Mountain Views News, Combined Edition Saturday, November 6, 2021

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Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 6, 2021 
9SOME THINGS TO THINK ABOUT! Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 6, 2021 
1. The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical 
5. Hallucinogenic drug8. Some special effects, acr.
11. Chip in Vegas12. Cordelia’s father in Shakespeare play13. One in squirrel’s stash15. Dissenting clique16. Tangerine/grapefruit hybrid17. Type of lemur18. *Popular messenger20. Mosque prayer leader21. Down Under marsupial22. Thanksgiving serving23. *100 days of snapping, e.g.
26. Military’s inactive force30. Repeated Cuban dance step31. The Kinks’ lead singer, a.k.a. 
godfather of Britpop34. Late December season 
35. Rough, as in voice37. Chop off38. Stephen King’s “The ____”
39. “Do ____ others...” 
40. Strep throat organ42. File a suit 
43. Sewing pearls on a wedding gown, e.g.
45. One with authority47. Army bed48. Space path50. Law school test acronym52. *Unique social media identifier55. Latin dance 
56. “Place” in French 
57. Sacred Hindu writings59. Post-mortem bios 
60. Actress Campbell61. African chieftain 
62. Recipe amt.
63. Nirvana’s “Come as You ____” 
64. Badger’s den 
1. Current tense of “had” 
2. All over again3. Eczema symptom4. Second shot 
5. Corporate department6. Salpae, sing.
7. Type of coffee maker8. Elizabeth McGovern’s “Downton Abbey” role9. Inspiring horror10. As opposed to outs12. Capital of Zambia13. Bruce Wayne’s ____ was Batman14. *Message under a post19. Bootlicker 
22. Da, to a Russian23. *Done to social media past before 
applying for job?
24. Feudal lord 
25. Haile Selassie’s disciple26. Gym exercises27. Comedy Central’s “critique”
28. Dolby Theatre to Oscars29. Often considered wise 
32. *Video blog33. Charge carrier36. *Audio series 
38. Killed, like dragon40. Big bang maker41. Permeate 
44. I to Greeks, pl.
46. Sheet music line, pl.
48. Basketry stick49. Clark Kent actor Christopher50. Black, yellow and chocolate dogs51. Parking spot for a boat52. Bone in human forearm 
53. *Bernie wearing mittens, e.g.
54. *Do this before posting?
55. Chronic drinker 
58. It’s open to interpretation 
Puzzle solutions on page B6 
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