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Last week, I wrote an article on the remarkable life of my good friend, George 
Maurer. Although I recognized that he was approaching 100 years of age, I 
really was stunned and saddened when I learned of his passing. 

As has been said, George was a man of many passions and good be both 
charming and as tough as a brick wall. Early last year, I went to visit with 
him for lunch with our mutual good friend Bud Switzer. During lunch, we 
all had a hearty laugh at just how George and I became good friends. I 
thought I would share it now because given the current climate of vitriol and 
hostility towards those who are on opposite ends of the ‘values’ spectrum, 

this might be a teachable experience. 

So, back in 2006 George Maurer was Mayor of Sierra Madre. I was a columnist for The Sierra 
Madre Weekly and Sierra Madre resident. As was often the case, Sierra Madreans were at odds with 
each other over a proposed downtown development. George and I were on opposite sides of the 
controversy, each very passionate about their position. In April when the council reorganization 
took place, the outgoing council members left the chambers along with their supporters and had 
their celebration across the street in the social hall at the Congregational Church, upset over the 
election results. 

I wrote an article about the incident in The Sierra Madre Weekly critical of the walkout, especially 
of the Mayor who had done so much for the city. From that point on, George was so upset he 
would cross the street or leave the room if he saw me coming. He wasn’t alone in his disdain for my 
presence, but to me how he felt was important. Oh well, I was a big girl and if he didn’t like me that 
so what I said, and that road ran two ways for the next year. 

However, we both had a common friend in our lives, Dr. Paul Neiby. To put it mildly, he was known as 
‘The Lion of Sierra Madre’, a big guy who was plain spoken and stubborn. A birdie once told me that 
he actually liked the paper (Then the Mountain Views Observer) and I was surprised. Neiby was very committed to the city. He was very instrumental in the publishing of, “Southern 
California Story: Seeking The Better Life In Sierra Madre”. (If you don’t have a copy, go to the Historical Society’s website and purchase one today: Anyway, Neiby 
found himself smack in the middle of what appeared to be a very serious standoff by two of his best friends. George would not be in the same room that I was in, and I wasn’t throwing 
myself into an environment of ‘haters’. What did Neiby do….well this is where the story begins. 

One day Neiby called and invited me over to talk. He had also invited George over. Neither George nor I was aware of the other’s invitation. When I arrived his wife Louise let me know 
that he was out by the pool. So I go through the door and see two people at the table. Paul Neiby and George Maurer! 
Before I could open my mouth Neiby said, “Sit down. You two need to learn to get along and you are not leaving here until you do”. With that he left and went inside the house. 

George and I sat quietly for a few minutes without speaking. Finally one of us started talking about how stubborn Paul could be and eventually the conversation lead to us learning that 
both of us were from the east coast. I from Philadelphia and George from the New Jersey/Phillie area. We found that we both missed our east coast foods, TastyKakes, real Cheesesteaks 
and Hoagies, etc. 

The more we talked, the more we learned we had in common. I had not known that George had been involved in the publication of numerous newspapers. He was a professional 
Linotyper. We talked about the transition of the industry via technology. We talked about everything under the sun including Sierra Madre and the clashing of our views. 

When Paul finally crashed in on our conversation at least an hour later, we had torn down all the preconceived notions of one another and developed a deep regard and respect for each 
other. No, we didn’t suddenly prescribe to each other's political views, but we embraced our differences. We respected each other and over the next 10 or so years had a wonderful 

I last saw George on his 98th birthday and we still had that same admiration and respect for each other, something that would have never happened if we had never taken the time to get 
to know one another. 

And that is the lesson we all can learn. Take the time to know each other. We are not as different as you may think. After all, we are all in this thing called life, together! 

George Maurer, left, and Bud Sweitzer, right one year ago , 




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