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Mountain View News Saturday, January 8, 2022 



By Joan Schmidt


 The Winter-Spring Meet officially 
began at Santa Anita. John Velazquez, one 
of the best jockeys around has joined the 
SO CA jockey colony. He was excited that 
at 51, he won his first race of the day on 
Blackadder (Trainer, Bob Baffert). (See 
photo after race) Although covered in 
mud, he graciously stopped and autographed 
a calendar for an admiring fan. 
Johnny trained in his native Venezuela, before 
coming to the US. Johnny won FOUR 
races on Sunday. Besides the first race win, 
he won Race 3 on California Kook (Trainer, 
Ruben Alvarado); Race 4 on Shazz ( 
Trainer, Bob Baffert); and the “La Brea 
Stakes” on Kalypso (Trainer, Bob Baffert) .

 Other winners on Opening Day 
included Race 2: Diego Herrera (Only 17 
years old!) won Notre Dam (Trainer Doug 
O’Neill), Jose Valdivia, Jr., on Bob and 
Jackie (Trainer, Richard Baltas) in the “San 
Gabriel Stakes”; Victor Espinosa on Express 
Train (Trainer John Shirreffs) in the 
“San Antonio Stakes”; Jose Ortiz on Law 
Professor (Trainer Michael Mc McCarthy) in the “Santa Anita Mathis Mile”; Race 9: Kent Desormeaux 
on Super Game (Trainer, Brian Koriner); Flavien Pratt won on Flighttime (Trainer John Sadler) in the 
“RUNHAPPY Malibu Stakes”; and Juan Hernandez won on Queen Goddess (Trainer Michael McCarthy) 
in the “American Oaks Stakes”. 

 The “San Antonio Stakes” was really exciting. Express Train had not done so well in his last two 
races, coming off 3rd and 6th place finishes in the “Pacific Classic” at Del Mar and the “Awesome Again” 
at Santa Anita. In this race, he had Eight Rings (John Velaquez riding) and Hot Rod Charlie (Flavien Pratt 
aboard) so close to him, but he won!

 “The Mathis Mile” was won by Law Professor (Jose Ortiz aboard) by a half length over Beyond 
Brilliant (Kent Desormeaux). (It was a brilliant ride by Kent!) 

 It was great to see Jay Cohen, best TRUMPTEER, funniest, guy at Santa Anita. EVERYONE 
LOVES JAY! James Coral who designs great halters, plaques, key chains, was there and retired jockey 
Aaron Gryder is now an ambassador! 

 This past Friday, December 31 brought more excitement. John Velazquez has the most wins in the 
jockey standings, but Flavien Pratt won SIX RACES in ONE DAY! Pratt joined Laffitt Pincay, Jr., Sandy 
Hawley and Darrel McHargue as being the only jockey to win six races at Santa Anita in one day. Laffitt 
has the record of most wins- seven –at Santa Anita in one day!

 CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS! This meet lasts till June. Please visit the website for details 
of some great upcoming events!



37,215 New Positive Cases and 30 New Deaths Due to COVID-19 in 
Los Angeles County 

As cases soared today to the highest level since the start of the pandemic, those vaccinated and boosted 
continue to be protected from infections and severe illness. Vaccinated and boosted individ-uals 
were almost 4 times less likely to get infected and 38 times less likely to be hospitalized than those 
who were unvaccinated. With teens 12 and older newly approved to get boosted, there are al-most 3 
million residents in LA County eligible to add this critically important layer of protection.


Although COVID hospitalizations have been rising rapidly, many of the COVID positive patients 
hospi-talized are seeking care for a non-COVID health issue. Data analyzed by Public Health showed 
that while back in early November, 75% of hospitalized patients who tested positive for COVID were 
hos-pitalized for medical problems related to the COVID diagnosis, the percentage of people hospitalized 
for COVID illness has declined now to 45%, meaning that more than half of COVID-positive 
hospital-ized patients are in the hospital for non-COVID related illness. And while COVID-positive 
patients do represent a substantial strain on the healthcare system regardless of the reason for their 
hospital ad-mission, there are likely to be less COVID positive patients requiring ICU care and ventilators 
than last winter.


“I send my heartfelt condolences to everyone mourning the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19,” 
said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health. “With thousands of newly infected 
people each day, we recognize the numerous new challenges we are all facing. Many services 
are strained, as workers are ill or quarantining, families are facing major disruptions trying to care 
for those infected or quarantining, and for countless residents, it is hard to get tested and to sort 
through the changing guidance. It will take a lot of effort to get through these hardships and we will 
need to do our best to stay safe. Please stay home if you are sick; don’t call 911 or go to an emer-gency 
room unless you have a true medical emergency; comply with isolation and quarantine rules to avoid 
spreading Omicron to others and reduce your own risk of transmitting or getting infected by curtailing 
non-essential activities where there will be large crowds.” 


Today, Public Health confirmed 30 additional deaths and 37,215 new cases of COVID-19. Of the 30 
new deaths reported today, one person was between the ages of 18 and 29, four people were be-tween 
the ages of 30 and 49, eight were between the ages of 50-64, six were between the ages of 65-79, and 
11 were over the age of 80 years old. Of the 30 newly reported deaths, 21 had underlying conditions. 
To date, the total number of deaths in L.A. County is 27,728. 

Public Health has identified a total 1,843,922 positive cases of COVID-19 across all areas of L.A. 
County. Today’s positivity rate is 21.9%.

There are 2,661 people with COVID-19 currently hospitalized. Testing results are available for more 
than 10,194,300 individuals, with 17% of people testing positive. 

To keep workplaces and schools open, residents and workers are asked to:

• Adhere to masking requirements when indoors or at crowded outdoor spaces, regardless of 
vaccination status

• Stay home is you are sick and adhere to isolation and quarantine requirements if you are in-
fected with COVID or a close contact of an infected person

Residents are legally required to isolate if they have a positive COVID test result and vaccinated close 
contacts with symptoms and unvaccinated close contacts need to quarantine. 


For updated isolation and quarantine guidance, please visit

For information on where you can get tested, please visit

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and are recommended for everyone 5 years old and older 
to help protect against COVID-19. Vaccinations are always free and open to eligible residents and 
work-ers regardless of immigration status. Appointments are not needed at all Public Health vaccination 
sites and many community sites where first, second, and third doses are available. 

 To find a vaccination site near you, or to make an appointment, please visit: (English) or (Spanish). 




Washington, D.C. – T Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) issued the following statement to mark 
the anniversary of the January 6 insurrection:


“One year ago, insurrectionists stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of a free and 
fair presidential election and stop the peaceful transfer of power. They mer-cilessly beat police officers. 
One officer would lose his life. Others took their own lives in the traumatic aftermath.


“But in the face of such horrific violence, these brave officers held the line. Thanks to their valiance and 
patriotism, we returned to our citadel of democracy to certify the election results that night. And our 
democracy moved forward, weakened but resilient.


“In the year since that dark day, the lie that gave rise to the insurrection has only metasta-sized, inspiring 
a new generation of Jim Crow laws and efforts to undermine the offices charged with the neutral 
administration of our elections. And, most ominously, further le-gitimizing political violence as an 
acceptable means of maintaining power against the will of the American people.


“On this solemn anniversary, we must rededicate ourselves to democracy – because the freedoms we 
enjoy are not an inevitable birthright bequeathed by our Founders, but a treasure to be jealously guarded. 
We each have a role to play in protecting those free-doms and defending our democracy. It’s time to 
unite behind that shared purpose. Our lives and our liberties depend upon it.”



Cases/Deaths are still occuring especially among the unvaccinated.

Cases 2022 (2021) Deaths 2022 (2021) 

LA County 1,806,828 (989,928) 27,698 (13,489) 


Adults 12+ 85.0% Seniors 97.6%


 Cases Deaths Fully Vaccinated

Arcadia 4,617 (2066) 150 ( 64) 87.3%

Altadena 5,321 (2533) 82 (40) 80.1%

Bradbury 46 ( 32) 0 ( 0) 69.3%

Duarte 3,394 (1234) 105 (42) 80.6%

Monrovia 5,099 (2474) 87 (76) 78.0%

Pasadena 15,236 (8941) 370 (189) 82.4%

Sierra Madre 917 ( 362) 14 ( 7) 87.1%

So.Pasadena 2,470 (1037) 49 ( 2) 91.8%

The Chef Knows By Peter Dills


The holidays they are in the rear view mirror but 
it seems like January is full of birthdays and other 
celebrations. When its my birthday or Father’s 
Day and I’m with family I still pick up the bill, 
seems like it’s a Dills’ tradition. The other night 
my friend Manny Almeida had a birthday and I 
almost had to wrestle the bill away from him.

This week’s adventure is something that we can all 
relate to, going out with friends and family- the dreaded bill! Dining out is certainly one of the delights 
of life. Disagreeing over how to split a check can be frustrating and downright awkward. It has happened 
to me just recently. We were all done with the meal when a tablemate mentioned he was picking 
up the tab of someone else’s portion of the bill because they treated last time. Ok, that’s fine but what 
happened next was, ‘Thanks, I am glad you remembered. Let me order after-dinner drinks on us. On 
us?’ Sure enough I was stuck with the portion of the additional bottle of wine. Did I mention it was 
$130? What to do? 

Here are a few suggestions that I have learned might lessen the burden:

1. Be up front: “I love that restaurant, but this is my budget.” 

2. While waiters may cringe, tell the server from the beginning that you want a separate bill 

3. Keep track of what you order.

4. Traditionally the person who made the invite paid for the bill. We all know that is long gone, though 
my feeling is that the person who made the invite can and should be in charge of the accounting. We 
know that some of us are more generous than others. If you are the one ordering, you might offer to 
pay for the entire tip once the bill is evenly split.

All in all, it usually evens out in the end. If it’s a few dollars here and there don’t worry about it. If the 
high roller keeps ordering the Patrón shots, tell him ‘thanks for the shots. I’ll have a bottle waiting for 
you at my house for the next party. If you aren’t invited to the next dinner party, it might be for the 

Dining with Dills Radio on AM 830 

Great News: The Front Runner at the Santa Anita Race Track has brought the very popular Crab Cakes 
and the original recipe!! Check it out 



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