate dining room?

And imagine how horrible it must have been for the housekeeping staff to have to chase those ‘first’ four-
leggers through that massive mansion with rags in hand, wiping away slobber each time they shook their 
heads, leaving their soggy signatures sprawled across the walls and adding special features to priceless 
original oil paintings. I know from personal experience, that stuff sticks like glue if you don’t catch it while 
it’s wet!

I have to laugh when I imagine that scene. Like bulls in a china shop, those precarious pups romping 
rambunctiously through grouchy groups of snooty guests who’d come for cocktails at the mansion. Look, 
I know my imagination has run wild with me. What really happened and what may have happened, had 
I been the ’first handler’ for those hilarious hounds are, no doubt, two starkly different stories. I’m sure 
those pups never even stepped foot inside! But still, it’s fun to fantasize.

Then there was president John Adams with his two best buds, “Juno” and “Satan“. Wow, now that’s some 
name for a dog…Satan! Poor thing never stood a chance with a label like that. I’m sure it must have 
been inspired by the dog’s shiny black coat, or at least I hope so. Probably proved pretty effective for 
Whitehouse security.

Decades later, in 1861, Abraham Lincoln came to the Whitehouse along with his four-legged friend, 
“Fido”. I wonder if that was already a popular dog name back then. Could be Abe set the trend. Maybe 
he’s responsible for making “Fido” a generic tag for countless pups to come. Regardless, I think it’s kind of 
cute…that there ever was a ‘first dog’ named “Fido“.

Considering the bad rap assigned to a particular breed in recent decades, you’ll understand why I feel the 
urge to hug our dear past-president, Theodore Roosevelt for his choice of four-legged friend. He decided 
on a beautiful American bulldog terrier. Of course, back then they still called them by their proper name. 
That was before hideous humans did the terrible things that gave the breed a morose moniker. Good for 
you, Teddy! I wish more presidents (or just plain people, for that matter) understood the dog within rather 
than judging them for human-instilled behaviors. After-all, it‘s not the dogs’ fault. Indeed, the blame goes 
to the ‘PIT’iful people who trained and forced them to fight. Too bad people are so hard to train!

During our nation’s early formative years, dogs were, in reality, more like ‘functional components’ of 
the first family as they were in most families. They were given specific jobs and each was, presumably, 
expected to perform that job or risk being booted out. There were lots of jobs for dogs back in the day. 
Hunting & retrieving, protecting livestock, securing the property and chasing away unwanted critters, to 
name just a few.

But the Whitehouse was eventually graced with the presence of some precious pampered pets that got 
to live there just for that sole purpose - to be pampered. My favorite early example is that of Lyndon B. 
Johnson. Did you know he had what they then called a “mutt” named “Yuki”? That’s right, Johnson was 
apparently one of the ’first’ trend-setters for what we now call shelter-pet adoption! Who knew? Kudos to 
you, President Johnson.

As I pondered the long list of presidential pups I came across while perusing numerous websites in 
preparation for this article, I found it interesting that most of America’s ’first friends’ have been spaniels. 
There must be something about the breed’s personality that makes it the preferred presidential pup. 
Perhaps spaniels are regal enough to impress, yet humble enough not to steal the show. I mean, you know 
how leaders despise being out-shined or undermined…even by a canine.

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

Pet of the Week

Don’t let Bolt’s name fool you - he’s actually quite 
mellow! Although his name sounds like someone 
who loves fast-paced lifestyle, Bolt is actually more 
of a chill guy. This six-year-old dog likes taking his 
time to get to know new people and environments, 
but once he does, he’s very friendly and relaxed. 
Bolt can’t wait to bolt right into your heart!

 The adoption fee for dogs is $140. All dog 
adoptions include spay or neuter, microchip, and age-appropriate vaccines.

 New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from 
VCA Animal Hospitals, as well as a goody bag filled with information about 
how to care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable pets and schedule a virtual adoption appointment at Adoptions are by appointment only, and new adoption 
appointments are available every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. for the following week.

 Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters 
by phone calls or email.



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