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Phone scams continue to be a prevalent crime in communities 
around the nation today, including here in Sierra Madre. People 
lose thousands of dollars, sometimes their life savings.Scammers 
have figured out countless ways to cheat people out of their money 
over the phone. Methods vary from the caller being a friendly person 
or company providing an opportunity to help others or contribute 
to a charity, to the hostile and sometimes threatening approach 
of trying to scare the victim into believing they could face 
heavy fines or jail. Some scammers have gotten so sophisticated 
that they learn things from social media and other open source in

formation avenues and trick the victim into believing they have a loved one in dire straights 
and money is needed to get them out. 

Legitimate businesses are going to give you time to verify their legitimacy and go to great 
lengths to prove their legitimacy. 

Government agencies won't call to confirm your personal information, in particular it 
the IRS or Social Security department. And police agency will never contact you and solicit 
money or request you pay a fine over the phone. 

In all cases DEMAND VERIFIABLE PROOF they are who they say they are. When in 
doubt, tell the person you are going to confirm with their corporate 
headquarters, look that number up yourself, and check with the better 
business Bureau. Also please feel free to check with your friends at the 
Sierra Madre Police Department when in doubt. Most importantly, trust 
your instinct when something tells you things just don't seem right. 

Stay safe and healthy Chief Armalin 

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