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Asteroid Impact Monitoring

Fire and Police Issue Mexican Nationals

System for Risk Goes Online

Rose Parade Safety Tips Charged in Kidnap

The new system By systematically calculatingAs the 133rd Rose Parade improves the impact probabilities in this new for-Ransom Conspiracyapproaches on Saturday, Jan. way, the researchers have made

capabilities of NASA

1, 2022, Pasadena’s fire and the impact monitoring system 

in the indictment in which 

police departments are issuing JPL’s Center for Near more robust, enabling NASA to Six suspects were ransoms were paid, Yera and 
the following safety tips for the Earth Object Studies confidently assess all potential responsible for Six other conspirators allegedlythousands of overnight campers impacts with odds as low as a Murders. Law enforcement killed the victims to protect the 

who will line the route on New 

to assess the impact few chances in 10 million. in Mexico rescued a victim conspiracy. Other members ofYear’s Eve. The parade route risk of asteroids that Special Cases from Pasadena, who was the organization traveled from 

will be a safer place if everyone As an asteroid travels through 

Mexico into the United States

can come close to our

follows the rules and regulations the solar system, the Sun’s being held hostage at a to locations selected by Yeralisted below. planet. gravitational pull dictates the Tijuana hotel. and others to collect the ransom

What You Can Do: path of its orbit, and the gravity 

payments made by the victims’ 

Protect yourself and others by To date, nearly 28,000 of the planets will also tug at A federal grand jury today family members. For example,
getting fully vaccinated against the activities. near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) its trajectory in predictable returned an indictment against on March 28, 2020, a coCOVID-
19 and flu before Pets are not recommended have been found by survey ways. Sentry modeled to a six members of a Tijuana, conspirator traveled to collect 
arrival. along the parade; keep them telescopes that continually high precision how these Mexico-based hostage-taking ransom payment on Yera’sWear a mask over your nose safe at home! scan the night sky, adding new gravitational forces shaped organization that allegedly behalf at a McDonald’s in San 

and mouth if you’re unable Throwing any object into the discoveries at a rate of about an asteroid’s orbit, helping to kidnapped nine victims—one of Ysidro. After the murder of this 

to maintain at least 6 feet of parade—or at passing vehicles 3,000 per year. But as larger predict where it will be far the victims is from Pasadena— victim, the indictment allegesdistance from people you don’t or pedestrians the night before and more advanced survey into the future. But it couldn’t and murdered six of them – that Yera sent Lopez a messagelive with. the parade—is dangerous and telescopes turbocharge the account for non-gravitational including three United States depicting a large amount of cashOvernight camping is permitted prohibited. Violators will be search over the next few years, forces, the most significant citizens – some of them after and wrote “this was good job 
only on the night of Friday, Dec. cited and their property will be a rapid uptick in discoveries is being the thermal forces caused their families paid ransom for done.”
31, 2021. seized. expected. In anticipation of this by the Sun’s heat. their release. On April 11, 2020, Yera andA position on the sidewalk may Unauthorized vehicles increase, NASA astronomers As an asteroid spins, sunlight The five-count indictment co-conspirators allegedlybe maintained along the parade obstructing emergency travel have developed a next-heats the object’s dayside. The charges all six defendants orchestrated the hostage takingroute beginning at noon, Dec. lanes or parked in restricted generation impact monitoring heated surface will then rotate to with one count of conspiracy of a victim identified in court

31. All persons and property, areas will be towed at owners’ algorithm called Sentry-II to the asteroid’s shaded nightside to commit hostage taking documents as “Victim E,” a 
such as blankets, chairs and expense. No exceptions. better evaluate NEA impact and cool down. Infrared energy resulting in death, one count of United States national who 
personal items, must remain on Open containers of alcohol probabilities. is released as it cools, generating conspiracy to commit extortion, resided in Norwalk and who 
the curb until 11 p.m. At that are illegal on public streets, Popular culture often depicts a tiny yet continual thrust on the and one count of extortion. The was at the time visiting a familytime, spectators may move out sidewalks and all other public asteroids as chaotic objects that asteroid. This phenomenon is charged defendants, all Mexican member in Tijuana. Victim E 
to the blue “Honor Line” but not areas. Violators will be cited or zoom haphazardly around our known as the Yarkovsky effect, nationals, are: was forced to call his mother,
past it. arrested. solar system, changing course which has little influence on German Garcia Yera say he was in trouble andSmall, professionally-A Temporary Flight Restriction unpredictably and threatening the asteroid’s motion over short Hernandez, 37, the indictment’s instruct her to call an individual 
manufactured barbecues (TFR) will be in place for both our planet without a moment’s periods but can significantly lead defendant and the alleged to pay $25,000 for his release. 
elevated at least 1 foot off the the parade and bowl game. notice. This is not the reality. change its path over decades ringleader of the hostage-for-The victim’s mother struggled 
ground are allowed on the Anyone who attempts to fly a Asteroids are extremely and centuries. ransom organization; to obtain the ransom money but 
parade route as long as they drone will be subject to fine, predictable celestial bodies that “The fact that Sentry Gilberto Omar Avila Lopez, agreed to pay the hostage takers 
are 25 feet from buildings and arrest and/or imprisonment. obey the laws of physics and couldn’t automatically handle 27, a.k.a. “Luis Enrique Avila $1,000 and Victim E’s vehicle in 
other combustibles. A fire Information about the TFR and follow knowable orbital paths the Yarkovsky effect was Moreno” and “Omar;” exchange for Victim E’s release 
extinguisher must be readily all federal drone regulations around the Sun. a limitation,” said Davide Aylin Estrada Reyes, 24; and met up with a ransom 
available. can be found on the Federal But sometimes, those paths Farnocchia, a navigation Joel Eduardo Mascorro collector in Norwalk on AprilMinors under the age of 18 may Aviation Administration (FAA) can come very close to Earth’s engineer at JPL who also helped Delgado, 22; 13, 2020 – the same day Victimbe on the parade route from 10 website: future position and, because develop Sentry-II. “Every time Victoria Camila Espinoza E was murdered. His body was 
p.m. to 5 a.m. only if they are Pasadena Fire Department of small uncertainties in we came across a special case – Ballardo, 22; and recovered in Mexico the next 
supervised by an adult. responds to more than twice the the asteroids’ positions, a like asteroids Apophis, Bennu, Oscar Bautista Valencia, 30 day.
Dress for cold weather! number of calls on parade day future Earth impact cannot or 1950 DA – we had to do Yera, Lopez and Ballardo each On April 22, 2020, a PasadenaChildren and seniors may need than any other day. These calls complex and time-consuming face an additional count of
be completely ruled out. So, woman called law enforcement 

extra layers of clothing to avoid include reports of hypothermia, astronomers use sophisticated manual analyses. With Sentry-hostage taking resulting in to report a family member,
hypothermia. Remember hats illegal burning, miscellaneous impact monitoring software II, we don’t have to do that death and extortion. All six identified in the indictment 
and gloves. medical issues, assaults and to automatically calculate the anymore.” defendants are in custody in as “Victim H,” had beenDrink healthy fluids and alcohol-related incidents. Be impact risk. Another issue with the original Mexico facing charges filed by kidnapped in Mexico with a 
consume nourishing meals to safe and smart! Managed by NASA’s Jet Sentry algorithm was that it authorities there. ransom demand of $20,000.
avoid dehydration. For your safety and for the safety Propulsion Laboratory in sometimes couldn’t accurately According to the indictment, One of the kidnappers, calling“If You See Something, Say of others, please remember Southern California, the Center predict the impact probability of from January 2020 to April from a Mexican phone number,
Something®.” Report suspicious the City’s no-smoking policies for Near Earth Object Studies asteroids that undergo extremely 2020, Yera led the hostage-informed the victim’s familyactivities and packages to [Pasadena Municipal Code (CNEOS) calculates every close encounters with Earth. taking organization that that a woman would pick upemergency authorities along the section 8.78.071 (A) 4] known NEA orbit to improve The motion of these NEAs gets extorted money from victims by the ransom money at a Food 4 
parade route. prohibit smoking in outdoor impact hazard assessments in significantly deflected by our taking hostage and holding for Less parking lot in Lynwood.
In case of emergency, call 9-1-1 public gathering events/ support of NASA’s Planetary planet’s gravity, and the post-ransom United States nationals That same day, law enforcement 
and know the cross streets from special events/parades/fairs. Defense Coordination encounter orbital uncertainties and Mexican nationals with in Mexico rescued the victim,
where you are calling. For non-This policy includes the use of Office (PDCO). CNEOS has can grow dramatically. In relatives in the United States. who was being held hostage at a 
emergencies, call (626) 744-cannabis and vaping devices monitored the impact risk those cases, the old Sentry’s The hostage-taking group Tijuana hotel.
4241. (aka e-cigarettes). The public is posed by NEAs with software calculations could fail, requiring generally lured their victims If convicted of all charges,
What You Can’t Do: advised to NOT use any vaping called Sentry, developed by JPL manual intervention. Sentry-II into meetings under false the defendants would face aAppearance in the parade is products. in 2002. doesn’t have that limitation. pretenses and took them mandatory sentence of life 
prohibited for any entries/ Enhanced security measures “The first version of Sentry “In terms of numbers, the hostage, the indictment states. imprisonment or the death 
marchers who have not been will be in effect on the parade was a very capable system that special cases we’d find were The group allegedly held the penalty.
approved by the Pasadena route. Pasadena police officers was in operation for almost 20 a very tiny fraction of all victims at gunpoint, tied them An indictment containsTournament of Roses®. Stay off will resolve problems quickly years,” said Javier Roa Vicens, the NEAs that we’d calculate up, and often brutally beat allegations that a defendant 
the street and do not pass the and remove anyone from the who led the development of impact probabilities for,” them. Members of the group has committed a crime. Everyblue “Honor Line.” scene who violates the law or Sentry-II while working at JPL said Roa Vicens. “But we are then called victims’ family defendant is presumed innocentTents, sofas, and boxes of any disturbs the peace. Police canine as a navigation engineer and going to discover many more members in the United States until and unless proven guiltytype that can be used as stools teams will also be patrolling recently moved to SpaceX. “It of these special cases when and demanded money and beyond a reasonable doubt. 
or seats are prohibited along Colorado Boulevard. “If You See was based on some very smart NASA’s planned NEO Surveyor vehicles as ransom in return for The FBI is investigating this 
the route. • Unoccupied chairs Something, Say Something®” mission and the Vera C. Rubin the release of their loved ones,

mathematics: In under an matter and believes there 
are not allowed and will be Colorado Boulevard will once hour, you could reliably get the Observatory in Chile go online, according to the indictment. may be victims who have not 
removed from the parade route. again close to motor vehicles impact probability for a newly so we need to be prepared.” If victims did not have family yet been identified. The FBIBonfires are strictly prohibited earlier than in prior years discovered asteroid over the A study describing Sentry-members who could pay asks that anyone contacted 
and considered “illegal burns.” for the staging of the Rose next 100 years – an incredible II was published in the ransom, they were murdered, by the defendants relative toALL fireworks are prohibited Parade®. Colorado Boulevard feat.” Astronomical Journal on Dec. as happened with what the kidnapping or ransom

a a 

except as part of official will close beginning at 10 p.m. But with Sentry-II, NASA has 1, 2021. indictment calls “Victim A,” payment call the FBI’s Los 
scheduled events. on Friday, Dec. 31, and will a tool that can rapidly calculate More information about “Victim B” and “Victim I.” Angeles Field Office at (310)
No items may be sold along remain closed through the impact probabilities for all CNEOS, asteroids, and near-In other instances outlined 477-6565. 
the parade route without a City conclusion of the staging and known NEAs, including some Earth objects can be found at: 
permit. clean-up following the parade. special cases not captured by 
Selling space along the parade If you plan to host a New Year’s the original Sentry. Sentry-II For more information Holiday Safety Tips for Pets 
route, other than grandstand Eve event, viewing party, or reports the objects of most risk about PDCO, visit: 

anchored so it won’t tip over.

seating, is illegal. anticipate vendor deliveries, in the CNEOS Sentry Table. planetarydefense'

 As the winter holidays 3. Be vigilant with decorations

It is illegal to buy, sell or give and your property’s access is via 

approach, your home may be Keep breakable ornaments up

away horns on the parade route. Colorado Boulevard, please let 

filled with festive food, decor, high on the tree where curious

No public areas—sidewalks, your guests and vendors know 
curbs, gutters, streets or that they must arrive before 10 and more. Keep these tips in pets can’t reach. The same is

mind to make sure your pets true for Christmas lights, which

ramps—may be blocked or p.m. or park in areas without 
roped off. restricted parking and walk in. for 2022 stay safe during your holiday can pose an electrocution risk if 

celebrations: bitten. Always unplug Christmas

No ladders or scaffolding may The parade route will reopen by 

1. Avoid giving your pets lights when you’re not actively
be used as elevation for viewing 2 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 1. 

Pasadena “people food” supervising your pet. Tinsel 

Food is a huge part of the can be tempting for cats to play

Homeless holidays, but so much of it with but can cause intestinal 

isn’t good for our furry friends. blockages if swallowed. Opt for

Count Onions and garlic are toxic to artificial holly and mistletoe, 

pets, so make sure you keep since the real thing can cause

 Volunteers are ingredients out of reach when vomiting. And if you have a 

cooking Thanksgiving dinner. menorah, don’t leave a lit flame

required to attend an for services and programs. 

Alcohol is also hazardous to unattended, or opt for flameless

Volunteer teams of 3-4 people

orientation on either cats and dogs, so don’t leave candles to be extra safe.

will disperse to assigned zones 

your glass or wine or eggnog 4. Keep an eye on gift wrapping

Jan. 18 or 19. on the night of Tuesday, Jan. 25 

unattended. Cooked turkey supplies

(8-10 p.m.), and the morning 

bones can be a serious danger, Wrapping paper, string, and

of Wednesday, Jan. 26 (6-8

City organizers announced as they can easily splinter in ribbon are tempting for pets to

a.m.), to count and administer

Tuesday that they are asking for an animal’s digestive tract. If play with, but can be dangerous

a survey to our neighbors

the public’s help in volunteering you want your pet to indulge if swallowed. Use caution when

experiencing homelessness.

for next year’s Pasadena with you for the holidays, only keeping wrapped presents

Volunteers will also distribute

Homeless Count. purchase treats and chews made under the tree, or better yet,

hygiene kits while conducting

“Volunteers are the backbone specifically for them. keep them out of reach until it’s

the survey. 

of ensuring the Homeless 2. Pet-proof your Christmas time to open them.

All volunteers are required

Count is a success and is trees 5. Create a sanctuary space

to participate in both shifts,

carried out effectively and Pine needles are mildly toxic New Years’ Eve fireworks,

and the same teams will go out 

comprehensively,” they said. to pets and can potentially Christmas poppers, and even

together in the evening and

The Pasadena Homeless puncture the intestines, so if holiday carolers can make noise

the morning. Volunteers must

Count will take place the you catch your cat or dog trying that may frighten your pet. And

be at least 18 years of age and 

evening of Tuesday, Jan. 25, and to eat them, move the tree to a if you’re entertaining guests,

must show proof of COVID

the morning of Wednesday, room you can close off or stick your pet may feel stressed by

vaccination or of a negative

Jan. 26, 2022. The Pasadena to an artificial tree. If you have new people in the home. Always

COVID test taken within 72

Homeless Count sets in a live tree, the tree water can make sure they have a a safe,

hours of the Homeless Count. 

motion a year full of education, contain preservatives that can soothing space to go to – like a

All local COVID-19 safety

engagement and action for the upset your pet’s stomach, so closed off room – if they need to

guidelines will be followed for

Pasadena Partnership to End cover your tree stand to prevent get away from scary sounds or

the safety of our unhoused

Homelessness. pets from having access to the strangers.

neighbors and volunteers. All

Each year, volunteers help water. If your cat is climbing For more information visit:

volunteers will be required to 

count and survey people your tree, make sure it’s securely

attend an online orientation to 

experiencing homelessness 

prepare for the count on either 

who are living on the streets 

Jan. 18 or 19 from 6:30-8:30 

of Pasadena during a single 


night the last week in January. 

To sign up with your friends

The Homeless Count provides 

and neighbors, the volunteer 

meaningful data to further the 

registration is open through

City’s understanding of our 

Jan. 7 at: pasadenapartnership.

local homeless population and 


to inform resource allocation 

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