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‘This is the urgency that our new president must address, a virus 
that will claim more American lives that all our casualties during 
WWII. To meet that moment will require unity, not discord, will 
require an abiding faith in our country, in our democracy, in our 
government’s ability to function and provide for the needs of its 

‘We cannot continue debating the merits of an election that was 
fairly conducted, and overwhelmingly won by Joe Biden.

‘Have we not brought enough damage to this House, to this country? 
It must stop!’

“But it didn’t stop. At around 3 am, we voted on the baseless objections 
to the Pennsylvania electors, and 138 members of the House 
(a large majority of the Republican Caucus and their leadership) 
as well as 7 Republican Senators, voted to reject the votes of millions 
of Pennsylvanians. Astonishingly, Republican members 
claimed that the ballots were fraudulent even though they had 
been elected on the very same ballots. Apparently, as I pointed out 
during the debate: ‘What value has consistency when measured 
against ambition?’

“On Thursday morning, I felt a mixture of sadness at what our 
country has gone through, embarrassment at how we appear in 
the eyes of the world, anger at the irresponsible actions of my colleagues 
who have spread lies about the election for months and 
brought this on themselves and the nation, fury over a president 
who instigated the rebellion, and a grave concern over the future.

“The actions of the mob and those who incited them, the President 
most of all, are despicable and outrageous, and those who 
committed crimes need to be held accountable. But we should not 
lose sight of the fact that what happened in the early hours of the 
morning, in a chamber with windows broken by bats and not far 
from statutes flecked with blood, was every bit as much an attack 
on our democracy as anything the mob tried to do. This assault on 
our Constitutional order was inspired by people wearing suits and 
ties, and cloaked in the genteel language of Congressional debate, 
but their purpose was no less ominous.

“Donald Trump lit the fuse which exploded on Wednesday at the 
Capitol. Every day that he remains in office, he is a danger to the 
Republic, and he should leave office immediately, through resignation, 
the 25th Amendment or impeachment. He should have 
been removed from office a year ago when the House impeached 
him and we proved in the Senate trial that he abused his power 
to cheat in the election. During the trial, we warned that if left in 
office, he would try to cheat his way into staying there. As I said 
at the time, the odds that he would do so again were 100 percent.

“And as much as I am pleased to see people resigning from his 
cabinet and former officials speaking out, where were they when 
they had a chance to stop this dangerous man from destroying the 
country, except by his side? As we read the sudden expressions of 
outrage from the likes of Bill Barr, Betsey DeVos, Mick Mulvaney 
and others, let us remember that these enablers wanted four more 
years of Donald Trump as president and worked hard to make 
that so. Their statements now are less about saving the country 
and more about saving what is left of their shattered reputations.

“Donald Trump has been the worst president we have ever had 
and should be confined to the dustbin of history where he belongs 
— for this failed insurrection, and everything before it. 

“Yet even when he’s gone, the evil he has perpetrated will live after 
him. We can fortify the defenses of the Capitol. We can reinforce 
doors and put up fences. But we cannot guard our democracy 
against those who walk the halls of the Capitol, have taken an 
oath to uphold our Constitution, but refuse to do so.

“The work to repair and defend our democracy has never been 
more urgent or daunting. But we must never back down from this 
sacred task. I know I won’t.”


Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 9, 2021 


Monrovia, CA – January 8, 2020 – Beginning on Saturday, January 
23 at 7pm through Sunday, January 24 at 8pm, the Jewish 
Federation of the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys will be 
holding its annual Every Person Has a Name to commemorate UN 
International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Normally this event 
takes place on the steps of Pasadena City Hall, however due to COVID 
this year’s commemoration will take place virtually.

The program will begin with a commemoration ceremony at 
7:00pm and it will feature remarks from elected officials, including 
Congressman Adam Schiff, Congresswoman Judy Chu, LA County 
Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Assemblymembers Chris Holden 
and Blanca Rubio, a couple additional dignitaries, local clergy, 
and a special performance by the Jewish Federation’s Jewish Youth 

Immediately following the ceremony, the program will transition 
into the reading of the names of people who perished during the 
Holocaust. Holocaust survivors and children of Holocaust survivors 
from around the community will begin by reading the names 
of their family members who were murdered during the Holocaust, 
and then will be followed by volunteers from throughout 
the community reading names.

“With every passing day, we are losing survivors. And when they 
die, so too do their stories. My concern is that their memories will 
be dying as well,” explains Jason Moss, Jewish Federation’s Executive 
Director. “This event was too important not to hold it due

Jewish Federation’s Every Person Has a Name/Page 2

to COVID-restrictions so we conceived of a way to do it virtually. 
And we are adding a few additional aspects to this year’s event, 
including video vignettes of Holocaust survivors.” Moss continues, 
“An event such as this is not just a reminder of what can happen 
when hatred goes unchecked, but also allows the community to 
come together and to remember that each person that was killed 
was someone who lived and whose life was cut short. While our 
readers and those who listen may not know the people they are 
reading the names of; by listen as the names are read aloud… they 
are remembered.”

The entire event will be streamed live on Facebook (www.facebook.
com/jewishsgpv). Volunteers are still needed to read names during 
30-minute blocks, especially between 1:00am – 5:30am. People can 
sign up by visiting the Jewish Federation’s website (www.jewishsgpv.
org) or by calling 626.445.0810.

For more information about this event, please contact the Jewish
Federation at 626.445.0810 or by sending an email to federation@


The Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona
Valleys’ mission is to build community by strengthening and enhancing 
Jewish life. The Jewish Federation does this by providing
programs and services that support the needs of the Jewish community 
in our region, and acts as the Jewish voice on issues that
affect the greater Jewish community.


The City of Monrovia’s Art in Public Places program supports the creation 
of public art through a variety of programs and projects. The utility box 
enhancement program, Art on the Box, extends the reach of public art 
into the community by sponsoring artists to improve the aesthetics of City 
owned utility cabinets. 

The theme for the 2021 Art on the Box is Route 66 and there are five utility 
boxes available for painting (see the Application Page for locations). 
Submitted designs must reflect a Route 66 theme. Applications will be 
accepted between the months of January and March. It is anticipated that 
the selection will be made by the Art in Public Places Committee at their 
regular meeting in April. 

ELIGIBILITY: The program is open to artists of all ages. All entries must 
be an original design and artwork of the entrant must be suitable for viewing 
by all ages. Monrovia Association of Fine Arts (MAFA) artists may be 
given preference if all else is equal. 

APPLICATION: All requirements listed must be met or the application 
will be removed from consideration.

1. Artist Agreement and Disclaimer signed (Page 2)

2. Application Form completed (Page 3)

3. A Route 66 Concept Drawing Form completed (Page 3) that
shows all four sides and top of the utility box. Please note that utility boxes 
do differ in size, so the diagram is for a concept drawing, not necessarily to 
scale. Drawings may be hand drawn or digital. The colors on the rendering 
should be representative of the final colors.

Applications can be found at Designs must
be submitted on the template provided. Proposals need to be submitted
electronically to with the subject line reading
“2021 Art on the Box Submittal.”

SELECTION CRITERIA: When making the selection for the Art on the 
Box Program, the Art in Public Places Committee will consider:

1. Artistic excellence, innovation, and originality

2. Creativity in reflecting this year’s Route 66 theme

ARTIST SELECTION: The Art in Public Places Committee will select the 
designs based on the criteria. Artists will be notified by the City if their designs 
are selected. Once selected, the box must be painted within 60 days 
and artist must notify the City when the project is complete. Artists will 
receive a $700 stipend when the completed artwork is approved. In order 
to receive payment, artists must submit an invoice and W9 form. Applications must be received no later than March 25, 2021 by 6:00pm. 

MATERIALS: Artists will be responsible for all the necessary materials required for the preparation and completion of the artwork as 
well as maintaining the integrity of the work for a period of 3 years. Artists will be given specific painting requirements that need to be 
followed to ensure the quality and longevity of the utility box. Artists will be supplied with the exterior UV protectant and anti-graffiti 
clear coat which much be applied once the utility box is completed. The removal of tagging and/or graffiti is NOT the responsibility of 
the artist. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contact Kerri Zessau at or 626.932.5564 with questions.

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills


No Cheeseburger Cheeseburger But Great Middle Eastern 

Writing reviews on restaurants is subjective, as is drinking and wine . I love 
mom-and-pop restaurants that you’ve probably driven past 100 times. I always 
go to the restaurant at least three times before ink hits paper in the form 
of a review (I do take recommendations). I love Parkway Grill, Nick’s and 
Houston’s, but you know those already!

Sahara Restaurant in central 
Pasadena is one of my go-to 
spots for both takeout and sit-
down dining. I used to eat at 
Sahara at least three times a 
month. I was born in Athens, 
Greece, and though Sahara 
leans towards Lebanese cuisine, 
Middle Eastern foods are 
universal in menu selections. 
They don’t have Lebanese beer so I have my meals with Heineken. The interior 
is somewhat plain with pictures of Lebanon, and the tables and chairs could 
be from any diner in the area. But, the food is the highlight of this show. The 
kitchen is open so you can watch your food being cooking on mesquite, and 
it's ably run by the new owners and their family.

They offer plenty of standard Middle Eastern dishes like kebabs, shawerma, 
and falafels. I love the lulu kebabs (ground seasoned lamb and beef ($13.25), 
and for those of you who can’t decide, get the combination ($17.75) which has 
a little of everything. For you vegetarians the falafel is a crowd pleaser ($9.25). 
Order a side of babaghanouj (eggplant) ($5.50) - they tell me it's the real deal. 
My buddy Mike Bingley from the TV show Straight off the Menu swears by 
the by the chicken kebab. I like it but others seem to be juicer. All dishes come 
with feta cheese, a remarkable starter of pita bread, cucumber and your choice 
of lentil or cabbage salad. The cabbage is salad is great, and often I’ll put it 
aside for my next days lunch. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Sahara! Is it as 
good as Raffi’s? Well it’s apples and oranges, they have raised prices since the 
original owners, but wages have increased. If you were a fan of Burger Continental 
20 years ago, you will love Sahara. 

Sahara 2226 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena Closed on Sundays (626) 795-6900

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