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A mosquito taking a blood meal 

West Covina, Calif. (February, 10 2022) — Football isn’t the only big game this weekend as mosquitoes 
are expected to score touchdowns in yards and patios in San Gabriel Valley — a region in Los Angeles 
Mosquito trap data from the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District (SGVMVCD) 
shows the average mosquito activity this week is 517.83% higher compared to the same week as last 
The average mosquitoes per trap this week was 19.40. The same week in 2021 was 3.14. In fact, more 
mosquitoes were collected with less traps this week compared to the same week in 2021.
“Temperatures aren’t the only highs this week as we buzz into the weekend,” said SGVMVCD Vector 
Ecologist Kimberly Nelson. “Higher temperatures cause mosquitoes to go through their life cycles 
more quickly.” 
Tips to stay bite free 

• Tip out stagnant water weekly - Mosquitoes will use stagnant water to lay their eggs. Their 
larvae will grow in the water in about a week.
• Toss unused containers - Forgotten containers left outside can collect stagnant water. 
• Protect with mosquito repellent - Pick up a bottle and look for any one of the following ingredients: 
Oil of lemon eucalyptus, picaridin, IR3535 or DEET. 
“If you're tired of mosquito bites, the best defense is to use mosquito repellent,” said Levy Sun, SGVMVCD 
communications director. “Mosquitoes will exist to some degree in our city environments, but 
we can prevent them from biting us.” 

Repellents containing any one of the four active ingredients are effective against mosquitoes: Oil of 
lemon eucalyptus, picaridin, IR3535 or DEET. 

Only female mosquitoes bite. Mosquitoes use the blood to create the eggs. However, in the process of 
biting, mosquitoes can leave behind itchy bumps and can make people sick. 

In Los Angeles County, the most pervasive mosquito-borne disease threat is West Nile virus. Zika, 
yellow fever, and dengue fever pose an outbreak possibility due to the presence of invasive Aedes 

The Chef Knows By Peter Dills 

LA County and Cincinnati Public Health Departments Congratulate the Rams and Bengals 
and Encourage Safety Measures as Residents Gather to Watch the Super BowlLOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the Cincinnati 
Health Department are joining together to encourage residents and visitors in Los Angeles 
County and Cincinnati to gather safely when watching the Super Bowl game between the 
Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, February 13. 

The health departments want to caution residents that COVID-19 spreads more easily in 
closed spaces with poor airflow, crowded indoor areas where there are many people from 
different households, and crowded indoor and outdoor settings where people are unmasked 
and chanting or shouting together. For all of these situations, there are sensible safety measures 
that everyone can use to have a safe game day. 

Smaller gatherings are recommended as mixing with different households increases the risk 
of infection. People should also gather outdoors, if possible, and if you can do it safely, move 
the TV outside or plan to serve food and drinks outdoors. If having an outdoor Super Bowl 
gathering isn’t possible, it is recommended that organizers improve airflow, including using 
fans or portable air cleaners, or running the heat or air conditioning. 

Residents should also consider getting a rapid test as close to the start of the gathering as 
possible, especially when gathering indoors with people who are unvaccinated and/or are 
at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Rapid tests, including over-the-counter 
(OTC) self-tests, provide a result in 15-30 minutes. Residents can also find a testing site in 
LA County at or in Cincinnati at https://www.cincinnati- 

Wearing an upgraded mask (such as an N95, KN95, or KF94) while not eating or drinking 
also adds stronger protection, especially if the gathering is crowded with unvaccinated 
guests, people with unknown vaccine status, or people who are at higher risk of severe 

Individuals will benefit from getting boosted or vaccinated as soon as they can, as it will 
help protect themselves, and their friends and family at Super Bowl gatherings. Residents in 
LA County can visit (LA County), and Cincinnati residents can 
go to to find vaccine information or to schedule an 

Fans who plan to go to a bar, restaurant, or to SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles County to watch 
the game, should follow all county rules at the venue and check specific venue’s COVID-19 
requirements ahead of time, which are likely to include vaccine verification and masking 

“LA County is proud to partner with the Cincinnati Health Department to encourage 
everyone in both of our communities to have a great time and celebrate the exceptional 
achievements of our respective teams while doing everything we can to protect ourselves 
and those around us from COVID-19,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director 
of Public Health. “This an exciting time for Los Angeles County and for Cincinnati, and 
there are sensible safety measures we can easily do that help prevent exposure and transmission. 
We have survived the past 2 years by taking care of each other and using the tools 
available to reduce spread of this damaging virus. We can do the same for the Super Bowl. 
Whether you are gathering at the stadium, a bar or restaurant, or at someone’s home, let’s 
rely on each other to stay safe by taking those small steps that make a difference. Wear a 
high-quality mask, get tested before gathering, gather outdoors whenever possible, and get 
boosted or vaccinated this week if eligible.” 

"Our community is thrilled and excited to celebrate the success of our Bengals and offer our 
congratulations to LA County and the Rams for their achievement in reaching the Super 
Bowl,” Melba R. Moore, DBA, MS, CPHA, Cincinnati Health Commissioner. “As we head 
into Super Bowl weekend, we want everyone traveling to LA or gathering in Cincinnati to 
watch the game to have fun, show their enthusiasm and to take a few sensible precautions 
to keep themselves and others safe." 

COVID 19 Cases Still Rising: 

Cases/Deaths are still occuring especially among the unvaccinated. 

Cases This Week ( 02/12/22) Deaths This Week (02/05/22) 
LA County 2,746,866 (2,683,644) 29,690 (29,099) 

Adults 12+ 86.8% Seniors 98.7% 
(Last Week) Cases Deaths Fully Vaccinated 
Arcadia 7,611 (7391) 157 (155) 89.9% 
Altadena 8031 (7848) 88 (86) 82.3% 
Bradbury 61 ( 56) 0 ( 0) 71.1% 
Duarte 4,986 (4880) 113 (111) 83.3% 


First of all, let’s agree to disagree: Valentine’s Day should be a full week long. A single day is not long 
enough to fully express one’s love. 

What do you say about having an evening at home with a bottle of bubbly and a candlelight table for 

You may wonder why a critic would dare such 
treason. In all truth, it’s an impossible night for 
restaurants, so let’s find three bottles in price ranges 
you can live with. 

In the $10 price range, Ruffino Prosecco has been 
produced from grapes grown in the hilly area of 
Valdobbiadene, which is the most historically active 
region for the production of prosecco. 
Bright straw yellow with fine bubbles, the bouquet 
is fragrant and intensely fruity, with clean notes of apples, pears and citrus. I found it crisp, clean, and yet 
delicate - a perfect wine for the budget-minded lovebird. 

From the $20 range, let’s go back to Paso Robles for the San Simeon Petite Sirah. I enjoyed this well-
bodied wine with a pre-Valentines dinner of lobster thermidor. This wine is not for the “beginner” (nor 
is cooking lobster thermidor), and brings strong notes of fruit when opened with a well-rewarded and 
long finish. 

My $30-range selection is the Domaine Carneros. My opinion is that this estate-bottled wine gets as 
close to a “real” French champagne as any California sparkler on your supermarket shelves. This cuvee 
is 51% chardonnay and 49% pinot noir, with an alcohol content of a modest 12.1%. I got a perfect “pop” 
upon opening the bottle, which I poured into a lightly chilled flute and watched the bubbles rush to the 
top. The flavor was a little toasty in the beginning with a clean, long finish. You have my permission to 
drop a strawberry in your glass for this special occasion. 

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Monrovia 7,964 (7766) 96 (90) 80.4% 
Pasadena 27,129 (26262) 385 (382) 84.7% 
Sierra Madre 1,454 (1415) 15 ( 15) 88.9% 
So.Pasadena 3,792 (3708) 53 ( 53) 93.9% 


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